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Etan points out something called OneWord™. This is an interesting concept, and a pretty standard writing tactic. I signed up, and now I'll be doing my "one word" daily.


Just don't create a file called -rf.
-- Larry Wall in <11393@jpl-devvax.JPL.NASA.GOV>

I wonder how many years ago that was, because surely Larry knows that you can "rm -- -rf." But then again, in Perl, who knows. Maybe that'll cause issues. Anyway, how often has this ever come up? Who has ever named a file -rf?

This post is mostly a reminder to me to learn Perl again dammit. But it's kinda funny too.

For Sale: ASC/SSC

I'm looking to sell the domains (and the sites that go with them) AppleScript Central and Sound Set Central. They do quite a bit of traffic every day, have sold over $50,000 in advertising in the past four years, and are pretty much ready to go. There's a huge backlog of submissions.

I've been too busy - and when not busy, too apathetic (and wanting to be away from the computer) - to maintain these sites, yet I don't want them going offline. If a buyer is not found, I'll get around to updating them shortly. No reasonable offer refused and first come, first served. Just email me.

American Idol: Nobody Booted

Nick says it about the cut, and I'd previously predicted it (I give myself little to no credit for that, and consider it a "common sense" thing): nobody was booted from American Idol due to the Corey thing.

Sports Night DVD

sportsnight_dvd.jpgMy friend Dave comes over once a week to watch Ed, West Wing, and Fastlane (usually on Wednesdays, which means now that Ed and Fastlane are repeats for me). It's a good time: we have some pizza, we argue a little in good fun, we bitch about the women in our lives, etc.

Today Dave gave me a belated birthday present: the Sports Night DVD collection! Wooo!!! Awesome gift. The show won three Emmies but it's underrated still. Sorkin wrote it, and both a current Ed star and two West Wing stars have been on it as well. It fits nicely into my TV viewing habits. I'd been recording episodes from Comedy Central the past two months, but having the complete set, again, wooooo!!! Thanks Dave.

Guess what I'll be doing this weekend…

Apathetic Blog Entry Generator

I feel like a complete blank. Pretty much nothing seems important. Not much on my mind to speak of. I've more or less been doing nothing, but shrug. I just don't have anything to say these days. I've just been letting everything pass me by recently.

Or not.


If anything I ever post on this site becomes /.ed (i.e. completely unavailable due to millions of dorks clicking through to my site because it was posted on, I'll just shut down my server or redirect that domain to /. itself until the link drops off of the front page.

I haven't got the time, desire, or cash to put up with being /.ed, and I'm in the camp that believes that /. editors should ask permission first. They know what effect they have - and they joke about it. They argue that you shouldn't put online what you don't want to be made available to everyone, and while that's true, I argue that I never expect - or want - everything I publish to be available to everyone at once. Normal traffic to my server is fine - I expect it. An explosion caused by a link on /. is not.

Another solution - one I file under "too much work for me to bother with right now" - comes from Jon Rentzsch and uses Apache's mod_throttle. Since I'm not a big fan of just linking to things with little commentary, you got my mini-/. rant above free of charge. :-)

American Idol: 9/8 Contestants

I had the pleasure once again of watching American Idol with Jamie last night, and her presence goes a long ways towards explaining the delay on my commentary. Nick beat me to it once again, and even David Hyatt beat me. I've not read their commentary yet. Here is mine (and Jamie's).

BlogShares Plugin

I'm off to teach my weekly iMovie class in a few minutes, but I wanted to get David Raynes' BlogShares MT Plugin a, uhhh, plug before I headed off.

I'll edit this one later to contain something other than a pointer at the plugin. In the meanwhile, go grab it or sumtin'.

P.S. Since the redesign of, it kills Safari. Works in Camino though. Others have confirmed.

P.P.S. is down for me. (3:45pm EST)

Bye Corey

Given that Corey Clark was disqualified from American Idol today for beating up his 15-year-old sister and bouncing checks, I wonder if they'll actually vote anyone off tonight or whether they'll just let them sing. Perhaps they should consider voting off Trenyce as well, given her dubious past as a felony-level thief. Regardless, I'm going to start calling her by her real name, "Lashundra Cobbins."

Car-Eating Puddles



Dave sent this to me awhile ago and I'm not even sure how it works. What is that mat under the car and why does it let the whole car sink? WTF? I have no idea what the origin of these images may be (I have higher quality separate shots if anyone wants 'em).

Happy 27th, Apple

<voice type="historical">On this day in history…</voice> Apple Computer, Inc. was founded on this day in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.

Look for our upcoming feature "Where are They Now?: The Founders of Apple" to air next Tuesday, with never-before-seen footage of that mysterious third guy, Ron Wayne.

So, Happy Birthday.

Can U Plz Write English?

USA Today has an article titled Yo, can u plz help me write English? that I found interesting as a fan of English, a pursuant of proper grammar, and a person who has never, never typed three letters to indicate audible laughter.

The Evil Bit

The Evil Bit is a pretty lame April Fool's joke. This is the best that the brightest minds in the world could muster? Bummer. There are one or two previous IP jokes at

Anyone have any good April Fool's jokes? I liked Unsanity's and CPAN's (this one won't work after today). Adam has one or two moderately amusing ones. Michael is keeping a list.

TrackBacks for Nothing… And Your Links for Free

Speaking of TrackBacks… I find it somewhat offensive to link (and thus TrackBack) to articles while offering nothing new to the topic. While not the same as TrackBack spam, this kind of thing is pretty close.

Is it too much to ask that you even write a simple "I agree" or "This is funny shit, check it out"? Pretty please? People will come to my article (or they won't - whatever), follow a TrackBack, and be greeted with… absolutely nothing new. Tony, most of your blog seems to be like this. C'mon man. :-P Turn off TrackBacks for the posts on which you're simply acting as a pointer, not commenting. Pretty please?

P.S. Apologies to Mark Knopfler for stealing the title for this one. That song came out the year Jamie was born… Eek! :-O

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