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Saturday, Carey and I got some sun at Lake View. We played two holes before, well, let's just say we came in. We had lunch, we hit some range balls, and we went out again for nine more holes. It was pretty quiet and we wouldn't get in the way. Carey played better than every […]

I've finally completed a project that's been about two months in the making: Build Your Own Putting Green (Cheaply!) details the relatively simple steps to build a low-cost indoor putting green measuring 8' x 8'. Now comes the fun part: hooking up a computer to analyze my putting stroke. OK, I'm kidding. But the project […]

In about two to three weeks I expect to have a Canon Digital Rebel XT. I'll open the box. I'll skim the manual. And then I'll take lots of bad photos. But they'll slowly improve. I'll keep them in iPhoto and Lightbox. What I'd like is an easy way to publish my photos. High-resolution JPEGs, […]

Memorial Tournament

I just bough tickets to the Memorial Tournament, which takes place in Columbus, OH from May 30-June 5 (actual tournament play is June 2-5). The Memorial Tournament is hosted at Muirfield Village Golf Club and always courts a strong field. Ernie Els will defend his Title, and Fred Couples and Tiger Woods rounded out the […]

I've decided to wait a month or two before I make any decisions about the 20D or the D70. PMA 2005 kicks off next week, and I know enough about trade shows to wait for price drops, new product announcements, etc. I went to a local camera store today, and the gentleman who assisted me […]

If anyone (particularly the people I actually know) is interested in golfing in the Pinehurst area this February 25-27 for an incredible price, IM or email me immediately. Obviously, I'm going. I can't pass this up - it's a tremendous deal! I haven't taken a vacation since graduating from college, and though this is only […]

My favorite movie is, according to Amazon, going to be available on DVD a day before my birthday this year! Woo hoo! To say I ordered it quickly is an understatement. I once, at 17, signed up for a Blockbuster video card because they were the only place that had the movie on VHS. I […]

Opening Day a National Holiday?

These people wish it to be so. We the undersigned believe there should be a national holiday called Opening Day to take place the first Monday of April, coinciding with the start of the baseball season.

Patriots 41, Steelers 27

A tale of two quarterbacks, one a two-time Super Bowl MVP, the other a record-setting rookie. The difference? Tom Ben Att/Comp 14/21 14/24 Yards 207 226 TD/INT 2/0 2/3 Rushing yards? Pittsburgh 163, New England 126. Corey Dillon broke a 25-yarder on a play the Patriots should not have been able to make, but for […]

Jets 17, Steelers 20

The Steelers offense played like butt, special teams and an INT resulted in the only two touchdowns the Jets scored all day, and Ben Roethlisberger played like a rookie. Yet due to about fourteen strokes of luck, the Steelers will move on to the AFC Championship game once again. Let's keep things in perspective, though. […]

Ravens 7, Steelers 20

The Steelers clinched homefield advantage throughout the playoffs today with a win over the pesky, annoying, and far-too-loudmouthed Baltimore Ravens. Bettis once again chipped in with 117 yards, Roethlisberger again had a solid start with two TDs, and the Steeler defense once again shut down the running game while playing soft to the pass. The […]

Steelers 33, Giants 30

Eli Manning, thanks to what amounted to a crappy day for the Pittsburgh defense, didn't look like a rookie today. His 0.0 passer rating last week was replaced by a 16/23 effort for 182 yards, two TDs, and one INT. Big Ben managed to hit 18/28 for 316, one TD, and two horrible, despicable INTs. […]

Jets 6, Steelers 17

The Steelers played a nice second half to come from 3-0 and 3-3 to beat the New York Jets today, 17-6. The Steelers were once again without Plaxico Burress and Duce Staley was once again Stale. Jerome Bettis threw for a touchdown and ran for one, so you know it was a screwy game. The […]

Steelers 17, Jaguars 16

The Steelers played the Cardiac Cats tonight and pulled away with a win. How, I don't know: they deserved to lose. They made stupid mistakes resulting in drive-stalling penalties for themselves and drive-sustaining penalties for the Jaguars. A few bad refereeing calls did the same. The Steelers went up early on a 37-yard TD pass […]

Redskins 7, Steelers 16

Duce Staley sat again, and again Jerome Bettis rushed for 100 yards in a win that ended up being even uglier than last week's win against Cincy. The Steelers - the #1 defense - and the Redskins - #2 - allowed only 25 total first downs and 363 yards of total offense combined. A win […]