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Archive for April, 2004


PulpFiction: I've mentioned this application several times. I've displayed its icons. I've joked about it. I've hinted at it. It's been listed on the Freshly Squeezed Software site since before the introduction of Rock Star. I could claim I've been trying to build a buzz, but in reality, we've just been taking our time getting […]

QotD: Refund

Question: Did/will you get a refund? My Answer: $1105 to the good, baby! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Pot

Question: Have ya ever smoked pot? And don't give me any "I didn't inhale" jokes either. My Answer: Ummm, nope. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Are there any WebObjects developers in South Florida? Are there any available WebObjects developers in South Florida? I can't say much about the possible plans right now, but needless to say from what I've written above, I'm putting out a feeler right now to see if there's anyone around. I may need them soon (in […]


On April 5, eSellerate launched a new service: eSellerate Download Service (or eDS): Customers purchase eDS for $4.99 per order, which locks in the download guarantee for one year. You receive $1 of the eDS sale amount. eDS is, by default, "opt out." Every time someone clicks "Buy Now" on our site, a $4.99 charge […]


From a conversation I had today: erik: do you see a page or an error? andy: nope erik: do you see a page xor an error? Friends always look at me oddly when they say "do you want to see a movie or go out to eat?" and I reply "yes." I try to explain […]

GMail: “Screw You, Safari!”

Uhm: Gmail does not currently support your browser. See browser requirements for Gmail or sign in anyway. Right.

Taxes Done

Yay! Congratulations. The taxing authority accepted this tax return on Apr. 13, 2004. Your DCN is (removed). TurboTax will now help you complete any follow-up paperwork that is necessary. I'm done. 🙂

QotD: Rumors

Question: Which rumor do you wish was actually true? My Answer: I've left this open-ended, though I expect most answers will deal with Mac-related things. I haven't got any rumors I wish to be true. I don't need a PDA. I don't need a new portable. I don't need a new display. I don't need […]


It's funny how everyone gets this one wrong. The latest to do so is Rick Ross, who writes: Microsoft is shrewd and successful at using what is tantamount to "petty cash" for the monopolist to make its problems go away. I have noticed people pointing to the investment Microsoft made in Apple some years ago […]

Hey hey, it's my MacAddict review of Consultant 2.21! Blast from the past. I had to look this up for one reason or another today and thought I might link to it here to save myself the trouble at a later time. Other reviews of mine (they don't list features on their Web site, unfortunately): […]

Smart Geek for Hire

Is anyone in the south Florida area looking for a smart geek? (Is there any other kind?) I know of one who is eminently employable. Drop me a line via email or, preferably, AIM, and I'll put you in touch with him. Said geek is a PHP/MySQL developer, Cocoa developer, Mac guru, Unix afficionado, and […]

QotD: Sick Days

Question: Do you use your sick days liberally or hoard them? My Answer: I'm a hoarder. I've never called in sick. I'm tempted to use one soon. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Deadwood and Sopranos

Sopranos was better last week - one of the best episodes ever. I've really only caught bits and pieces of Sopranos, but I did like this week's episode, and it spurred me to read up on "Wild Bill" Hickok. I thought Deadwood was a fake name until I read that page! Ha. Now I know. […]

MVP Baseball 2004

I bought MVP Baseball 2004 for the GameCube based on a numbe of positive reviews. I should have read more reviews. Ugh, this game is annoying. To start, you must play a "franchise" just to play a season of baseball. I don't want to manage the Pittsburgh Pirates for 10 years - I just want […]