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Survivor 6.6

I'll be a bit shorter this week, I think. Today I'm preparing my taxes. Joy. 🙁 As you'll see, this week can best be described in one word: Lame. Christy was shocked at Heidi's turning, but not upset? Lame. Roger responds to Christy's question about "why Jeanne and not me?" Dave is upset with the […]

Relationship Strain

Says Microsoft's Ho (said with a grin) Robert Scoble: Being a geek in Silicon Valley is hell on relationships. The computer has its attractions, believe me. It doesn't yell. It doesn't scream. It doesn't make me do chores. It doesn't bring up past emotional pain. On the other hand, there are a few things a […]

Survivor 6.5

Another week of Survivor, and another entry from me. I'll link to - and read - Nick's commentary later. No dreams about it last night, nobody cleaning the steps in a jungle, and no large black men. In fact, having just said that, Survivor is an entirely white game now: Daniel is gone, Religious Bitch […]

I guess this isn't what they meant by getting ahead in school… Mount Clemens attorney Robbie D. Lang has filed a lawsuit against the Lake Shore school district in hopes of getting his client, a 14-year-old eighth-grader at Kennedy Middle School, back in classes. Lang said the boy was "victimized" Feb. 6 when a female […]


I hereby nominate to be the best blog of all time. Ever. For infinity plus four. Now if only the guy would send me a login key like he says he would…

Survivor 6.4

So another week of Survivor, pushed back about 50 minutes because some odd looking chap who looks a lot like the President we had a decade ago had something to say, has concluded. Yawwwwwwwn. It's early, forgive me. What did we get? Heidi is a complete moron. An absolute moron. "The fat girls can live […]

Nick notes the breakup of Zora and Evan, and also a bit about Trista and Ryan. Says Zora: I think we were just overwhelmed by the situation. I think it was really nice being reunited; we were both genuinely happy to see each other. But there was also some editing done that gave the viewer […]

Survivor 6.3

Survivor 6.3 played last night, and that's about nearly all I have to say about it. The men once again played with their balls, errrr, their Magic 8 Ball. "Will I get to sleep with Jenna?" Yeah, I'm sure that's what I'd be worried about if I was losing 4 out of 5 challenges, not […]

Joe Millionaire Wrapup

So Joe Millionaire concluded (again) this evening. Zora and Joe Evan met up again for the first time in three months, and didn't seem too excited to see each other. They were excited, mind you, just not too excited. They're a cute couple, and Zora's an awesome gal, so I hope she stays happy. The […]

Survivor 6, Chapter 2

Like Nick, I decided to tune in to this week's Survivor to see how stupid the contestants could be. I'm writing this "live" as I watch it at 8:20 on a Friday morning. The women have been sleeping outside for four days now. They basically have a few sticks a foot off the ground for […]

Trista Picks Ryan

I'm a romantic guy at heart, so I was glad to see the slickster Charlie, as good as he seemed, chucked to the curb. I can't imagine what his dating life will be like for the next few months - women will be throwing themselves at him, and that's not a good thing if you're […]

Lameass Guys

All too often, I could lump myself into this group. Men, that article surmises, are turning into pussies. Frankly, I'm comfortable with myself, and I bond with people very quickly, but a very small percentage of people in the world. Actually, I'd consider it a normal amount; I just have stronger feelings from having learned […]

Survivor: Amazon (I don't know what number this one is&hellip six? seven?) kicked off last night. Nick has some thoughts on it here, to which I want to add. Like Nick, I was prepared to give the women a chance, and fully prepared to rag on the guys for being dumbasses. As it ended up, […]

No Bush

There's something ironic about 30 naked women spelling out "no bush." Oh, that bush. Gotcha. From a story on Yahoo. Look at a Playboy from ten years ago, and look at one now. Look at the decreasing amount of pubic hair on "today's woman" versus "the one of yesterdecade." The benefits of going hairless or […]

A Woman’s Walk

I walked over to Gabe's today to drop off my rock climbing harness so that he could do some comparison shopping. I saw a woman walking across the thought occurred to me that she was an athletic woman. I even caught myself thinking, not terribly seriously, "25% chance she's a butch." Why? Mostly because she […]