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Archive for February, 2003

Another Safari Feature

Here's another Safari feature I'd like to see: regard open windows as something more sacred than they're currently regarded. In other words, if I have four browser windows minimized (perhaps sites I forgot about for the past 20 minutes while I worked on something else, or visited other sites), and I hit command-Q, I should […]

Say Something ‘Bout Safari

Now is your chance to say something about Safari with perhaps the best chance to influence its development, UI, and eventual outcome. David Hyatt is soliciting ideas. My own list, off the top of my head: Better cookie management Something "better" than "Tabbed Browsing," but not until the 1.5 or 2.0 release No jack of […]

Encoding DVDs

I see this in top when encoding DVDs (specifically: when waiting for the Status to indicate that the Encoder is done creating an MPEG-2 movie): 3282 EncoderSer 101.5% 5:28.78 9 128 222 13.4M+ 7.11M 18.2M+ 136M+ 3281 TNSPosterS 0.0% 0:00.83 3 52 137 852K 5.82M 2.94M 113M 3280 TNSVideoSe 0.0% 0:00.35 3 48 60 496K […]

West Wing: Now on DVD

I just finished burning my first West Wing DVD. It's not a scientific process at all - I have about 12 episodes on my TiVo (and a new one every week) that I'm putting onto DVD, two per disc. I enjoy the show tremendously, but want to regain the use of the space on my […]


Honesty is one of those topics people like to think they can be honest about. The truth - honestly - is that nobody is honest more than 80% of the time. Nobody. Honestly. I long ago accepted that people can't be honest with me. I've even begun to understand the reasons, as well as to […]

Say Goodbye to the Floppy

Dell is finally getting rid of the floppy drive on its Dimension computers. I can't remember the last time I saw a floppy disk, let alone used one. I think the last time I used one it was to prop open a door from locking a few years ago in college. Way to go Dell! […]

Escaping Ken Burns

The Property List for iMovie3 ( gives some hints towards escaping the Ken Burns effect: <key>Option autoApplyPanZoomToImportedStills: %d</key> <true/> and <key>PanZoomEndZoom</key> <real>1.000000000000000e+00</real> <key>PanZoomOffsetEndX</key> <real>0.000000000000000e+00</real> <key>PanZoomOffsetEndY</key> <real>-1.907349e-06</real> <key>PanZoomOffsetStartX</key> <real>0.000000000000000e+00</real> <key>PanZoomOffsetStartY</key> <real>0.000000000000000e+00</real> <key>PanZoomStartZoom</key> <real>1.000000000000000e+00</real>

iMovie 3 is pretty awesome. I posted the other day about how it allowed me to capture video from my TiVo flawlessly, not dropping a frame while I checked email, launched applications, and otherwise went about my normal work day. I'm absolutely happy that iMovie 3 is "in a window" instead of "gosh darn it […]


Shortly after my pixellated naked woman entry (see below, or today's archive, or whatever), Nick mocks a silly thing you often see in "crime investigator" shows: the ability to "blow up and enhance" still frames of video. Guess what, folks? The resolution of the film is the resolution you get. It doesn't get any better. […]

Pixel Nudes

Boing Boing pointed at this site which lists 4x5 and 5x7 prints of… big blocky squares of different colors. Viewed from afar, however, the pictures seem to be of naked women. I've made my own little print here - how this guy thinks he can sell them is beyond me. A little Photoshop work and […]

Pragmatic Dave Not so Right?

Seems Pragmatic Dave needs to be a bit more diligent in his research. He says that turning on bold fonts in the terminal takes over the CPU and "ls -l /usr/bin hogs the machine for achingly long seconds." Uhhh,

Stupid CNN

Vinay points out the silliness of CNN. Apparently our space shuttle is capable of travelling 18 times the speed of light. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it? In related news, NASA has gone back in time to make sure the shuttle does not blow up, and to beat Russia into putting a man in space. […]

Today's topic: high pressure. For your assignment, visit This is a video taken in 6000 feet of water. An undersea robot is sawing a 1/10" wide slit in a pipeline. The pressure inside the pipeline is 0 psi, while the pressure outside is 2700 psi, or 1.3 tons per square inch. Then a crab […]

iMovie 3

Today I hooked my TiVo up to my DV camera (a Sony DSR PD-150) with stereo and s-video cables, and from there via Firewire into my Mac. This allowed me to record live TV (or actually, a program I had recorded on my TiVo). I used iMovie 3, and the best darn thing about it […]

Thank You

The only way to grapple with grief is through gratitude. Thank you Rick Husband, William McCool, Kalpana Chawla, David Brown, Mike Anderson, Laurel Clark, and Ilan Ramon. Thank you for your will, your courage, your commitment, and your aspirations.