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On Reality TV

Gabe says of reality TV:

Survivor. The Real World. American Idol. The Bachelor. What do all these shows have in common? They all suck.

This from the premise that "they're not reality." Frankly, Gabe, I'm not buying it. Just because "reality tv isn't reality" doesn't mean it "sucks." Reality TV, were it actual reality, would be pretty damn boring. Reality TV has its moments, its bright shining spots where someone acts so tremendously stupid that it's enjoyable. Nobody watching reality TV is deluded enough to think that it "is" reality. You're a screenwriter/director, Gabe. Give your audience a little more credit than that.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to blog about last night's episode of Survivor.

Email on your Boob Toob via TiVo

Proving that some people are bigger geeks than others, KahunaBurger has figured out how to read his email on his TV via his TiVo. I'm still in the "can't use the home media options because I, like Vinay, have an SAT-T60.

Apple to Buy Music Company?

I wake up this morning to find that Apple in talks to buy Universal Music Group!?!?!?!

According to the paper, Apple is in talks to buy Universal Music, one of the world's 'big five' record labels, from its troubled parent Vivendi. The Mac maker has yet to make a formal bid for the company, though negotiations have been continuing for the last couple of months. Apple is apparently looking to pay $5-6 billion. LA Times sources say Apple may make a bid on 29 April, when Vivendi's board is next due to meet."

Eh? Hmm. And WTF? The full story can be found here.

Low Expectations

Sayeth Jamie:

I have very low expectations of people, and that's why I hang out with you.


OneWord: Step

I take two steps forward I take two steps back. Okay, Paula Abdul may have had a short career, but wasn't she married to Emilio Estevez once? Emilio is Charlie Sheen's brother, and of course both are Martin Sheen's sons. Martin Sheen is on West Wing, which needs to step it up soon because I'm sick of seeing reruns. Step to it, Sorkin!

This 60-second entry was brought to you by today's word from OneWord™.

My Coffee Table

Today my coffee table was delivered. You can see it below, complete with Learning Perl and Programming Perl along with Computer Forensics, some circuit board coasters, and my 12" PowerBook. The coffee cups? Well, those are for "my buddy" Jamie, who made me get a coffee pot, a blender, and this table in the first place. On the loveseat you see "Trivial Pursuit: 20th Anniversary Edition." I've yet to play it. Hopefully soon.


Coffee Composting

Jamie pointed me at this article on, Composting with Coffee. As a kid, in fifth grade or so, I did a science experiment that involved watering plants with different liquids. Bean sprouts were nourished with beer, milk, coffee, pop (soda to you weird folks), green bean juice, and water.

The bean sprouts that had a daily dose of coffee grew the most, followed by water, green bean juice, and pop. The beer plant died and the milk plant was overrun by some kind of fungus but was otherwise growing fairly well (about as well as the water). Hey, at least it wasn't another "are plants that listen to classical music healthier" experiment. Everyone did that one.

Radio Sucks?

Pierre Igot writes about how Radio sucks. Those are my words. In his words, Radio has "a certain degree of unreliability."

I tried Radio for, oh, about fifteen minutes once. The only way I'd have deleted the app faster was if it had been written in REALbasic.

The New PowerBook is Aluminum

Jason Kottke is, oh, I dunno, about two years late with this joke. The 17" and 12" PowerBook are of course made of an aluminum alloy.

Speaking of which, I got a new coffee table today, and the first thing I put in one of its drawers was my PowerBook (12"). I thought to myself that it felt very weird to think of a $2000 machine as something I might just store for periods of time in a drawer.

Then I put my remotes in the other drawer.

Deatherage a Doozy?

It seems Matt Deatherage's May1 article, the one following his error-laden April article, has also caused some debate, this time with Watson developer Dan Wood. I personally think Dan's constant whining2 is unfounded - Sherlock 3 prototypes and code were written well before he began work on Watson - but his points in this article are, unlike Matt's, well founded in knowledge, fact, and reason.

OneWord: Momentum

Sports teams often talk about momentum, or announcers do, but other things can have momentum too. Jamie will eventually get into momentum in her physics class (or has already), and speaking of Jamie, even relationships can have momentums, lulls, peaks, valleys, etc. But sports teams, that's where you hear it most often. Sack the QB and the momentum may shift your way. Let's hope the Steelers have momentum all year. The Pirates started off pretty well.

This 60-second entry was brought to you by today's word from OneWord™.


I was watching Sports Night (episode 40, "Draft Day Part 1") when Jeremy said "what is a choreoanimator?" He was asking about Jenny, his porn star girlfriend (played by the incredibly cute Paula Marshall of the now-gone Hidden Hills).

I wondered what the heck a choreoanimator was as well, and so I Googled it. Turns out the first page of results is, gee, about Sports Night. Wow. I guess it's a made up word. Here's what I'm gonna do: define it.

A choreoanimator is someone who reads daily. Take that, you G to the oo with a gle.

P.S. I bet my friend Dave that within two weeks, I'd be the top Google result for "choreoanimator." Today is April 13, and I've done it. Four days. Choreoanimator. :-)

Feminists and “The Bachelor”

In Bring Back 'Studs': Feminism and the Nielson Ratings, Stephanie Harmelin, in addition to confessing to a Madridian makeout orgy, says:

The Bachelor is disgusting, pathetic and damaging to any feminist movement. And I'm hooked.

Jamie's got me thinking about "feminist" issues a lot lately. The whole "what's fair to women" and "how do we, as a society, put down women or pigeonhole them into childcare specialist or domestic goddesses" question.

OmniWeb 4.5

OmniWeb 4.5 sp1 (sneaky-peek 1) is available to people with a valid OmniWeb 4.0 key. Yay! That includes me. I downloaded it, gave it a try, changed the default font size to 16pt to mimick PC browsers (which actually uses 14pt currently). Sites looked nearly identical in both, and I was pleased. I'll stay up on the sneakypeeks, and continue using the version(s) of Safari that I've got (ahh, being an employee has its perks).

David Hyatt, in the link above, is asking for opinions on whether Safari should use 14pt or 16pt by default. My vote, though I admit to not caring a whole helluva lot, is for 16pt fonts, simply so that things "look the same" as they do on the PC. Regardless of which is chosen, I think that it should be changeable. Older people in particular might want to set their default size at 18 or 20pt.

MT Request: Forced Categories

I'd like to make a feature request for MovableType. I'd like it to force me1 me to choose a category. In other words, if I attempt to publish a non-categorized entry, it'd show some of that red text and say "Pick a category, foo!" Alternatively, I'd like to be able to search for all entries that are "Unfiled" so that I can assign them a category.

I like keeping my categories organized, for my own use and the use of others (I might choose to offer category-specific RSS feeds, for example). An entry that's not categorized would effectively vanish into the ether. Re: the search, there's currently no way to show "no category" posts other than looking at the entire list of posts, scanning for holes in the "Category" column.

1 Whether or not I'd be "forced" could be a preference I'd enable/disable.

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