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Monument Valley

I bought the game mostly to show support against idiots going back and re-rating it with 1 star.

Turns out it's a great game and worth multiples of the money I paid for it. Particularly if you have a Family Share plan set up.

Monument Valley on the App Store on iTunes

Daylight Saving

Me, previously on this topic.

Net Neutrality from The Oatmeal

Dear Senator Ted Cruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works

Finder Windows Vanish on Reboot

Finder Windows Disappearing, Finder Windows Disappearing, How do I stop Finder-Tabs from closing after Shutdown/Restart

I've had this issue for years.

I have a Finder window with tabs showing. Sometimes it's just one tab ("Downloads"), sometimes it's two or three. Rarely is it ever more than one window.

I leave them minimized almost all the time.

When I reboot, they'll still be in the Dock. When I click them, they'll zoom out of the Dock, and then immediately vanish. They're still listed in the "Window" menu, but you cannot "get" to them at all.

In Terminal, killall Finder brings them back after the Finder re-launches.

Why can't they just work the first time? I don't know. I've tried deleting the saved state, the finder.plist, and other things along the way. Nothing seems to work.

Ten Years of the TST Forum

The Sand Trap Forum is One Decade Old Today

52 of the World’s Myths Debunked

52 Of The World's Most Widespread Myths And Misconceptions, Debunked

The image file is here:
vv3xq6cm46gejh9hxnug.png 1,276×2,792 pixels (for now, anyway).

And from, 78 Cocktails Every Bar Person Should Know.

Core Speaker

The Core wireless speaker system

Dave and I each have one of these things coming.

It supposedly sounds really good, so… Yeah. I really have almost no actual use for a speaker. Maybe I can use it as a PA system or something when I give a talk. A bluetooth microphone would be all that's needed, I think.

Wal-Mart and Apple Pay

This Verbal Confrontation Shows Why Walmart Will Never Accept Apple Pay (Video)

As Tim Cook said, people like their credit cards. They're reasonably secure, they provide a record for billing, they offer rewards and points if used responsibly, they're easy to use, etc.

CurrentC or MCX is none of those things.

Apple’s Spaceship Campus Construction Update

Unregistering iMessage

You can now Deregister and Turn Off iMessage if you switch to Android or something…

Open File Limits on Mac OS X (Yosemite)

Twice over the past three months I've awoken to find that my computer had set opened too many files. One time it essentially corrupted my Mail (I had to "restore" old accounts from Time Machine because Mail had lost track of all the accounts - the emails themselves were still there, of course), and the other time only minor things happened, but who knows if I caught them all?

Some resources:

I believe I've bumped the open file limit successfully. It seems pretty low, particularly considering:

[12:33pm iacas@Bunny:~] % ofc Safari


alias ofc       'lsof | grep \!:1 | wc -l'

That's with six Safari tabs open currently, and Safari having gone about 12 hours since last being quit and re-launched.

Safari is, by far, the worst abuser of open files.

Astronaut – a NASA FIlm

Astronaut - A journey to space from Guillaume JUIN on Vimeo.

Do yourself the favor of watching it full-screen.

PIxelmator 3.3

Pixelmator 3.3 is out.

Unfortunately, you still have no clue what your foreground and background colors are…

Grand Unification Theory of Baseball

10 Things I Believe About Baseball Without Evidence

Let me say that again: statistical analysis (that we in the public are aware of) takes the most important element of the sport, and ignores it.

It's like having Newtonian physics without relativity and quantum mechanics. There's a lot you can do with Newtonian physics, but at the extremes, it begins to break down, because it is ignoring some deeper, more fundamental truths.

If you're a team that relies on constructing its roster using such statistical analysis, what mistakes are you making by ignoring the most important part of the game?

Apple to GTAT

Apple to sapphire supplier: “Put on your big boy pants and accept the agreement”

  • A $50 million penalty for breach of confidentiality per occurrence.
  • No manufacturing processes could be modified by GTAT without Apple’s prior consent but GTAT must immediately implement Apple’s suggestions.
  • GTAT must fulfill any purchase order placed by Apple on the date selected by Apple or purchase substitute goods at GTAT’s expense.

When you are as big as Apple, you get to be a bully.