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Archive for December, 2005

QotD: Intel Inside Promoted

Question: Will Apple have "Intel Inside" stickers or otherwise promote the Intel chips inside the computers? My Answer: I don't think so. Apple promoted "G5" because it sounds cool and it distinguished the tower. They don't promote the fact that it's an IBM (or a Motorola on the G4) chip inside. Apple has almost never […]

John Spencer Dead

West Wing actor John Spencer died of a heart attack. I've never been one to say something at times like this - any comment seems pithy when a life is lost - but I will miss seeing him on The West Wing and it will be interesting to see how the staff handles this adversity.

Seriously, builders suck. Contractors, builders… whatever they're called. The guy who built the house I live in has a phone that doesn't even have an answering machine anymore. It just rings and rings and rings. He promised a quote/bid last week, and when I talked to him last week, he said this week. It's Friday. […]

QotD: Apprentice

Question: Imagine you'd just beat a very, very competitive player named Rebecca on The Apprentice and won the job. Then Donald asks you "should I also hire Rebecca?" What would your answer be? My Answer: If I had 30 seconds to talk, I might have said "I'd love to have Rebecca as one of my […]

Ollieman has ported some of his NetNewsWire themes over to PulpFiction (and another reader called Vienna). They look great, and I've begun using the "Citizen Kubrick Mini" theme as my main theme since he notified me that he'd ported the themes earlier this evening. Ollie, however, takes a little shot at PulpFiction in his post, […]

If Kansas City and the Steelers both win out, Kansas City holds the tiebreaker and would get the #6 spot. The first five will go to Indy, Denver, Cincinnati, New England, and Jacksonville, probably in that order. More here.

First Bid Received

Last night, Carey and I received the first bid on the pool room (layout). I'm going to briefly discuss it here so I can document my thoughts. I've haven't adjusted the bid price as I don't imagine any of the other contractors who have yet to put in their bids will see this entry. I […]

Revised Pool Room Layout

I've created in OmniGraffle a mockup of the pool room. I've rounded things to the nearest foot, but otherwise the diagram should be reasonably accurate. I used OmniGraffle's gridding system and doubled the number of feet and divided by the grid size (8) to get a scale of 1 foot = 2/8 inch or 1 […]

QotD: Hourly Compensation

Question: How much do you charge per hour for whatever it is you charge for? My Answer: I have a lot of readers who, at one time or another, have done freelance work. My base rate is about $150/hour, but I'm particularly careful to do an hour's worth of work in that time frame, even […]

Buy Two Get One Free iTunes

Hey look, you can buy $20 and get 10 free iTunes (or buy $50 and get 25 free). It's not quite "buy two get one free" but it works out to that for $20 and $50 purchases. And you can always send a gift certificate to yourself (I sent one to Carey - we buy […]

Kong! Kong!

Gee, someone really liked King Kong.

Seeking Flash Developer

If you're a Flash developer, I have a few questions and perhaps a small proposition for you. Please IM me.

Defragging a Mac Drive

A friend of mine has 220 GB of data (music) on a 250 GB disk. He'd like to defragment the disk but isn't sure what options are available and doesn't have the space to do a "drag, erase, copy back" defragmentation. I also seem to recall Mac OS X 10.4 automatically defragmenting files under 20 […]

QotD: Guessing Presents

Question: I've let Carey guess at what I bought her for Christmas for a week or two now. She's not gotten close yet. Do you let others guess? What do you do if they get it right? My Answer: I only let Carey guess because I don't think she'll ever get it. If she does, […]

billiards drills .com

I've registered a new domain name: My goal is to gather some billiards drills, tips, tricks, etc. and post them online for all to see. I envision something similar to The Sand Trap, but with less opinion and news. The goal is mainly so that I have a place to gather a bunch of […]