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Archive for July, 2008

Albert the Fish

For about a year now, we've had a small albino catfish in our fish tank, and for a year now he's acted as if he's been near death. He'll lie upside down on the bottom of the tank for hours. Or he'll lie pointing straight down. Or on his side. At times he'll go crazy […]

Carey was away on a short vacation recently to Ohio, and I stayed up late one evening to watch three movies I rented from Blockbuster (hey, I had a coupon). They were The Other Boleyn Girl (2008), Vantage Point (2007), and Definitely, Maybe (2008). All were surprisingly good. Rotten Tomatoes gives them 41%, 36%, and […]

Safari 4 Beta Slowdowns

I have to quit Safari 4 preview at least once a day, and often several times, because occasionally the app will just bog down, even with only a few tabs open in one window. Commands - clicks, hitting "cmd-T" or "cmd-N," etc. - take a second or two, and even things like scrolling and switching […]

1.0 TB Drives

I'm looking to get a few (perhaps four) 1.0 TB drives for my Mac Pro (ouch). Does anyone have any suggestions on which kind to get and where to get them? Also, any suggestions on what to do with four 500 GB SATA hard disks? The Drobo takes SATA drives, right?

Drafts Folder Progess

11:19:56: My Drafts folder has 34 saved messages. 12:20:50: 15 messages await. Three were deleted, two or three new ones created (and sent), and the others sent. 12:53:54: 1 message left, and it's a message I can't send for a few days anyway (more of a reminder). So, woo, only about 90 minutes. 🙂

MobileMe Problems and HomePages

My iDisk was updated (see previous post), but Apple still seems to be having trouble with .Mac and MobileMe. One My ".Mac Homepage," which I currently use just to store my scores, still exists at Replacing "mac" with "me" in the URL doesn't work, so are these sites going to continue to exist at […]

New MobileMe iDisk

I wish it was blue. Oh well. P.S. I had to reboot my Mac to get this. Logging out likely would have worked too but I wanted to fix a USB issue1 that a log-out wouldn't solve, so I rebooted. Update: My Mac Pro control panel lists only a 10 GB iDisk, but the MobileMe […]

Roomba For my Lawn

This is the first year I've really fertilized my lawn, and man am I paying for it! I've already mowed more this year than all of last year. I'm firing up the lawn mower once every 2-3 days. Ouch. I want a Roomba for my lawn. Slap an anti-theft thing on it, modify an invisible […]

.Mac is Now MobileMe

And the service is currently down. But I've got the software update, which didn't require a restart thankfully, and my System Prefs show the new icon and wording. Ho hum. Oh, and still works, but does not. Maybe later?

How much do you predict you'll spend in the iPhone/iPod Touch App Store within the first 30 days? $0 $1-$10 $10-$25 $25-$50 $50-$100 $100+ View Results

As promised, Scorecard 1.4 is now available for download, demo, and update from the Cynical Peak website. This version is a fairly significant update in terms of new features and statistics and nagging bugs: Added a "Putt Accuracy by Distance" table to the statistics. Added a "Total Distance of Putts Made" statistic to the Putting […]

Got a Bigger, Badder UPS

I have an APC Back-UPS ES 500R that, for darn near a year now1, has not really behaved very well. I've always had the computer (Mac Pro) and my 23" Cinema plugged into the battery powered side, and a single other item (my mouse docking station/charger) plugged into the surge-protection side. The rest of my […]

Full Feeds

I read an article that says more people visit your site when you post full feeds, so I'm giving that a try.

I'd have made this a poll, but I don't know what all of the options are, so I'll simply put the question here and let you post in the comments: What things have you done to lessen your negative impact on the environment? Switched to CFLs? Bought a hybrid? Drive less? Turn off lights and […]

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Birthday, U.S. of A. We went to the beach, to Sara's, the parade, and a few other little things. Fun day.