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Steelers 13, Baltimore 16 (OT)

Suffice to say, Tommy Maddox and Bill Cowher earn my wrath for the day. I don't have much to say about them other than the obvious. Our running game sucked because in no way was Tommy Maddox feared. One of every ten passes the guy throws is picked off. One of every ten times he […]

Mario Kart DS Friend Code

My friend code is 068 778 985 194. Jason's is 416 671 313 392. Jeff's is 455 325 982 404. Brad's 116 023 594 595. Steven's is 021 534 302 069. Justin Williams, who hasn't managed to blog his friend code, can be found at 223 397 733 446. When I initially formatted my friend […]

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has the news: Q: "If you bought the Pirates would you give up day-to-day operation of the Mavericks?"A: "No."Q: "Are you really interested in buying the Pirates or are you just a long-time frustrated fan who's disappointed with the way the team is being run?"A: "Both."Q: "You told the Associated Press the […]

I, Robot Not So Bad

I watched I, Robot last night, and contrary to what I'd heard, I kinda liked the movie. The concept was sound. The plot and acting left a little to be desired, as always, but the idea, the concept, and what I have to imagine was Isaac Asimov's true intent, lesson, purpose, etc. stood out as […]

NetFlix History Analyzer

From iodine, I found the NetFlix History Analyzer. I'll update this post when NetFlix sends me my history. I wonder if it will be tainted by the few months when I had unsubscribed… My previous run wasn't too spectacular. I quit when I realized the pricing had gone up to $21.95. It's now back down […]

Steelers 27, Bengals 6

The Steelers defeated the Bengals 27-13 (I put 27-6 in the title because the only reason the Bengals scored that last TD was because the Steelers gave it to them out of pity and "prevent"). I was in North Carolina last week for the Steeler's loss to the Jags, but suffice to say, Maddox is […]

Back from North Carolina

I've returned from North Carolina. There are pictures both here and here for, well, my enjoyment. You might get a kick out of one or two of them, though.

Steelers 24, Chargers 22

I hope Ben is okay. We can go a game without him - Charlie Batch can run a little bit better and, at times, is a good thrower of the ball. The Jaguars love a Big Ben style game, so keeping them guessing is fine. Heck, even two weeks would be okay, as the Bengals […]

Racquetball in Erie?

This winter, I had hoped to join a racquetball league during the day to stay in shape, stay busy, and stay active. I can't golf much, after all, and traditional winter sports don't appeal to me. I first stopped by Westwood Racquet Club on Zuck. They're tennis-only, and the only daytime leagues they offer are […]

Funny Bug

Michael King is a seven-inch-tall lineman for the Jets. The way Chad Pennington has been pounded this season, that sounds about right.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006

It's out. I just haven't figured out whether to get it for PS2 (for online play and no disc-switching) or GameCube (better graphics, will import my old data from the past three years). Hmm…

Patriots 23, Steelers 20

The Steelers proved once again that they are a bunch of dunderheads, easily winning the takeover battle (something like 4 to 1) but losing the game, 23-20. A false start on a field goal (the first went through, the second missed) was one of the more forgivable problems. The underneath coverage continued to suck, allowing […]

Neil Postman

My friend Arion recommended Neil Postman to me, and to move his email out of my inbox, I'm posting her as my own reminder: Amusing Ourselves to Death is one of my favorite books of his. Check out some of the articles here though. Thanks, Arion.

Steelers 27, Texans 7

The Steelers played arguably the worst team in the NFL (the Bengals and the Cardinals can breathe a sigh of relief, as can the 49ers) today: the Houston Texans. Every time David Carr looks like he's about to break through, he gets slammed on his back. Something like 151 sacks in 45 games. The Steelers […]

Tennessee 7, Steelers 34

Just as girlfriend* Natalie Gulbis was putting away Maria Hjorth of the European team en route to a 15.5-12.5 United States victory in the Solheim Cup, rookie-no-more Ben Roethlisberger was leading the Steelers to the first of six consecutive scores and 34 unanswered points as the Steelers easily put away the Tennessee Titans in their […]