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Perly Gates

My first ever entry was called I Hate Perl. I don't really hate Perl, but man, sometimes I'm just not a big fan. The CLI is fun and fine and all, but today I installed Perl 5.8.0 to try to get Time::HiRes (it worked of course, MTTimer needed it). Of course, then I got to […]

UT 2003

Unreal Tournament, when introduced a number of years ago, was one of my favorite games of the time. It still is, even though I've played a lot of Quake 3 lately. Fortunately for Mac users, Unreal Tournament was just released in demo/beta form. Only fourteen years (okay, I exaggerate) after the Windows and Linux versions! […]

Lame Unix Tips

Want some lame Unix tips? Sign up for this list. Today's tip? COMMENTING OUR DIRECTORY Here is one way to comment your directory. $ cd theDirectory $ touch "zzz*** THIS IS THE DIRECTORY COMMENT! ***zzz" Whenever you type ls, you'll see your comment at the bottom. That's why you type "zzz ...". The asterisk is […]


The topic of "convergence" recently came up on a mailing list I used to read. Convergence in this sense is more than "your computer as the center of everything," but instead "your computer is is everything." The conversation came about a result of Microsoft's continued "push" into this area. The area in which your computer […]

I tried to install Gimp today. I installed Apple's X11 (beta 3), I downloaded GIMP. Then I downloaded gtk. Then I downloaded pango. Then I downloaded glib. Then I tried to ./configure everything. Then I downloaded some pkg-manager or something. I tried to ./configure and ./make it. Twenty minutes later I gave up. This wouldn't […]

Bored for 5 Minutes?

Whenever I'm bored for five minutes I pop in on #macdev. PfhorSlayer1 has uncompressed Halo's .map data. mikeash: o no! mikeash flees in abject horror PfhorSlayer1 is professor chaos! PfhorSlaye: B-bow before Professor Chaos! Mwhah! mikeash: Professor Chaos, what a lame name mikeash: even lamer than Dr. Evil iacas: why was it compressed? mikeash: because […]


I've tried to resist the urge to comment on how funny the whole "crashes IE" thing is, but as Mark points out, the bug affects everything that uses the IE renderer. That includes email clients and whatnot. The bug? <html> <form> <input type> </form> </html> In other words, an input with a type and no […]

eMusic vs. iMusic

Someone published an article called Why eMusic Gets It as a direct comparison between eMusic and the iTunes Music Store (iMusic for the purpose of a funnier title). Point by point, let's have a look at the issues raised.

iTunes Music Store

The Apple iTunes Music Store is up and running at following yesterday's announcement (stream). We all knew it was coming: what we didn't know was what it would look like, the exact details of pricing, how DRM would be handled, what music would be available, and so on. I have not yet bought any […]

Unix Haters Handbook

Erik: I love how in the foreword to UHH, the guy says "If this book doesn't kill Unix, nothing will. As for me? I switched t the Mac. No more grep, no more piping, no more SED scripts." Mike: HAHAHA Mike: sucker

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shawn discusses another article about keyboard shortcuts and how they "suck" on the Mac. My own take: I love using command (Macs), I hate using control (PCs). I love that cmd-A (Mac) works everywhere. I hate that ctrl-A (PCs) works the same in very few PC apps (and even within text fields in the same […]

iChat and AIM

Tom Coates talks about iChat and some improvements he'd like to see made. First he talks about how iChat lacks groups (something I use in Adium and simply require of an AIM client), and how iChat might manage groups with different windows. He goes on to say… … then I started thinking about the other […]

As if the world needed more, the discussion following the commentary on Dave's CSS rant shows what an immature ass the guy is and always has been.

Absent Minded

I was going to link to a New York Times article, but they've gone to a paid archive system of some kind, so fuggem. >:-o The article discussed "away messages" on chat clients, largely focusing on college students. One girl was quoted as saying something like "I log on and check about sixty people's away […]


Brad, 95% author of BackLight: I'm liking all these windows users feeling left out and pining for BackLight. Darn right, man. BackLight was mentioned again on Call for Help today (I've set my TiVo to record tomorrow morning's repeat) when a Windows user called in to ask Leo if they could do what BackLight does. […]