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Carey and I test drove some cars today. By that, I mean that I test drove them. Carey watched Little One. I drove the X3 and it was priced at about $35k with whatever options it had. The ride was stiff and it didn't offer much - I would estimate that you're paying $5k for […]

Hummer H3

I just configured the ideal Hummer H3. It includes the towing package, the Luxury package (6-disc CD changer, leather seats, and better speakers), and a few other little things (like the sunroof). Total MSRP, not counting some little things like splashguards and crossbows: $34,075. Wow, I didn't know they were that cheap. Do they still […]

Bastard Pals

Carey and I didn't invite very many people to our wedding reception and housewarming party. We wanted to keep things small - more an intimate gathering of close friends and family than an "invite anyone you've ever met" kind of deal. We sent snail mail invitations a month or so before-hand, though friends and family […]

Housewarming Party

Carey and I had our wedding reception/housewarming party today. Most of my side of the family didn't show. My parents, my (maternal) uncle and his family, and my grandma (also maternal) were there. My sister and her husband and all of my dad's side of the family failed to make it, and only one (thank […]

Asking My Dad to Leave

I've long said that this blog is "mine" and that I write here solely for my purposes. Posts here contain my thoughts, my opinions, and my point of view. I've not shied away from writing personal things in the past, and with this, I've decided not to do so in the near future either. Last […]

Updated my ‘To Do’ List

I've updated my To Do list. I'm up to 35.29%, which just makes me want to add even more un-accomplished things to the list.

Semi Moved In

Carey and I, at this point, are semi moved in. The fact that I've got Internet access once again will slow my progress down, but I'm pretty close to done. More so than I was yesterday and the day before, that is, and about half of my stuff is in the garage. Speaking of which, […]

Kevin Fox Kicks Butt

Kevin Fox kicks serious butt. He knows why (and to him, Carey and I both say THANK YOU). As a completely horrible way to say thanks, I've spent entirely too much time doing the same LiveJournal meme he posted here.

Carey and I were married on Friday, May 27, 2005. It was a small ceremony behind the district justice's office (the outgoing Frank Abate), next to a playground and near to some trees that "everyone picks." It cost all of $33.50, bringing our total spending for "the wedding" to a whopping $78.50. If you want […]

Getting Married on Friday

Carey and I have set a date for our wedding: Friday, May 27, 2005. I was born on March 23, 1978 and she on October 27, 1977, so have at it numerology freaks. 😉 We'll be married by a soon-to-be retired district justice (people only seem to refer to them as "JP"s or "Justices of […]

Fairhaven, Mass

On Wednesday afternoon I'm flying to Providence, RI and then driving a few miles to Fairhaven, Massachusetts. I'll stay the night, meet with some people in the morning, and fly back later that evening. Friday morning I have another meeting back here in Erie. I'm limiting the details to just this, and any guesses as […]

Marriage License

Carey and I are going to apply for our marriage license later today. Whoopty doo! We've successfully managed to make getting married the least exciting thing we may do this week. no pomp, no circumstance (well, not in the "pomp and circumstance" sort of way) - just paperwork. Joy of joys! 😀

I underwent a personality test today as part of a job interview. The questions looked about like this: M L _ _ Reliable, Dependable _ _ Easy-Going, Good-Natured _ _ Driven, Motivated _ _ Persuasive, Convincing 40 or so of these questions existed, and in each case you have to mark two Xs - one […]

I dropped by Lowe's again today on "my lunch break" to have a look at some of the washers and dryers. It boils down to the $1800 set of one of three brands: Bosch, Whirlpool, and Maytag. If you're not shopping for a washer or dryer, no doubt this entry will be rather boring. I […]

Helping a Friend

Mat of The Little App Factor has lost his girlfriend to leukemia. He's donating 100% of all sales of his applications through June 30th to the Westmead Millennium Institute for childhood leukemia research. If you're looking for recommendations, I like Netflix Freak and iPodRip.