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Archive for April, 2004

QotD: Religion

Question: How do you feel about the statement: "Any god that would condemn me for seeking the truth isn't worth believing in to begin with."? My Answer: It's my statement, so, uhh, I agree! 🙂 I want to see what y'all have to say. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for […]

PulpFiction Badges

I'll probably reference this post around May 15, but I designed some PulpFiction badges today: Grab them as you wish. Host them on your server. Link them to this page.

Small PHP Project

I have a small PHP/MySQL project for someone who's interested. The project is - primarily - a back-end "admin" area for a project I'm working on. It loosely relates to PulpFiction. Anyone who is interested should IM me. If you're skilled with PHP and MySQL, this work should take about three to four hours. We're […]

Return of the CDC

I sold Cocoa Dev Central to Scott Stevenson back in December because I found myself with a startling lack of free time. The content was languishing, the design was poor, and the site was suffering. Scott has been working for a few months and late last night produced the first article: Introduction to Bindings. The […]

“Celebrity” Mac Bloggers?

Question: If you had to list the top five celebrity Mac bloggers, who would they be? My Answer: In no particular order, and completely off the top of my head: John Gruber, Todd Dominey, James Duncan Davidson, the Unsanity Folks, and Steven Frank. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself […]

iTunes Arrows

Jeff pointed this out to me: defaults write invertStoreLinks -bool YES Those little arrows in iTunes now take you to your own browser. You can hold down the option key to go to the iTMS. Très frais! 🙂

The top 25 slogans. I pared down the list by deleting those that didn't have much immediate appeal. From here I will find some way to narrow the list down to 10, at which point I'm going to use a patent-pending decision-making algorithm to help me choose the best. Andy, Brad, and Nick will as […]

Want to win $25 in iTunes music gift certificates? I'm having a little contest. The rules are very simple: rewrite one page on Freshly Squeezed Software's site. The Rock Star page is pretty darn bland - pictures of a keyboard and a television? It doesn't pop. It's got no sizzle. The MailDrop and FTPeel pages […]

Rock Star 1.1

Freshly Squeezed Software is pleased to announce that Rock Star 1.1 is now available. Slow down or turn off disappearance of choices. Adjust the length of party games. Automatically pauses iTunes when launched. Reworked high scores screen. Fixed a few bugs and whatnot. We're continuing our special $9 pricing to celebrate the fact that we're […]


Those of you who want a little LCD to display your current iTunes song may want to check out what fellow FSS member Andy Monitzer has done. Andy's IOWarrior does just that. The page describes how to display your current iTunes song and EyeTV channel on an external LCD display by using a universal USB-controller. […]

QotD: iTunes Wishes

Question: What feature do you wish iTunes had most? My Answer: A wish list in the store. I want to see what music my friends want and buy them. I want my friends to see what's on my wishlist and return the favor. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself […]

iTunes 4.5

iTunes 4.5 has been released, and the world rejoiced. "Hey, it's not even a Tuesday!" the throngs were heard to shout. The throngs can shove it, and the rumor sites can shove it too, given their near-complete lack of foresight on this one! Let's take a jaunt through the new features, shall we? Zeroth off, […]

QotD: Eliza

Question: If you could have an Eliza application in your chat app, would you use it? My Answer: I've done it and used it. In fact, I should get in touch with the Adium folks again and add this back in as a plugin… It's freakin' hilarious. You are encouraged to answer the Question of […]

Open Source Mentalities

Says one open source guy: The reason Open source is better, and walks the moral high ground is because we don't demand money for our work just that if you make our product better, you push it back out so that everyone benefits. We help each other, not fight each other. We know that you […]

QotD: Water

Question: How far do you live from an appreciable source of water? What's the ideal distance? My Answer: Like most apartment complexes in Florida, mine has a pond. If that doesn't count, a slightly bigger "lake"* is 1/4 mile away, and the Atlantic Frickin' Ocean is about three. I'd love to live right on the […]