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Archive for October, 2004

QotD: Gas or Electric

Question: For your cooking (oven/stove) needs, gas or electric? My Answer: Always electric. Gas is soooooo slow. Yes, I realize that (supposedly) it leads to a more even cook, but the speed just doesn't cut it for me. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on […]

QotD: iMac Colors

Question: What is your favorite color iMac G5? My Answer: I like the one called "Carbon." It'd be awfully damn nice if they had actual photos and not lame renders, though. And yes, I'm posting this a day ahead of time - I'll be packing and hopefully driving to PA tomorrow (and the next day). […]

PulpFiction 1.1.1

Well, PulpFiction 1.1 had a pretty nasty bug in it. It'd crash on startup if an article did not have a title. We were releasing an auto-released object. Silly us. The fix - version 1.1.1 - is available now at Sorry 'bout that, folks. We goofed. P.S. Please note that by downloading directly, you […]

QotD: Stock Price

Question: Where will Apple's stock price be on January 1, 2005? I'll give whomever is closest (your vote must be in by the end of the day in my time zone on October 15, 2004) two free licenses to the FSS software of their choosing. Vote once only or be disqualified. My Answer: $32.23. It's […]

Special Apple Shoes

These still don't have any bids. These are the same shoes mentioned in this article and have never been worn. They sell for $150 - you can get this pair for $100.

PulpFiction 1.1

PulpFiction 1.1 is now available. This version includes a number of updates, including something mentioned previously here on NSLog();, the subscription view. It's tucked nicely into the folder view, giving us the best of both worlds. The complete change log is hidden "behind the fold." Click to read more. PulpFiction 1.1 is a free upgrade. […]

QotD: One Question Each

Question: If you were a special guest star during the Presidential debates, and had but one question to ask each candidate, what would you ask them? My Answer: I can't think of anything to ask Bush, so I'd waste my question on him to amuse myself. Nearly everything has been asked of Kerry except for […]

QotD: Text Editor

Question: What is your preferred text editor's favorite feature? My Answer: I use BBEdit, and I think I like that I'm used to it the most. "Vast numbers of preferences" isn't one feature, or I'd consider saying that. I'm used to it. It's entrenched. I "get" it, and I can get around it very, very, […]


So, we all know what Allan has been working on lately: TextMate is available for $39 for a limited time before it rises to $49. The icon is rather hideous, and the product is introduced with this sentence: It's time to turn envy into pride and end your desire for Windows- and UNIX-based editors once […]

What is Syndication?

I posted an article on The Sand Trap introducing that site's Atom and RSS feeds, and wanting to explain what in the heck "syndication" was to the unwashed masses, attempted to find a web page that did just that. The best Scott and I could find is perhaps this page. Is there a site out […]

QotD: Moving

Question: If you had to move yourself, what percentage of your "stuff" would you keep? My Answer: ~80%. I'm going to ditch things like my CD tower, my DVD rack (it cost about $30 ten years ago), and some other stuff. My stereo works fine, but I never use it, for example. I'm throwing away […]


This is handy: defaults write DialogType crashreporter Of course, you can stipulate "none" at the end as well.

QotD: Porno

Question: For what amount of money would you star in a porno? My Answer: Five million bucks. For that much, I wouldn't have to worry about going into politics, and as a guy, society is far less likely to label me a slut or a whore. 🙂 My (future) wife and I could do a […]

Nike/Apple Sneaks

Hey, want a pretty nifty set of sneakers you won't find anywhere else? Bid on them and they could be yours.

MailDrop 2.0 will be shipping in early November. As this is FSS's first "2.0," we're going to do it right: anyone who purchases MailDrop 1.3.3 between now and the release of MailDrop 2.0 will receive MailDrop 2.0 at no additional cost. In other words, a free upgrade. MailDrop 1.3.3 costs $59. MailDrop 2.0 will cost […]