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Archive for April, 2004

Old Flame

An old flame emailed me today. Can you have one-way flames? The gal responsible for my screen name (hey, I was eight!) contacted me tonight via a form on my software company's site. The last I heard, she'd married some rich guy and moved to Pittsburgh. Her last name is still different but she seems […]

UT 2004

There's something perverse about cranking up Unreal Tournament 2004 without quitting any other applications or turning off your email-checking schedules (or iChat/Adium), playing a 1920 x 1200 game with the highest settings, and wondering if there's any way to slow the framerate down so that you can see what's going on just a little better. […]

Pulp Fiction Fonts?

Scott was trying out an early alpha/beta build of PulpFiction and what did he see? Funny stuff. 😀

QotD: Router

Question: Do you use a router at home? Wireless? Wired? My Answer: I've got both a LinkSys 10/100/1000 4-port router as well as an AirPort Base Station (Extreme). The LinkSys seems to be dying, so I may replace it soon. It randomly kicks me offline every few hours. The past few days I've had the […]

Technology on a Pedestal

From MacCentral: The computer is now too full of itself," said [Rob Schoeben, Apple's vice president of Applications Marketing]. "It needs to be about the end customer and the desire to make art or produce a project. We live in that community; we've served that community for a long time and we get it. We […]


Wowee. I've gotta get my hands on Motion sometime soon. $300? Says Apple to Adobe: screw you hippies!

QotD: Desktop Rotation

Question: How often do you change your desktop picture? My Answer: Today I set it to change every 5 minutes for the first time ever (outside of a demonstration). For the previous, oh, eight years I've changed my desktop picture about every three weeks. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for […]

This entry led me to one on PulpFiction (expect a letter from Miramax soon) looks to do everything a modern newsreader should do (Love the filters. Every single app in the world should save all data it ever sees, data about that data, and have ways to filter and search it.) I don't think […]

PulpFiction has received a largely positive response. I'm always amused by this type of thing because, well, the darn thing ain't out yet! However, not all responses are positive. Let's have a look at a skeptic's thoughts…

For example, I have about 14 friends who, when they post on their blogs, have the same expectation that their friends will have read the post as if they had sent the post in email to the friends. While skimming through the roughly 400 posts a day, it would be nice if I had this […]

By the By

By the way, there may or may not be a slight bump in "Apple coverage" here in the coming weeks given that they're no longer my employer. 🙂 Ahhhh, the beach! How I missed thee!

Dating Quizzes

My typical response to the whole "dating" thing: I haven't got time. Today I had at least enough time to take a break from editing the book to take some dating quizzes. They were an… interesting distraction. End result: I'm a smart guy who's got high standards but prefers intelligent, 25-year-old brunettes. Duh.

QotD: Dating

Question: asks you to choose among the following choices when picking your "ideal date." Which would you choose? My Answer: I'll list the answers in the extended entry. I will say that they were missing the best choice: "Good Company: doing anything so long as it's with someone who's unique and cool." I don't […]

QotD: Payments

Question: What monthly payment do you hate making most? My Answer: My scooter payment. I need to sell my scooter for a small profit, pay this off, and apply the rest of the money to something else. I rarely get out on the scooter anymore. Anyone want a $2500 scooter with less than 500 km […]

Even though MacAddict may have not recognized the pretty permanent price reduction (to $9), but we're happy nonetheless to receive the ink. They say no press is bad press, but this is definitely good press. 🙂 Apologies for the large scan. Kinda makes the page look funny, I know.