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CSS Validation

The CSS on my site now validates 100%. It did before but it was always throwing warnings:

You have no background-color with your color

Reason? From the CSS Validator FAQ:

If you don't specify color and background-color at the same level of specifity, your style sheet might clash with user style sheets. To avoid this, specify always both of them, see Section 9.1 "Color Contrast" in the W3C Note "CSS Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0" or the article CSS Color Issues by the CSS Pointers Group for a discussion.

FWIW, I currently use background instead of background-color. As I understand it, it's six of one, half dozen of the other.

P.S. Would it be mean of me to point out that they've misspelled "specificity" as "specifity" (the #link gets it right, though)?

Erik: 26% Gay or 74% Straight?

While reading an article on Kevin Fox's site, I noticed a link on the left and took the Gay-O-Meter Test. Turns out I'm 26% gay (or 74% straight, I guess), putting me squarely in the middle of the red "too straight" area.

Loosen up my straight mate. These days women like a man with some softer edges to grab onto.

Okey dokey… or not. Other items in Kevin Fox's "meme drawer" include Dictionaraoke (funny as hell) and Weeeeeee, the latter of which reminded me of Spoon Guard and the Insanity Test.

Safari + Gzip

Says David Hyatt:

Erik Barzeski has done a redesign of his blog. I'm pointing it out because I think the fadeout effect at the top of the page is so cool. I'm assuming it's a fixed positioned block with a transparent PNG background?

He is correct. I left a comment there - the first one - and mentioned some issues with bottom: 0px and so on. The /dave blog is his personal blog (as opposed to /hyatt), so I don't expect much to come of that. Rather, I've filed real bugs on the issues that I've isolated.

I mention off-hand that I'd like Safari to support gzip. In my tests on this site, which is gzipped, the results are quite stunning:

OneWord: Collage

A collage is a group of pictures or things, but I am always reminded of "college" when I see the word. I'm not sure why. A collage is something you can't really do online - nobody can really create a photo collage with pictures. You can't rotate thigns in HTML and then have the text wrap around them properly. Text wrapping in HTML is a tremendous sucky area. Why shouldn't I be allowed to define rectangles to wrap text around pictures? I can create imagemaps of odd shapes.

This 60-second entry was brought to you by today's word from OneWord™.

My .tcshrc Aliases

My recent Perly Gates entry made mention of a tcsh alias that I use: lsf. I thought I'd share - with commentary - some of my other favorite tcsh shortcuts (aliases). If you're using Mac OS X, pop these into ~/.tcshrc if you'd like.

Perly Gates

My first ever entry was called I Hate Perl. I don't really hate Perl, but man, sometimes I'm just not a big fan. The CLI is fun and fine and all, but today I installed Perl 5.8.0 to try to get Time::HiRes (it worked of course, MTTimer needed it).

Of course, then I got to venture into the lovely world of CPAN. Let's just say I had to force install DBD::mysql. Hrmph. After all that work, NetPBM still doesn't work. Who knows why? MovableType is of no help whatsoever, of course.

QotD: Mother’s Day

Question: What's the best Mother's Day present you've ever given (or received)?

My Answer: I gave my mom a digital camera last year, and she's made decent use of it. Her birthday is also around Mother's Day, so I guess I only gave her half a digital camera last year. 😀

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

UT 2003

ut2003logo.jpgUnreal Tournament, when introduced a number of years ago, was one of my favorite games of the time. It still is, even though I've played a lot of Quake 3 lately.

Fortunately for Mac users, Unreal Tournament was just released in demo/beta form. Only fourteen years (okay, I exaggerate) after the Windows and Linux versions! Wooo! Go Mac users!

Anyway, I've just spent an hour playing, and I was constantly reminded at every point why this game is so much better than Quake. The weapons in particular are simpy awesome. Alternate fire modes (and even more, if you count holding down the fire buttons). Wow.

I'm blown away, and I'm fairly impressed with how my "old" G4/800x2 handled it. Wow.


I was curious earlier today (as I rebuilt my site for the umpteenth time today) about where MovableType was spending its time. Were my RSS feeds taking five seconds? How about the archives? The main index? How long is MT spending doing each of these?

Unfortunately, there's no way to know. What I'd like from MovableType, in the "back end" admin area, is a printout like this (and yes, correcting a single typo and rebuilding can cause all of this):

Rebuilt individual archive 712 in 0.39 sec
Rebuilt individual archive 711 in 0.28 sec
Rebuild individual archive 713 in 0.41 sec
Rebuilt main index in 0.91 sec
Rebuilt master archive in 5.80 sec
Rebuilt daily archive in 0.87 sec
Rebuilt monthly archive in 14.42 sec
Rebuilt category archive in 29.49 sec
Rebuilt RSS 2.0 feed in 0.18 sec
Rebuilt RSS 1.0 feed in 0.17 sec
Rebuilt RSS 0.91 feed in 0.09 sec
Rebuilt Comments feed in 0.98 sec

The best you can really do is putting time stamps on each page with MTTimer, which I've installed into every template (except the RSS ones). I'll be keeping an eye on the times. Because commenting and TrackBacking can both be affected by rebuilding, I want speedy rebuilds.

Where oh where is MovableType Pro?

Bye to ASC

I'd like to say goodbye to AppleScript Central today. The site is being moved to and will be under their control soon.

I've worked with ASC for over three years. I've met many great people through the site, and have enjoyed working with it. While I'm sad to see it go, I'm excited that it can again get the attention it deserves.

Good luck, and farewell!

MS Magnet Poetry

For years my neighbor and friend Gabe's metal shelving has said this in techno-centric "poetry" magnets:

Microsoft profits from users that have unparalleled boundaries and integrated legacy architecture.

Dilbert would be proud.

They’re Called PermaLinks for a Reason

Here is an example of something that irks me. In its current state (it may change in the future, who knows?), the page I'm linking to quotes an article by Jon Rentzsch about Micropayments.

Unfortunately, the article neither links to the Rentzsch article directly nor does it blockquote or in any other way separate the blog owner's thoughts with those of the article he's quoting. Plus, the entire article is quoted, essentially ripping off everything from Rentzsch.

PermaLinks are named "permalinks" for a reason. They're permanent - meaning they won't go away or change - and they're links, meaning you should link to them. The content of the linked-to article may be updated, but will you stay on top of things and re-quote the updated article?

The owner of the blog has an excuse - NNW doesn't quote that way or something. Unfortunately, he's running MovableType and is quite capable of fixing this. The fact that he hasn't after I pointed out the things above in a comment irks me even more. Until (if) he fixes it he's being rude to his reader(s) and Jon Rentzsch.

OneWord: Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous is almost always a category on sites of mine. In fact, on this blog, I have a Miscellaneous category. I have a Miscellaneous folder in my email app and a "Stuff" folder on my hard drive (because there were too many "M" folders). It's a good name for miscellaneous stuff because it is, well, miscellaneous. It's funny how badly people misspell that word, though.

This 60-second entry was brought to you by today's word from OneWord™.

OneWord: Sweater

Sweaters are things that you wear when you're cold, which is of course nothing I've done in the past, oh, two years. Okay I've worn a sweater but only because it's pretty nice, it's green with a brown stripe, and with a pair of brown pants or even jeans it looks pretty good. Flint ate my other sweater, a blue one that Jessica bought me at some point, but really, who cares? I never wore it. I hope he enjoyed it. I got him more toys after that one.

This 60-second entry was brought to you by today's word from OneWord™.

New Site Design

I got bored at around 2am (eeks! It's almost six!) and decided to redo my site. I moved quite a bit around, optimized some pieces, changed my stylesheet and every page, added a new index archive (the categories list, as it wouldn't get rebuilt on older archives, is now its own file and is <?included?> in every page). I changed how some of the pages build. I'm still not happy with rebuilding speed, but I'll tweak all of that tomorrow or another day.

I like the "fade out" at the top (scroll down, look at the top of your browser window). I like the color scheme (for now). I like the sparse feeling. So far as I can tell, too, everything continues to validate, etc. I may write more about this later.

Woo! Okay, bedtime now. :-zzz

P.S. Several people have noted that David Hyatt updated his blog too.

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