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Webcams and Mac OS X

In doing some research, Jamie found this webcam of Victoria BC, Canada. Quite by accident I discovered that by clicking the webcam image you get a popup window. The "Server Info" button in that popup reveals:

Server: /
Administrator: Pullman
Administrator e-mail:
OS Info: Mac OS X, 10.2.5, ppc
Java Info: Apple Computer, Inc., V 1.4.1_01
Server: English, United States 10.02.2000 - 16:51:06

I was looking for a webcam and I found Mac OS X. Nice. :-)

Update: It's not the Server OS as it led me to believe, it's the user's. D'oh!

Those Tiny Badges

From Michael comes a link to a site with lots of tiny badges.

I didn't get in trouble as I previously thought, but I am replacing the hole that the red badge leaves with one of the ones I'll find at the site linked to above. I'm not sure which just yet…

Unix Haters Handbook

Erik: I love how in the foreword to UHH, the guy says "If this book doesn't kill Unix, nothing will. As for me? I switched t the Mac. No more grep, no more piping, no more SED scripts."
Mike: sucker

That Honda Ad

People everywhere keep talking about that Honda Ad. People everywhere keep saying "it's real!"


Uhhh, last time I checked, tires didn't roll uphill any more than they liked to stay still on an incline. They are, after all, round.

QotD: Ending Relationships

Question: If you were to name the most difficult thing about a relationship, what would it be?

My Answer: getting your stuff back. I'm only half joking about that, too. This one depends mightily on the quality of the relationship, of course, but in any "" there's bound to be some emotional turbulence. Your wife of 50 years? A little more than the girl with which you had three dates.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Money For the Artists

Word on the street is that Apple has "signed" up bands, such as The Eagles and No Doubt, for their new music service (y'know, the one that's not yet been announced). What's special about The Eagles and No Doubt is that these groups, like many others, have not yet allowed their music to be distributed digitally.

I've long said that a band could probably make a good amount of money selling their singles and some live versions, things like that, online for some small fee. Even if they sold things cheaply. I think Natalie Merchant was going this route, wasn't she? Your average recording artist gets about a three cents for every album sold, making most of their money from merchandising and touring. At $1/track, even if the artists get only 5% directly, they're making more money from the sales of a few million songs instead of albums.

So this is just a long way of saying that I hope Apple's music service kicks more money back to the artists. The era of "big business" in the recording industry may be coming to a close. The Internet has been empowering small companies to make it big for about a decade now - it's about time big-name musicians hop on board, because in the scheme of the current recording industry, they too are pretty small.

P.S. From someone who's spent a few hundred dollars on rare and imported R.E.M. CDs (live and otherwise), it'd be pretty awesome to get access to more "offbeat" tracks like that as well.

JavaScript, XHTML 1.1, and Comments

I'm attempting to fix some JavaScript issues with this site, specifically regarding the items discussed in the comments of of this article by Phil Ringnalda.

I believe I may have accomplished this by doing the following in my "Individual" and "Comment Listing" templates (and rebuilding the former).

// = getCookie("mtcmtmail");// = getCookie("mtcmtauth");
//	document.comments_form.url.value = getCookie("mtcmthome");
document.getElementById("comments_form").email.value = getCookie("mtcmtmail");
document.getElementById("comments_form").author.value = getCookie("mtcmtauth");
document.getElementById("comments_form").url.value = getCookie("mtcmthome");

Why did I remove 'name=""' from my templates? XHTML 1.1 doesn't support it, and I'm trying to support XHTML 1.1 throughout.

Please post any comments, compatibility reports, ideas, etc. to this entry. I hope to have it "fixed" by the end of the day on every major browser.

Dead Erik, Dead Machine: Lan Party Results

quake3_in_a_window.jpgThe LAN party went off without a hitch: we played a whole helluva lot of Quake 3 and a few games of 4x4 Evolution at the end. Good stuff. I held my own in each of the games, which I suppose is saying something given that I never play on my own.

We wrapped it up at about 4am, and I napped a few hours before waking up. Put the tower/router/display back in their places and began connecting things. I was amazed at how simple it was to hook everything (about twelve USB devices, and seven or eight Firewire devices) back up - especially the wonder that is a "single cable for USB, power, and video," the Apple Display Connector (ADC).

One problem: the machine wouldn't boot up. Wouldn't even turn on. Solution: remind myself that the power cable is, indeed, necessary. Problem solved. Switched locations, ran last night's cron jobs manually, and here I am: a bit tired, though not nearly as dead as the many times I was fragged last night.

LAN Party

Going to Rob's house for a LAN party tonight. Woo woo and woo. Should be pretty fun. Games on the list include 4x4 Evolution, Quake 3 (plus some serious mods), and, uhhh, okay so maybe that's all. Maybe some Jedi Knight II? We'd play Unreal Tournament, but gee, when's it come out for the Mac? Grrrr.

The biggest question on my mind right now? Which mouse do I take? I guess it's gonna have to be the Kensington wired mouse. The Logitech will just be too much of a pain in the butt to set up. My PowerBook is going to be the server. W00t (or whatever they say).

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. But I've really gotta get some work done then too. Uh huh, like that'll happen…

Comments in Feeds and New Buttons

Following this conversation, I've added a comments feed. This is not the same as adding comments to my existing feeds, of course. You can subscribe to my "comments" feed at this URL: Putting it in a separate feed prevents my articles from showing up as "new" again in certain RSS aggregators.

Of course, adding a feed meant I had to add a button for it. The "RSS Comments" button is with the others, bottom left. While I was at it, I added a GeoURL link, and since that left me with a little hole in my otherwise nicely organized "button area," I filled it with a link to my favorite person's site. Hope she doesn't mind… If the red one is missing when you come back later, assume that I got in big trouble! ;-)

Update: I've posted my current comments feed template.

QotD: Indian Giving

Question: If you could take back any gift you've given but now wish you hadn't, what would it be?

My Answer: Anything and everything ever given to Danielle. I've given bigger gifts than people have deserved in the past, but I don't regret those. Danielle, I regret ever even giving her the time of day.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Self Bust

Question: If you had a bust of yourself sculpted, where would you place it?

My Answer: In the trash. In a closet. In the basement (if I had one). Maybe I'd hollow it out and plant flowers in it in the yard. Those smelly flowers rabbits don't like, so they are scared away from my lettuce.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.


I really, really like Objective-C's [square brackets] method of markup (whatever you wanna call it). Some of the people in this OSNews article are bitching and whining, but odds are, in my experience, they've simply never done much work with Objective-C.

Which, I ask you, would you rather deal with:

someObject.createConnection(mySocket, 12163, 28800, myClient, NULL);


[someObject createConnectionToSocket:mySocket onPortNumber:12163
    atSpeed:28800 withClient:myClient andExtraHeaders:nil];

I know I've got a lot of Mac users reading this site, and so they may be partial to Objective-C, but can anyone honestly give me a good reason for liking the first over the latter? "Fear of the unknown or strange looking" does not count.

Two Sites Yours for the Taking

I previously put two of my sites on this blog's virtual auction block, but only received offers (and plenty of them) from people whom I did not trust to maintain the content of the sites in an adequate fashion. Thus, I've not sold the sites yet.

New plan: give each of the sites away to individuals who will do what they can to keep and preserve them, with the catch that they give me 25% of all profits (from ads or whatever) until $2500 is paid (discounts if you want both). The sites are still AppleScript Central and Sound Set Central. They're still very very popular, and they're still the same sites that have netted over $50,000 in ad sales in the past three years, $18,000 of which was last year (Feb 2002 - Mar 2003).1

Contact me via email or AIM (iacas) if you're interested.

1 Edited to add that "last year" information.

Apple Music Service

Just quoting this article about Apple's "rumored" music service.

"Label sources tell Bulletin that the service is an a la carte download store -- not unlike that of rival Liquid Audio -- that is built into Apple's iTunes player. No subscription is required for the service, and tracks are expected to retail for an average of 99 cents. Once purchased, tracks are transferred to the consumer's iTunes music library and are automatically synched to the user's iPod portable player.

Content can also be burned to CD. Credit-card information is stored on file in the store's shopping-cart system so the consumer does not have to re-enter the information for each purchase. The offering is expected to be made available initially only to users of Apple computers.

Some people have said that a buck a track is a lot. After all, fifteen songs = $15 and that's the cost of a CD, but you don't get the actual physical media, you don't get the liner notes, you don't get the album art, etc. I'll wait to give my opinion, if I ever do, until "rumor" becomes a bit more than rumor.

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