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Archive for July, 2008

The Wire

Any other fans of The Wire out there? I kind of "got through" the first season, and wasn't even sure I'd like it, but now I've gone through the second and have started in on the third and it's grown on me.


My friend Josh has created an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch: Flipbook. True to the name, Flipbook allows you to create your very own flipbooks on your iP*, play them back, and share them online. You can view a random flipbook, for example. $9.99 in the iTunes App Store.

Dog Vomit Slime Mold

Yesterday while mowing the lawn, I noticed a powdery looking "fungus" type grown on some of the mulch in my back yard. The "fungus" was bright yellow but, at the time, only dusted the ground, as if someone had spilled some of that granular popcorn butter. I looked at it, but didn't think much of […]

Achieving Flickr Success

My quick thoughts on Thomas Hawk's list: 1. Take great pictures. Duh. Though for awhile, this could have read "Take HDR pictures." 2. The order that you post matters. Good point. 3. Consider places outside of Flickr. Okay, but that's more about achieving overall success, isn't it? Success begets success though. 4. Configure Flickr settings […]

When Mini Golf Sucks

Feel free to complete this sentence in the comments: Mini golf sucks when ____________. Some possible answers of mine: Someone takes it way too seriously ((And coming from a guy who usually brings his own putter, that's saying something.)). The supplied putters are absolutely terrible. The holes are raised up, rejecting anything that isn't dead […]

Golf Weekend

Next weekend, 90 holes of golf in 2½ days. Hopefully the weather holds up. Current schedule is as follows: Thursday, July 31 - 8:00pm - Buddy arrives Friday, August 1 - 6:00am - Leave home, get food on way - 8:10am - Kennsington - 3:12pm - Lake View Saturday, August 2 - 8:30am - Fowler's […]


Crocs cost $30? I just picked up two pair - fortunately with a good coupon at Dick's - and was amazed that they normally sell for $29.99. I've heard only good things though, so we'll see. Black XL and a small pair of blue ones, kid's choice. 🙂 {democracy:41}

iDisk Acting Funky

I keep my Scorecard database and license on my iDisk. I then alias the "Scorecard" folder to Application Support. I also export my rounds (HTML) to the "Web" folder on my iDisk so that they are automatically synchronized to my Mobile Me account (see them here). This setup worked beautifully in the .Mac days. Back […]

WordPress iPhone App

Just a quick test of the iPhone WordPress app. Not too bad, but I still don't see myself blogging on the go very much. The app also froze up on me for a long time when I tried to correct a typo ("ok the go" instead of "on the go") the second time. I'm on […]

Wonder what that looks like? Oh, about like this: Lake View Country Club, as seen from the clubhouse balcony by four stitched together iPhone photos.

My copy of Windows XP runs on an 8 GB disk. At one point, I'd increased the size of the disk to 10 GB, but I've just now discovered that the 2 GB are unavailable and are in another partition. I'd like to add this space on to the main (C) disk, and this article […]

Tip Calculators

Tip calculators are now available for the iPhone. Seriously, is rounding, doubling, and moving the decimal one place that difficult that people would rather pull out a phone, click a button, slide their finger, scroll to the right page, tap an icon, type some more to enter the bill's total, and read a result from […]

Greg Norman, 53

Greg Norman, at the age of 53, nearly won the British Open. I kept a live blog for The Sand Trap, but wow. Is this what a Tiger-less world looks like? 53-year-olds nearly winning major championships?

Michelle Wie, DQ

That Michelle Wie simply cannot catch a break. She's on her way towards her first LPGA Tour victory when it's discovered that she didn't sign her scorecard yesterday. Rules are rules, and Michelle was disqualified. Guess I'll cancel the DVR recording I had set up for tomorrow.

QotD: An Experiment

Question: What psychology experiment would you love to carry out if neither ethics nor practical reality stood in your way? My Answer: I don't know off hand, but I'm going to think about it. I have one in mind that doesn't quite fit the question, and the ones I'm thinking of that would fit the […]