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Archive for June, 2008

Frankly, I'm not sure what you call it, but I'm talking about the fly, the flap, the opening, the hole, the "split," or whatever that's found on the front of men's underwear. The purpose is to allow you to pull out your junk to take a leak without having to push your underwear down, but […]

"rediculous" is not a word. Not in the English language, anyway. What I wouldn't give to have every browser put red dotted lines under mis-spelled words like Safari does, along with people who care enough to pay attention to them.

DirecTV Out Due to Rain

Right now, I'm not getting a DirecTV signal, or at least not one strong enough to show more than the occasional blip of a picture. I'm writing this because, despite living in Florida (heavy thunderstorms) and Erie, PA (oftentimes some pretty thick cloud cover, snow, and some bigger thunderstorms), I've lost signal due to weather […]

On July 11, I'm going to contemplate picking up a 3G iPhone (or more likely, when they are available at Apple's online store). It will depend on whether the wife wants the "old" iPhone I have now or not. If she does not, I have no problem keeping it: we don't have 3G in the […]

Safari 4 Developer Preview

/me installs. And I think that's about all I can say about that. Update: Can I say it's nice? And fast? And 1Password is already updated to work with it?

iPhone 3G Don’t Wannas

I don't wanna activate in a store. I don't wanna pay more for 3G if I live in an area without 3G. I don't wanna pay extra for text messages. I mean, c'mon.

Cold Stone Creamery

I'm sorry, but $4 for two small scoops of ice cream and a tiny bit of "mixed-in" candy is a rip-off. FAIL.

U.S. Open in Prime Time

Are you planning to watch the U.S. Open? It's in "prime time" this weekend, though the most exciting golf might be played Thursday and Friday when Tiger Woods plays with Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott.

WWDC Tomorrow

WWDC 2008 starts tomorrow with The Steve's keynote. What will Mac users far and wide be spending their money on this year? I don't have any predictions. I've gotten out of the game. I simply wait to see what's come out and make my decisions then. I won't even be watching the keynote or following […]

Yard Work Done!

Our yard work is done. The boxwoods are in place, the grass is growing, the mulch is thrown down. Here's to using it (in about three weeks or a month). Woo!

The Heat is On

They say it's not the heat, but the humidity that gets you. Could we have less of both, please? It's going to be around 90° for the next few days in Erie. I mowed the lawn, an activity that lasts all of 20 minutes, and was drenched in sweat. Ick.

The Stanley Cup finals are over and the Penguins came up on the short end. They simply couldn't score enough goals or defeat the "I thought that type of hockey was made illegal after the lockout" obstruction thrown up by the wrinkly, grey-haired Detroit Red Wings. Hossa wants to stay, and a lot of other […]

Summertime TV

I watch a bit less television than the average American over the fall/winter/spring months. Very little of it is reality (except Amazing Race) television - I tend to go for shows like How I Met Your Mother (comedy) or the occasional drama (House). The wife's usually asleep by 9pm anyway, so I read and watch […]

My Plan for Erie Golf Course

Erie Golf Course has now sat idle, being mowed once a week or so by one city employee to keep it a grassy area, for about a year. If I were Millcreek and I were given Erie Golf Course, I would turn the course into a nine hole course, build a range, a short-game area, […]

iTunes vs. Amazon

The lack of iTunes+ songs in addition to Amazon's somewhat more flexible pricing (sometimes cheaper, almost never more expensive) hurts. Unfortunately, so too does the buying experience. I recently checked out a few songs from American Top 40 ((Yeah yeah, I don't have time to listen to the radio and just want a few […]