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My Fall TV Picks

Here's what I'll be watching this fall (below). I haven't factored in any additions by the wife, and I used the first of the two listings grids I found for this entry to complete my list. The totals: Comedies 5 Dramas 5 Reality 5 Hours 14.5 Since I can watch 14.5 hours of television in […]

Fall TV Schedule

I'm thinking that I should look around for a site that lists the fall TV schedule (with the date of the first show) so that I can get my TiVo set up. Does such a site exist? A few new shows interested me, from the promos, and I'll keep recording a few classics. I'll supply […]

Putter on eBay

Over the next few weeks and months, I'll be putting a lot of equipment on eBay. The first of those: a putter. Bid early, bid often, yada yada. Proceeds benefit the high school golf team for which I am acting as volunteer assistant coach.

Madden 2006

A few days ago I traded in a bunch of PS2 games (I now have only three or four) for Madden 2006. A few thoughts, then… Online play is nice. NFL 2K5's gameplay is both more realistic and more fair. I've never seen so many footballs go through defenders and still be caught by the […]

Madagascar is Crap

Yesterday, Carey and I went to watch Madagascar. The movie was fine (the half hour of commercials and previews were not), but what really struck me was just how ordinary the movie was. Particularly compared to Pixar movies.

September Member-Guest

My uncle is not going to be able to play, so anyone interested in playing in my country club's September (21st) Member-Guest tournament should let me know ASAP. 🙂

Golf Team’s First Match

The high school golf team - for which I am the volunteer assistant coach - had its first match last night at J.C. Martin "Country Club." In quotes because, well, if you've ever played at J.C. Martin you know it's about as far from a country club as you can get. The card? 5 4 […]

Mike says in his post Lemieux Gardens: ESPN's John Buccigross has a great column here about some steps the Penguins should take and some players who should sign with them. All are good ideas. The more I think about it the happier I am hockey's coming back. I missed watching games on long winter nights […]

Pirates Ballgame

Carey and I went to the Pittsburgh Pirates ballgame last night. The Buccos won 5-3, despite Lloyd McClendon and José Mesa's best efforts to produce a different outcome. Carey and I were seated a bit further back than the last time we went, but on a very similar line. Last year I had only my […]

Carey told me yesterday that Presque Isle State Park is the most visited state park in the country. I didn't quite believe it, but she pointed out that it's free to visit, unlike most other parks (like Great Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Olympic, and Yellowstone - the actual five most visited US National Parks), […]

I watched The Aviator last night. Always one to look on the bright side, I enjoyed quite a few scenes in the 170-minute flick. Of course, they all involved Kate Beckinsale… Unlike some people, I watched the whole darn thing. The story was badly told. I didn't identify with any of the characters, nor did […]

Longitudes and Attitudes

I've been reading Longitudes and Attitudes (by Thomas Friedman, link goes to BN). I'm quickly getting bored with it - the pre-9/11 pieces were interesting in a "look back" fashion. The post-9/11 articles were good at first, but border on being repetitive and tedious at this point. The same themes, the same thoughts, the same […]

Yesterday I spent some time with my friend Ron. It seems I'm going to be playing on his church softball league this year. To play on the team, I'll have to attend at least two church ceremonies per month. It's been a decade and a half since I've attended church with any regularity. I'm still […]

I have some extra tickets for the Senior PGA tournament in Ligonier, PA (this coming week, Monday to Sunday, May 23-29) as well as some extra tickets to next week's Memorial in Columbus, OH. Hale Irwin and Ernie Els are the defending champions, and both will surely be grand events. If you're interested in going […]

League Starts Today

Today, just a day after we had snow on the ground (again!), the Tuesday Night League at Lake View Country Club begins. I'm playing on team #7: "North East Glass" as the "#1 guy." It's currently windy, 50°, and wet with a very high chance of continued thunderstorms. Fun. Joy. Happiness. It's odd that I've […]