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Archive for June, 2009

7.5 Inches of Rain

We got about 7.5 inches of overnight. The power was out most of the day (from 3am until about 5:30pm). Things are SOAKED. I'm not sure I've ever seen so much rain in one day. It's like half of Lake Erie decided to make a quick round trip to the sky and then back to […]

Scorecard 2.0 for the iPhone is finally available. The approval process for iPhone apps seems to have been delayed - badly - due to WWDC, so we're glad it's finally approved. After all, we shipped the desktop app some time ago. Don't believe the reviews, either (currently 2 of 5 stars). The app works beautifully, […]

iPhone AppleCare

I'm thinking of submitting my iPhone 3G for AppleCare work. The back case is cracked, and there are three little dots on the screen which almost look like little holes on the inside of the glass. The cracking is the big thing: it's cracked near the bottom port and twice near the ringer switch. Anyone […]

Stopping the MacBook Half-Dim

My MacBook Pro has an annoying habit of "half dimming" even though I've turned off the screen saver and most everything else appropriate. Fortunately, others have managed to solve the problem. pmset -g lists the "halfdim" parameter's value, often 1. To set it to 0, use sudo pmset -a halfdim 0. The "a" specifies all […]

Remembering Jokes

Recently, my favorite joke has been a rather simple one. Apologies in advance if you're religious or offended by jokes about stereotypes. A priest and a rabbi walk into a church. They see an altar boy lighting some candles. The priest says "Boy, I'd like to screw that boy." The rabbi asks "Out of what?" […]

And you know what I'd like? A real set of tools. I have a good enough drill. I have a Dremel. I have some other things (like a fairly good level). But most of the rest of my tools are scattered brands and types. I have one set of needlenose pliers (somewhere). I have one […]

Sidebar Widgets

Sidebar widgets are finally somewhat useful in WordPress 2.8, so I'm thinking of converting my sidebar into, errr, widgetizing my sidebar. Currently the sidebar's a "sidebar.php" file which includes about 20 <? include(''); ?>. I comment the ones out that I don't want, and the rest show up. It's pretty simple, but it's kind of […]

Ovechkin Wins the Hart

I'm a bit late in commenting on it, and I'm not sure how I feel. Something like twice - including 2009 - in the past 20 years the leading scorer in the NHL (Malkin this year) didn't win the Hart trophy. But without Ovechkin, the Washington Capitals are still a joke of a team that […]

How Many iPhone Apps?

How many iPhone apps do you have in iTunes? How many screens on your iPhone (or iPod Touch)? I've got 58 applications, some of which are NOT on my iPhone because I don't like them (but haven't gotten around to deleting them from iTunes). My iPhone has four screens ((The third page has one hole, […]

Learning to Ride a Bike

Carey read about a program in New York City that teaches kids to ride a bike. The method is called the "Balance First Method." You start by taking the pedals off the child's bike. They push with two feet - ideally at the same time - and effectively learn to "balance first" during the coasting […] I know he's planning to get back into the swing of things, but I'm just hoping this teeny tiny little mention may help encourage that. I enjoy both.

The Problem with Futbol

I used to love soccer. Played it for a long, long time when I was a kid - from age 4 or so right on through into high school. There's a tournament going on, and I could only manage to watch a few minutes before turning it off. Though I still think soccer requires as […]

Free Web Hosting

Does anyone know of a good free web host? I'd like to recommend one to a few people but the last time I had to look for a free web host was… never. So, any good ((Good == minimal or no advertising, FTP access. No need for PHP, ASP, MySQL, etc. - plain old HTML […]

Baldwin: This society is very wired together, and it's the most neurotic a society has ever been. Twitter, all this stuff, I don't view as anything good. Everyone is so hyperaware of what everybody else is doing. Everybody has been convinced their opinion should count. We all need to be spouting opinions. I'm now giving […]

Snow Leopard Features

Which of the, I don't know, hundred or so Snow Leopard Enhancements and Refinements are you most looking forward to? My short list includes a few things in the Finder (couldn't really care less that it's written in Cocoa at this point, but that may change and is a role in some of the other […]