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Archive for the 'Recurring' Category

QotD: Games

Question: Do you play games? If so, what kind? My Answer: I mostly play head games. 🙂 Occasionally I'll play one on my Mac (been playing a lot lately, given that we're working on a game for Freshly Squeezed Software!), occasionally (more often) I'll play one on my gaming consoles. Very seldom do I play […]

QotD: Blogroll

Question: Do you subscribe to your own blogroll? My Answer: Yep. In case anything goes wrong, I suppose. Testing purposes, y'know. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Self Lovin’

Question: What % of people (in your country, anyway, and between the ages of 18 and 60) do you think enjoy some "self-lovin'" at least once a week? My Answer: 85%. I made that up, and have no factual basis. I did hear once that those in sexually active relationships tend to do so more […]

QotD: Blogs

Question: If you were to plot the number of blogs you read on a graph's y axis and time on the x axis, how would you describe the resulting line? My Answer: It would start very small, then skyrocket. It would plummet to about 140 when I realized I didn't have time to read 200, […]

CSS Issues

I've got a mockup of the new FSS site online (here). It looks pretty slick in Safari, Camino, Mozilla, and Firebird. It looks "ok" in Internet Explorer. Of course, it looks pretty bad in iCab. I'm certain it wouldn't look too good in IE for Windows, due to the transparency used in the menu area. […]

QotD: Memories

Question: To what non-physical (people, places) things are your strongest memories tied? My Answer: As my previous post answers: music. However, I've heard that for many people, it's a smell, a sound (non-musical), a general feeling. For some it may be the color green. I'm curious to see the answers. You are encouraged to answer […]

QotD: Cart

Question: This is a different kind of question, because I haven't got an answer per se, but am seeking answers. The question is this: now that I've started an ITMS Shopping Cart (I'd previously used "Buy Now" exclusively), what songs should I add to the cart? Please answer by linking to albums, artists, or specific […]

QotD: Nails

Question: How often do you clip your fingernails? My Answer: At least once a week, oftentimes two or three times. I can't stand long or even barely long nails. They hit keys as I type or otherwise bug me. I can't really scratch myself, because I have no nails, but somehow I manage to get […]

QotD: Pineapple Soda

Question: Have you ever had pineapple soda? My Answer: Oooh, I have recently, and it's very, very good. Just a bit tart, just a bit sweet. FWIW, I'm calling it "soda" here instead of "pop" because "pineapple pop" sounds odd to me. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in […]

QotD: Sayings

Question: What's one thing you've learned? My Answer: If someone's doing something that looks hard, they're not doing very well at it. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Sequels

Question: What is the best sequel ever? My Answer: Y'know, I can't really say. Star Wars had bad sequels (2 and 5). Terminator 2 is a classic and may be up there. Hmm, yeah, I'm going to have to go with T2 for $200, Alec. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day […]

QotD: President

Question: If you were offered the presidency of the United States, would you take it? My Answer: Yes. Then I'd listen to my advisors, do as they said, and fire the ones that gave bad advice. It'd be one hell of an experience. They say that very few people want to be President, and though […]

QotD: Marijuana

Question: Should Marijuana be legalized? My Answer: I don't smoke it, and I wouldn't regardless of whether it was legalized or not. So, for me, I don't care. I must then ask myself how it might affect the people with whom I associate. Many of my friends admit to occasional and sometimes daily marijuana use. […]

QotD: Hobby Income

Question: What percentage of your income goes towards your hobbies? My Answer: I'd estimate that anywhere from 10 to 30% of my income goes to my hobbies. I'm a work hard, play hard kinda guy, and I've got hobbies ranging from kayak fishing to gaming, from rock climbing to movies and music. The other 70-90% […]

QotD: Fonts

Question: How many fonts do you have? My Answer: About 250. 225 or so of those are left over from the times when I used to need that many (or more) - when I did more design than I do now - and the other 25 or so are pretty critical system-type fonts. And FWIW, […]