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Archive for May, 2006


It wouldn't be The Memorial without rain. But today, I'm driving to Detroit. Hopefully I'll escape the rain. Much coverage of The Memorial was done at The Sand Trap.

I wonder if this company knew of my former company. Hmmmm… Incidentally, I hope to have some news to report here about PulpFiction. Suffice to say, someone who actually develops software instead of buying it and doing nothing with it for over a year may be interested in getting it back from the current owner…

The Memorial, Year Two

I've been given a press pass to cover The Memorial. Last year I attended as a spectator. This year I'll have a work station, a three-meals-a-day buffet, and inside-the-ropes access. I look forward to hanging out in the interview room, getting on the course, and taking lots of pictures as I did last year. Tiger […]

.Mac Incremental Backups

I back up my personal settings (Address Book, iCal, Keychain, Safari Settings, and Stickies) nightly to .Mac. The full backup is 2.1 MB. That's fine. But I have 230+ other incremental backup files on my iDisk, and they are each about 1 MB. Needless to say, I'm wasting a lot of space. How can I […]


I'm editing a book for O'Reilly right now on CSS. As a technical editor on CSS Cookbook, I'm sure you can imagine what I'm doing now… It's amazing how many useful things I've simply forgotten to do. The re-discovery of the <fieldset> tag, wow! And simple things like access keys that I should be including […]

Happy Anniversary

Last year, I had a QotD as my only post on the day of my wedding. I didn't get around to writing about getting married until four days later. Well, it's now a year later and I'm still married. Whew! 😉

Websites as Graphs

This image (below) shows how NSLog(); looks as a graph wherein different page elements are assigned colors and the nesting determines the graph. It's explained more thoroughly here, and you can create your own graph at this page. NSLog();

I've written about TypeIt4Me and Textpander before, primarily here and here. Now the newly renamed "TextExpander" is out with version 1.3 and the fine folks at "Smile on my Mac" have created a little chart showing how much better their product is than TypeIt4Me. The problem is, the things for which they get a check […]

Nike Jogging iPod Thingy

I think the Nike iPod Jogging thingy is awesome. $29.99 or whatever it is? Great price. Too bad running is so bad for your joints… how long until I can get one that goes in my golf shoes and tells me how far I walked in a day and provide me with some tunes when […]


I've just signed up at cork'd because I'd like to, some day, learn something about wines and begin enjoying them. I did grow up in North East, PA, which competes with just about anywhere in the world for being the largest wine producer per capita. Or something like that… Anyway, if someone out there actually […]

Question: What features would you like to see in Mac OS X 10.5? My Answer: I'd like to see Boot Camp turned into a pure virtual environment that doesn't require logging in and out. Basically, what Virtual PC had - Windows in a window. Outside of that, I don't have many requests. Mac OS X […]

Protected: Eating (Or Not)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Scott talks about a possible (or not) Photoshop replacement from Apple. I would love one. Most of my work in Photoshop centers around: Cropping Resizing Adjusting hue, saturation, balance, and the like Adding simple gradients (to blur to white the edges of an image) Adding circles, arrows, lines, etc. And for this I have to […]

I did something nice for someone today, and he offered to pay me. It wasn't that big a deal - I had to spend 30 minutes looking for something, that's all - so I said that if he still wanted to give me something, he could give me an iTunes gift certificate. Unfortunately, I didn't […]

NetFlix Freak

NetFlix Freak screwed up today. How? Have a look. Kinda silly, really. I clicked on "Munich" and a description for another movie came up. Incidentally, I like NetFlix Freak, and I think I've mentioned that here before. I need to get a copy to my mom… she's going to sign up for NetFlix soon, I […]