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Wrong Turn at Albuquerque

I woke up at 5:30 today, ready to hit the freshwater nearby (i.e. "Lake Ida"). Why? Because I was skunked yesterday and I knew that I could get some fish in there, even if they're the "mystery fish" I've written about before. I put in at 6:15 or so, rigged up, and paddled to "my […]


José and I went to the Bumfucking Bay or Dumbfoundling Bay or whatever it was called. We saw nothing like what the self-appointed Captain Jimbo described. This man gives absolutely horrible directions and has no sense of distance. In other words, we're not really very sure whether we fished in the same place. "Huge Bay" […]

Goin’ Fishin’ with Ramos

Tomorrow (well, today actually, as it's past midnight) José and I are going fishing at Dumbfoundling Bay. We'll be after tarpon (yeah right) but will be quite, quite happy to hook up with a bunch of Jack Crevalle: This is my first saltwater trip in which I'm the most experienced, and I hope, unlike last […]

Albright Knot

This knot is used to join two lines of different thicknesses. It is used to attach a heavier 'leader' (rather than a double) to a lighter main line. It requires careful forming of the loops. You can learn more about this knot - or other knots - by searching Google, foo!

Rods and Reels

I was writing an email to Captain Jimbo, and I thought this information may come in handy in the future as well, so I'm documenting it here. My current rod and reel situation: Redbone 2-piece M/L with a Daiwa Capricorn 2500 and 10 lb. line Redbone 1-piece M/L with a Shimano Stradic 4000 and 10 […]

Fishing Lake Ida with Ramos

José and I got out on Lake Ida around 10am today - a bit later than I'd like, but when you've got a kid (not me), not everything can suit your damn friend's wishes! 🙂 We launched, we paddled north, and we went right to the spot at which I caught fish last time. I […]

Fishin’ Key Largo

Monday night I got bad news: Jim was scheduled to work on Tuesday. That would have put our plans to go fishin' on hold for another week, and figuring the trip was cancelled, I stayed up way past my bed time to get some work done. I woke up at 7:30 (damn sunrise!) and puttered […]

Lake Ida Fishing

So, I went fishing today. My first day on the kayak, and in fact, my first real time fishing in the state of Florida since I moved here. My totals for the day? 3 - number of bites I had which resulted in about a three-second fight before the fish spit the lure. 2 - […]

Paddles: 240cm vs. 230cm

I've currently got a 240 cm paddle. I previously had a 220 cm paddle, and I'm certain that it was too short, because my hands were hitting the side of my boat when paddling, and I was making an awful lot of noise. Having read this article, I'm considering a 230 cm paddle. I really […]

Today I "hacked" my kayak to add a handle to the rear mini-hatch. The hatch was a bitch to get out, often requiring about a zillion screws before it'd finally come out. The problem seems to be that the threading is either not deep enough or is simply too tight, because as one side would […]


A week after spending five hours on the water and in the Florida sun, my skin is finally starting to blister. I feel like human bubble wrap, with lots of tiny little clear bubble blisters all over me. Woo! My new pickup line is gonna be "Hey baby, wanna pop my bubbles?" José and I […]

Kayaking in Jupiter

José and I today went to Jupiter, FL to embark on a kayak adventure. I rented him a kayak - his birthday present a few days after the fact - and we set off at about 11am. Our route: Start at the JOC (Jupiter Outdoor Center) Travel to the west, north, east, and north again […]


Some people are not content just to paddle their kayaks and catch a bass or two. Nooooooo sir! Some people like to catch shark on their kayak. Yep - thresher shark to be specific. We don't have many sharks over here (that I know of - I could be completely wrong), but we have got […]

Kayak Lessons

Some things I learned tonight on the Apartment Pond as I will now call the pond in the middle of my apartment complex: If you paddle really hard around in a circle, you can catch your own wake (until you tire out). I need scupper plugs for a few of my scuppers. I need a […]

Kayaking Loxahatchee

Today, while wrapping things up at a client meeting, the talk turned to kayaking. I mentioned that I'd just picked up a kayak and my clients, having been adventurous sea touring kayakers before they moved to Florida, gave me some good tips on locations nearby. One of those locations was Loxahatchee National Park, about 15 […]