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Steelers 19, Bengals 14 gets it wrong with this: Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger played like a rookie, so the 32-year-old running back and the old-style defense bailed him out in Pittsburgh's eighth straight win. Carson Palmer played like a rookie - throwing into triple coverage and accepting a safety late in the game. Ben Roethlisberger, who turned the ball […]

Lake View Country Club

Carey and I may soon become country club members. Lake View Country Club in my hometown of North East - my home course during my high school years - has a special on end-of-year memberships. Needless to say, we're interested. I'm particularly interested given the, uhhh, quality of their web site. It's poor, and I […]

Steelers 24, Brownies 10

Despite a pre-game mix-up that resulted in ejections for Joey Porter and William Green, the Steelers defense once again played superbly, shutting down a Cleveland Browns team that's heading in the wrong direction. The Browns managed to score only after a massive kick return to the 19-yard line and once when the Steelers put in […]

West Wing: CJ’s Day

Y'know, I'm not nearly as disappointed with last night's episode as Jeff. The biggest problem I had was the rapidity with which CJ adapted to her job: she's crying to Leo one second saying "I just don't think it's gonna work out," we go to commercial, and we come back to find her shutting up […]

Awake, the Best of Live

I must buy this CD/DVD soon. I hope my neighborhood Target (do I have a neighborhood Target?) has it. I want the DVD, baby! Here's more info. For those who are too lazy to hover over a link or read the title, I'm talking about Live's greatest hits, Awake, the Best of Live. Screw Target. […]

R.E.M. Wrapup

Carey and I made the trip to Pittsburgh after the Steelers game to catch R.E.M. at the AJ Palumbo Center. The opening act was Joseph Arthur, and he more than impressed me with his one-man act. It seems he's already had some success - the O.C. and Shrek 2 soundtracks. He'd start each song by […]

CJ Chief of Staff

CJ, contrary to my guess that they'd surprise everyone and go with Tim Matheson (John Hoynes), will be the next chief of staff on West Wing. As a result, Toby will once again tender his resignation (what a schmuck sometimes) and the writing will undoubtedly continue to decline in quality.

West Wing Season 3 DVD has West Wing season 3 DVDs available for pre-order. No Amazon link simply because I don't wish to make you think I'm posting simply to get affiliate fees. Support your favorite affiliate or just go and buy it affiliate-free. The choice is yours.

Harbor Ridge Golf Club

Today I snuck away for about three hours (including driving time) to play Harbor Ridge Golf Club in Harborcreek, PA. It was about 50° and overcast, but there was no rain. The course was soggy but quite playable, and the greens, despite the moisture, were still putting at about 10 on the ol' stimp. Only […]

West Wing Changes

In my opinion, West Wing has tanked just a bit since Sorkin left. The writers ended the "Zoe Kidnapped" thing poorly, bluntly saying "oh, we found her" and leaving Goodman completely out of the mix. The best moment last year was Josh's reinstatement as a key guy with the suggestion that the President first walk […]

Cypress Creek

I played Cypress Creek today, a golf course with an incredibly lame website. The course is just north of Boynton Beach Boulevard on Military Trail. Today was a business meeting as well as a chance to see if I was still playing well. The meeting went well, and I played fairly well too.

Golf Bonaventure

I was bored yesterday and didn't feel like doing work, so I ducked out at 2 and arrived at 3 to play the East course at Bonaventure Country Club. At 6519 yards from the whites (and 7001 from the blues), the course was in a mucky, muddy condition. None of my drives rolled at all, […]

Voice Chat in 2K5 Series

Perhaps I'm incredibly dumb, or I've missed something in the spartan manual, but I can't figure out what series of keypresses are needed to activate voice chat with my PS2, a logitech USB headset (which shows up as "voice chat" ready), and NFL 2K5 or NHL 2K5. People have talked to me, but I cannot […]

The Sand Trap .com

Remember that golf blog I'd mentioned that I was going to start? Well, I've started it. It's called "The Sand Trap" and is available at My remaining design goals, which which Erica Tesla is (supposed to be) helping, are as follows: Menu needs to align in FireFox (looks OK in Safari) Colors could be […]

I've got a remote control helicopter for sale. It's the same one I wrote about here: Raptor 30 v2 (49 Ball Bearings) Kit w/ OS.32 SX-H Motor and Muffler $399.99 ProPod Training Gear 59.99 Sportsman Flight Set 299.99 Crash Kit 59.99 Futaba 9C PCM Radio w/servos 519.99 Futaba 401 Gyro Kit w/servo 189.99 KSG Balance […]