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Unlike everyone else, my only mention of TypePad will be a passing one, and a re-affirmation that any of my friends who want blogs are more than welcome to give me a few bucks (for my Coke addiction, and Gabe, this means you, pay up! :-D) in exchange for my "expertise" (ha ha) and some space on my server.

Succeeding as a Company

What the flying fuck does this mean:

To succeed with this service, and as a company, Apple needs to tempt the other 97 percent of computer users.

So I suppose the, oh, 27+ years that Apple's been in business make it a non-success? That they won't be a success until they get above 10% market share? All the money they've made, the revolutions they've begun, and all the money they've got in the bank, those are no longer measures of success?

bah.pngI hate car analogies as much as the next guy, but c'mon, this is a Business 2.0 article? Do they consider BMW a failure as a company? To Business 2.0 I award a much-coveted Bah!

OneWord: Princess

Princess? Could there be any word more sexist than princess? Just kidding. After all, princes are around too. But don't they dance in that Christmas song or something? Probably. "Prattling princes" doesn't have the same ring to it. Plus they have lords a leaping and stuff. Gay lords, that's weird. Gaylord Perry was a 60's basebally player, I know that much. Good too. But that's okay. Some day I might have a princess of my very own, but I'll never have my own Gaylord Perry.

This 60-second entry was brought to you by today's word from OneWord™.


If there's one thing I don't like about people, it's that they can be awfully two faced. Not everyone, and certainly not even most people, but occasionally you just run across one person who's two-faced enough to ruin your day.

These people act fine in person, but when they have a problem with you, they instead set about, behind your back, making sure everyone else knows about the problem they have with you. It doesn't matter if the problem doesn't really exist or if they could solve the problem by bringing their concerns to you. They derive their pleasure, it seems, from actually having that problem with you, and from sharing it with others. That's twisted, egomaniacal, selfish, childish, and altogether counter-productive.

And that's all I have to say about that.

The Impact of Free Developer Tools

Dan Gillmor talks about the impact NeXT has had on Mac OS X in this Silicon Valley .com article. This part stuck out as I read it:

NeXT's technology was also way ahead of its time in the tools it offered developers. Programmers could assemble applications with relative ease, using powerful building blocks that were part of a sophisticated toolkit.

Mac users - every last one of 'em - are given free developer tools (and can download them if they've somehow lost their CDs). What impact do you think this has had? Aside from providing thousands of freeware/cheapware applications from hobbyists, free development tools have helped me personally quite a bit. I don't know if Freshly Squeezed Software would exist if we all had to pay for free development tools.

OneWord: Paper

The best thing about being out of college is not having to write papers anymore. Instead, I get to write here on my blog, and in the end, I write more than if I was forced to write things. Simple! I like to read, too, and that's another great thing about graduating: I read more because I get to read what I want, not what I'm told to or must. Other than that, I like to shred paper.

This 60-second entry was brought to you by today's word from OneWord™.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shawn discusses another article about keyboard shortcuts and how they "suck" on the Mac.

My own take: I love using command (Macs), I hate using control (PCs). I love that cmd-A (Mac) works everywhere. I hate that ctrl-A (PCs) works the same in very few PC apps (and even within text fields in the same app it may or may not work).

On the issue of menu control: sure, it'd be nice. We have it already using arrow keys, as Shawn discusses, but isn't the potential for further confusing users greater on Windows? How many newbies do you ever see using keyboard shortcuts on Windows, let alone the menu keyboard shortcuts. So for pros, sure, the argument has merit.

The keyboard shortcuts that do exist, though? The Mac is better. Hands down: more consistent, more thought out, and more intuitively named.

QotD: Stuck in an Airport

Question: If you had to be stuck for hours in any airport, which would you want it to be?

My Answer: I'm tempted to say either of the Parisian airports, but right now my gut is telling me Tokyo. After all, that airport may have the most gadgets to keep me occupied.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Safari’s Auto-Complete

Add this one to my Top 10 Safari Issues: the auto-completion of shortcuts.

I type "hns/" which expands to "" via TypeIt4Me about a billion times a day, and every time, before I can even press enter, Safari's auto-completed it to some other page (typically my MovableType installation).

I'm seriously contemplating using Camino or OmniWeb until this is fixed. Until then, consider this item 0 on my Top 10 List of Lame Safari Bugs, Annoyances, or Feature Requests.


Clearly from the Got Old Fast department, has dropped off of my blogroll (not on the site yet, but in my news aggregator). It was funny while it lasted, but the funny didn't last.

New Apple Store

Jamie notes the new She's a bit polite with "I can't say it's much of an improvement." I would tend to agree. It looks a bit cluttered. I hope that customers will find it useful, but I miss the big blocky "click me!" icons for each of Apple's four main hardware products.

At least it's not brushed metal. :-)


This may be the only entry I post today due to, well, I'll get into it later.

Update: Here's a retelling of what's happened. It all began back when my Interland server/hosting account was moved from a Freedom to a VPS account. The move went fairly well, and I had my old server, with an IP beginning with 66, taken offline once I'd verified that the new server, 64.*, was working properly.

QotD: Old Age Ailments

Question: If you could avoid one physical ailment in your old age, what would it be?

My Answer: I would avoid arthritis. I do not want anything to hurt when I sit down, when I get up, when I sneeze, when I uncap a bottle, when I drive, or when I hug my wife extra tight.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Bending it Like Beckham

bend_beckham_poster.jpgLast night I saw Bend it Like Beckham with my friend Jen.

The movie, nearly two hours long, offers nothing terribly new from a macro view: character struggles to overcome adversity, tradition, and a well-meaning-but-misguided family and succeeds in the end, maturing as an individual. However, zoomed in a little, flecks of originality abound. The sheer fact that it's effectively a sports movie about a woman's team is new. About an Indian family, fairly new (My Big Fat Greek Wedding beat them to the "let's make a comedy out of other people's cultures!" punch most recently). About rampant lesbianism found in women's sports? I'll talk more about that later, but the short answer: no, thank goodness.

iChat and AIM

Tom Coates talks about iChat and some improvements he'd like to see made. First he talks about how iChat lacks groups (something I use in Adium and simply require of an AIM client), and how iChat might manage groups with different windows. He goes on to say…

… then I started thinking about the other effects that could have - what if each window handled login information separately? What if each one used the inbuilt AIM buddy-blocking system on-the-fly so you could spontaneously decide to disappear from the world of your work colleagues while staying online with all your friends and family. Or the other way around? It's surely just an interface tweak?

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