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Archive for May, 2006

You can read about them here. Basically, in edit mode with the retouch or redeye tools selected, hit ctrl-capslock-9 and then hit tab to cycle through three hidden, "advanced" tools. With some key presses, you can change some characteristics of the tools.

List of Lists

This site has some funny lists.

My Only MacBook Comment

$200? For 20 GB more space and a black shell? Bah.

I watched the final episode of The West Wing this morning. Though I've never actually been in this position, watching it was akin to the subtle but permanent denouement to a great relationship both parties see coming. It's nobody's fault… it's just the way things go. The feeling was mirrored in the ways in which […]

He's simply got to go. Sell the team to Mark Cuban. Sell it to someone. At this point, I almost don't care that Pittsburgh has a baseball team because, in effect, they don't.

If you're interested in beta testing some Mac golf statistics software, head on over to the forums at Cynical Peak and sign up. Obviously, requirements include being a golfer and having a machine running Mac OS X 10.4. I can tell you a bit more as well, including: The name of the application is "Scorecard." […]

Question: If you were czar of the Mac OS for a day and you were tasked with the question of how the Finder should handle same-named folders when one is dragged to the location of the other, how would you handle it: the current "replace" method or the "merge" method? My Answer: I like the […]

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated has apparently gone down the tubes lately. People on forums are calling it a "tabloid" and a "rag." The reason I've checked? Hines Ward - February's Super Bowl MVP - was quoted several times in a story about his trip to Korea as being very rude, arrogant, and egotistical. One of those quotes, […]

Whispering Woods

They're building a golf course (or, rather, a housing development with a golf course meandering through it) in a community about three miles from where I live. It's called "Whispering Woods" and it's being done by the same fellow who designed the Upper Course at Peek 'n' Peak. This course has been, apparently, a while […]

Another QuickTime update (to 7.1), and still iTunes absolutely sucks donkey balls at playing videos. Ho hum. 😛

Legal to Copy

I don't think enough people know this, so I'm pointing it out: it's perfectly legal to let your friend borrow a CD so that they can make a copy of it (or to give them a copy yourself), so long as you don't sell the music (that'd be "financial gain"). As clarified here: Under the […]

I just got an email from NetFlix. Seems the settlement in their class action lawsuit has been modified to be a little more user friendly. Basically, former customers got one free month and current customers got an upgraded service plan for one month. What's changed is that, before the revision, customers would automatically be kept […]

Nintendo Wiimote

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty excited about the Nintendo Wii. Dumb name, promising concept. Not only does the "remote" (or "Wiimote" as some have taken to calling it) feature mottion sensing in several directions (including tilt, etc.) but it features a rumbler and a speaker. That sounds like fun! […]

Volvo S80

I have a loaner car - a Volvo S80. I'm not much of a car person, but this one seems pretty slick (as it should for about $40k). Or maybe it's just that it's a car and I haven't driven one in awhile… When I push the gas down hard, acceleration! You don't get that […]


Why can't my barber (Mike Greene of "Tom Greene" on 38th Street here in Erie) cut my hair short enough on top? I tell him "one inch" and it's 1½ inches. I want short hair, dangit! It'll grow back if you make a mistake on the short side, but a mistake on the long side […]