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Turd Rockets

My (step-)kid went to the doctor yesterday. The diagnosis? She's quite literally anal retentive. Despite the stool softeners we've been giving her the past month or so, she has a lot of, uhhh, "stuff" in there that she doesn't let out as often as she should. So, Carey and I were forced to give her […]

Flint Update

Flint was coming back. Then he wasn't. Now he's not for at least another few days. He seems to have found a good family with 15 acres of land and three kids. He's good with kids, and actually likes being tortured. It should work nicely for him. Fingers are crossed.

My 28th

I turn 28 today (technically at 9:34pm or something, I think), and true to adult form it really doesn't mean a whole lot to me. It's also my father-in-law's birthday (Carey took the "marry someone like your dad" thing a bit too far), so happy birthday to him. That aside, I wish to celebrate life […]

My Montessori Visit

Today I visited the Montessori school (pre-school/kindergarten) that the kiddo will likely attend next year. I was very impressed. The room was abuzz with largely self-directed activity. The room had 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds in it and some of them were counting to 99 by threes, others were learning to pour into funnels and test […]


The kiddo is a smart one. She's in three-year-old pre-school right now which, while not terribly strenuous academically, is great for developing her relationship and social skills. However, the school does some things we're not too keen on. First, they watch a lot more TV than Carey or I are comfortable with. The afternoon shift […]

Turning Stone

Carey and I are on a little vacation (today and part of tomorrow). We're staying at the Lodge at Turning Stone Resort and Casino. There's a pool tournament here, so I'll be watching a bit of that, and a casino, some dining, etc. It's good to get away. This trip was paid for by the […]

The Golllphdomme

That's how the kiddo pronounces "Golf Dome." We went two nights ago after what started out as a hellacious trip to Pizza Hut. She's got a pretty good swing. I could go on about how she's laid off at the top, has a horrible grip, doesn't maintain her spine angle, and so forth but that […]

New Heart

My friend José called me today after getting a new heart last Saturday. He's doing well and they say he has 0% rejection. Frickin' awesome!


I just read Mark Cuban's investment advice and am happy to say that within the next month or so, Carey and I are going to be opening a savings account with a pretty good interest rate. My original plan was to be able to do this after one year of home ownership, but we're going […]

My Stitches

I didn't want to scare anyone, so the picture is after the jump. It's a picture of the small stitch job done on my arm from my "plastic surgery" (i.e. mole removal) yesterday. The mole was around ¼" in size, yet the stitch job measures about an inch. I'm surprised how much they took out, […]

Erik Gets Plastic Surgery

Years of living in southern Florida have apparently affected the way I see the world, for today I visited a plastic surgeon and had a procedure done. That I was home about than 30 minutes after my scheduled appointment time will probably clue you in to the fact that it was not major surgery. No, […]

The Whole ‘Forgivness’ Thing

One of the things that's always bugged me most about common forms of Christianity is the whole concept of forgiveness. It bugs me that I can attempt to lead a good life, do so, and yet find myself in the company of a mass murderer who somehow "finds God" on Death Row and repents or […]

To My Wife On Her Birthday

Oh, how I love the older woman. Just the one, actually, my wife. Sometimes, I still cannot quite believe that I married HER. That girl. I have to pinch myself (or at least turn on the heated seat in my car) to make sure I'm not dreaming. I really am married to Carey. Carey's not […]

Busy Busy Busy

Yes, the "busy-ness" has crept in. Acting as the (volunteer) assistant coach for the golf team has taken an inordinate amount of time from my day. They play 2-3 matches per week and have practice several of the other days. Matches start at four o'clock, and Carey gets home at 3:30 or so, meaning every […]

Touareg Research

I've spent a large portion of the past two days doing Touareg research. It seems that the early 2004s were essentially rolling lemons (and sometimes they refused to roll!), but that the bugs were squished and the late 2004s were solid, and the 2005s even more so. Never buy a first-generation product! At any rate, […]