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Archive for November, 2004

How Not to Persuade People

I'd like to support these Steelers fans, but after five minutes glancing around, reading their PDF, and so on: I'm not sure what they stand for. They can't watch the Steelers on TV because the NFL is… doing something else? I don't know.

Saturn ION Recall

Saturn is recalling 2004 IONs. I wonder if they were improperly charged.

QotD: iTunes Totals

Question: What does the shorter version of your iTunes status area say when you're viewing your library? Your "Purchased Music" list? My Answer: 9839 songs, 34 days, 56.60 GB. I've purchased 573 songs, 4.1 days, 3.05 GB (about 1/3 of which were free - my total iTunes store spending has been less than $200). You […]

SystemUIServer Lockups

SystemUIServer - which controls the top-right menu items (fast user switching, date and time, etc.) keeps locking up on me. I can't even kill -9 the PID. I looked around and some things pointed towards AirPort, but removing that menu item has not resolved the issue. I don't even care that it doesn't work very […]

Golf statistics software, frankly, sucks. The best I've seen so far is actually an online piece of software. The best desktop software I've seen hasn't been updated in over two years. That all having been said, I'm curious to know whether someone would be interested in working with me on a Cocoa (thus Mac OS […]

QotD: Fink

Question: Do you use fink? My Answer: I don't even have it installed on my system. I did once - back in 10.1 or 10.2, I think - but I never ended up using it, so, I have simply failed to expend the necessary energy to get it on my 10.3 setups. You are encouraged […]

Sand Trap

The Sand Trap .com is really churning out the articles, baby! Woweee.

MailDrop 2 Icon Winner

The MailDrop 2 Icon contest is over, and we have a winner: Makalu Media art director Mike Rohde. The toolbar icons in MailDrop 2 were done by mini-Buzz (aka Bobby). MailDrop 2 will be available just as soon as we get it done, which will hopefully be just before December rolls around. That way everyone […]

Ordered Lists Backwards

You know what would be nice? Something like this: <ol start="backwards"> It sure would be nice for numbering things like top-10 lists backwards (10, 9, 8, 7…).

QotD: Mouse

Question: How many buttons does your mouse have? Don't count the scroll wheel as more than one button, and don't count "chording." My Answer: Eight. The Logitech MX-700. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Off the Record

I hate to pile on to the "blogasm", but Jeff has taken a stand on last night's West Wing. In it, Josh Lyman hit a Prius test-driving an SUV, and a blogger captured the story and the photo. Josh, in a huff, then called the blogger, berated them, and watched in surprise as his words, […]

Blogs vs. Forums

It is reasonable to suggest that a large chunk of blogs are just like forums with one difference: on a blog, the ability to create a new thread is limited to the authors of the blog. Why then has blogging software remained so far beyond forum software? Granted, forums and bulletin boards have existed since […]

QotD: Spamments

Question: I'm going to call comment spam "spamments" now. This new word securely embedded in your vocabulary, today's question is: how many spamments has your blog blocked? If you don't have a blog, how often do you see spamments on blogs? My Answer: Here are MT-Blacklist's stats, which go back to about… uhhh… Let's say […]

Country Club Ways and Days

Well, having negotiated things properly, I am now a member of Lake View Country Club. I'm a yuppie elitist now. I'm one of the "upwardly mobile" youth. I'm country club snob. Okay, I'm the same guy I was three days ago, but now I get to play golf at a great course just about any […]

Beer Girl

I'm impressed with the number of things that have worked on the beer girl so far. A partial list: fight dance kiss eat banana give me a hummer exercise lick lie down show tattoo strip shower jump laugh bend over play with your hair squeeze rip read And finally… get me a beer P.S. Scott […]