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Archive for February, 2004

RSS and Browsers

In John's preview of OmniWeb 5, he touches briefly on the OmniGroup's "support" for RSS: OmniWeb 5 supports RSS, but not well. It auto-detects RSS feeds, which is great, but it doesn’t allow you to subscribe to them in standalone newsreaders… the right way to do this is to support standalone clients (probably via the […]

Where’s My Motorola v600?

Where oh where is my Motorola v600? If a phone was ever vaporware, this may be it. Motorola's site should say "Coming Soon… since 1997!" Peh. The battery life on my venerable v60 is dwindling, as is the reception quality. I need a new Cingular phone pronto, and I want it with Bluetooth, a color […]

Alpine {Heart} iPod

You know, my birthday is coming up. I've been quite happy with the audio system in my car. I just wish it had a line-in. I'm going with the faux-cassette-tape solution right now. I've avoided the FM tuners. The iPod almost never leaves my car except to come sync with the computer now and then.

Atom vs. RSS

Okay, so I've been looking at Atom support for this blog and whatnot, and there are a few things I can't figure out. I've looked at this page and a few others, and talked with Andy as well. Atom has a range where you can say "give me articles 734 through 800" or "give me […]

Rock Star High Scores

Gabe took the early lead, but I've pulled ahead of him. Witness my several close calls. And Eric Blair, you doofus. You're in the freaking About Box and you were the first to buy a copy? Doofus! You missed the asterisk, I guess.

Rock Star: Thursday

Rock Star is "kinda out." We're doing a soft release on this one for a few reasons: to iron out any remaining issues (we think that there are none, but we want to be sure), as well as to give the readers of this blog a bit more time to get Rock Star for only […]


I am taking a serious look (via proxy) at ExpressionEngine today. This post is what's holding me back. Mark -- we are actively developing an import script. We hope to have it finished in a couple weeks. $200 for a professional blogging package? I'd pay it if migration took no more than a few hours […]

QotD: Author

Question: Who is the author of any book you're reading right now? My Answer: Dan Brown (Digital Fortress). I've already read The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Teeth

Question: How many times a day do you brush your teeth? My Answer: Twice, at least. Once when I wake up (ewwwww) and once before bed. Occasionally I forget the "before bed" part, which necessitates an immediate brushing in the morning. Ewwww! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in […]

MovableType Sucks

I'm fed up right now. Fed up. My choices: Switch to another blogging package. Remove almost every index from my site. Deal with it. By "deal with it" I mean the ever-increasing time it takes to do anything on this site. My Computing: Mac category archive page - stripped of everything but the titles and […]

Some Good Examples of Bad UI

I consider myself to be an advanced computer user, and certainly an advanced Mac user. Here now are two lovely pieces of UI that have recently earned the title "the most annoying thing I've seen today." Perhaps I saw both at 7am, but regardless, they're what I feel are good examples of bad UI. Since […]

Addictive Fishing: WMPy!

Okay, so my opinion of Addictive Fishing dropped a few notches when I tried to view some of their tips. Grrrrrrrr.

QotD: Comments

Question: Do you leave anonymous comments? If you run a blog, do you allow anonymous comments? My Answer: I sign my name (and email address) to everything I have to say. If it's worth saying, it's worth signing. Words without a method of contact for further discussion are nearly as worthless as no words at […]

Bezier Arrows

Just a bookmark for myself: NSBezierPath Arrows. Says Alastair: One question that has popped-up on Apple's cocoa-dev mailing list a couple of times is how to put arrows on the ends of lines. Some operating systems have built-in support for arrows, but Cocoa and Core Graphics, in common with their PostScript and PDF roots, do […]

Or so sez this article. Hooey, I say. Software development has yet to conquer the worlds of robotics, true AI, speech synthesis and recognition, language translation. While software is easier to build these days, it's also more difficult - and until software can create software (at a user's direction), we've got that as another signpost […]