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Archive for December, 2005

QotD: Domain Names

Question: What's the last domain you've registered? My Answer:, and I'm still working on getting it ready. Sometime in early January it should be good to go. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Pool Room Flip and Decorations

Turns out these drawings may be for naught: the room may only be about 18' to 19' wide. 18' leaves literally no room for a stroke on a cue ball against the head or foot rail and 19' leaves only six inches (100" playing surface, 58" standard cue). That re-revised image is after the jump. […]

Buying a Furnace and A/C

Carey and I are likely buying a new air conditioner and furnace in the next, oh, week or so. We've been working with a Trane guy (Schneider) here in Erie, PA and we have an offer on a Trane XR-12 A/C unit (3.5 ton, 12 SEER, 4TTR2042A10000A) and a Trane XR-90 two-stage furnace (TUX100C948), installed, […]

QotD: Billionaire’s Money

Question: From Scott Adams: Suppose you found a thousand dollars in cash that you knew had been lost by a billionaire. Now, because this is a hypothetical question, let’s assume that the billionaire would never be aware that he lost it, and there would be no way that anyone else would know if you kept […]

My Stitches

I didn't want to scare anyone, so the picture is after the jump. It's a picture of the small stitch job done on my arm from my "plastic surgery" (i.e. mole removal) yesterday. The mole was around ¼" in size, yet the stitch job measures about an inch. I'm surprised how much they took out, […]

Shining Apple

I was watching a DVD and doing some work on my computer when a small beam of light shone through one of the holes on my office window's venetian blind. The beam of light happened to be centered on the Apple logo at the bottom of my 23" Cinema Display. I took this picture pretty […]

Photoshop’s Pattern Maker Sucks

I scanned in a few pieces of felt (on a sample card - you get to choose the color) and wanted to make the felt a background image on a website. It may have been too tacky to use in the end, but I was looking mostly to get an image that resembled just a […]

Deal or No Deal Algorithm

Carey and I watched the first episode of "Deal or No Deal" last night. We watched a dumb woman pass up $171,000 for a 1-in-3 (2-in-6) chance of winning either $300k or $500k. The other four choices were $50k, $7500, $500, and $100 or something like that. The lady, who had never owned a house, […]

Erik Gets Plastic Surgery

Years of living in southern Florida have apparently affected the way I see the world, for today I visited a plastic surgeon and had a procedure done. That I was home about than 30 minutes after my scheduled appointment time will probably clue you in to the fact that it was not major surgery. No, […]

QotD: Disabled Menu Items

Question: I read today a case for allowing users to choose disabled menu items. Instead of the action occurring (say, "Paste" or "Screw Up Document"), a dialog would explain to you why the menu item was disabled in case you were really trying to get to it. For example, if you try to rotate a […]

New Construction by the Millcreek Mall

Does anyone in Erie even know what restaurants and stores are being built just south (and a little west) of the Millcreek Mall? Carey is hoping for a Cheddar's. I'd be happy with a real burger place (fast food and Overpriced & Erma's doesn't cut it). One building is already stick framed and nearly sided. […]

Upload Files with PHP

Just about every PHP developer I know has written code that will allow users to upload files. I wrote one a long time ago for (I'd link to it if I hadn't stopped working on the site a few years ago). I typically begin any new "upload" code by looking around the Web for […]

QotD: Death of Mac IE

Question: The fact that official support for IE 5 on the Mac will end on December 31 has been talked about ad nauseum in the Mac blogosphere so far today. My question is simply this: do you care? My Answer: Hell no. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in […]

Randy Cross is a Moron

The Steelers were 2-for-2 (1 TD, 1 FG) in the red zone, and prior to that, had converted 7 of 8 red zone trips to touchdowns. On the season, they're 57 of 58 (now 58 of 59) in converting trips to the red zone to scoring. What will it take for Randy "14 IQ Points" […]

QotD: Jammed Cell Phones

Question: If you could jam cell phones in any locations you choose, where would you jam them? My Answer: Movie theaters. If I attended meetings, classes, or similar things I'd want them blocked there, too. Also, it'd be nice to selectively jam one person's cell phone so that they either quit in the middle of […]