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Archive for April, 2004

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about Interface Builder? The pain in the ass better known as "trying to set a table view to use a certain font." The fonts panel doesn't update itself to reflect the current selection, the table view itself doesn't seem to update itself until you click off on another item - […]

QotD: Cheats

Question: Have you ever cheated on a test? Helped someone cheat? Been caught? My Answer: If you define cheating as using resources that a teacher forgot to take, say, off of the chalkboard or off of the wall (a poster or two), then yes, I have. Otherwise, my answers are no, yes, and no. You […]

PF Beta Testing

PulpFiction beta testing continues. We've filled all of the slots, so don't ask to sign up. We've also just broken beneath the 100-bug threshhold. The vast majority of the bugs are nitpicky things - the exact kinds of things we care about a great deal as Mac users. Some of them can be fixed by […]

QotD: Convincing

Question: What's the silliest thing you've ever convinced anyone was true? My Answer: I'm not certain. Many of my friends (not I) smoke pot now and then, so it's pretty easy to convince them of things when they're high. Just today, for example, I convinced a friend of mine that if you searched Google for […]

Some Stylesheet Changes

I was so excited by EditCSS that I redesigned my blog's stylesheet. For those who are curious (or want to bitch or complain), check out the before and after shots for comparison.

I stumbled onto this post on coding conventions at a great time: I spent quite a few hours yesterday poking around PulpFiction's .h and .m files looking for quickie things to fix, comment, or otherwise KISS. My personal coding style closely mirrors that espoused at the page above, but as I looked through our code, […]


Holy crap! EditCSS is freakin' awesome! Wowee. I wish only that I could have it in a separate window (or tie it to another text editor like BBEdit), but if that ain't just the definition of looking a gift horse in the mouth I don't know what is. Wow.

Mmmm, Thunderbird

This post on Thunderbird's icons led me to this screenshot which led me to wonder whether I needed to buy Entourage 2004 (probably as part of the student/teacher edition). I downloaded the latest version and gave it a try. It lasted all of five minutes. I won't go into the details, but suffice to say […]

A few days ago, I held a little contest to try to find a great slogan for PulpFiction. Well, 94 responses later, I've got the list here. It's in the extended entry if you want to have a peek. I'll post results, uhh, when I have them. For now, uhh, enjoy!


Question: What would you do to the head honchos of the RIAA if you could get away with anything? My Answer: Death would be too easy. I'm a creative guy, but I think I'd have to spend some time coming up with a real game plan here. Perhaps it'd involve making the executives listen to […]

QotD: Salary Cap

Question: Should Major League Baseball implement a salary cap? My Answer: Hell yeah. I don't think they ever will, though. The player's associate is too powerful. I'm a small-market (Pittsburgh) fan, and these days, I'm wondering how they ever managed to win three pennants in a row as recent as the early 90s. You are […]

Icon Cache

Why does Mac OS X's icon cache so easily get screwed up? The thing can't go five hours without showing hard disk icons on .txt files, Photoshop icons on .c files, and in the case below, three different icons on three different files. What's worse, the only way to fix it seems to be to […]

QotD: High School

Question: If you could date your high school sweetheart again (pretend you're single), would you? My Answer: I would. We never dated the first time, and she's got a kid now, but she's still the same girl I remember. More digging is required to determine what's changed. Y'know, aside from the offspring. You are encouraged […]

RSS/Atom Resources

I'm trying to work up a list of RSS/Atom/Bloggin/Subscription (etc.) resources at this page. If you've got a link (or twenty), a category, or anything to add, send me an IM today at "i a c a s" (no spaces). Thanks.

PulpFiction needs a slogan. Suggest them here in the comments. If yours is the best, you get a free copy. Beta testers who would otherwise be eligible for a free copy get a free copy of Rock Star. To help you along, here are the slogans for some of our other products: FTPeel: Simply Powerful […]