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Following this conversation, I've added a comments feed. This is not the same as adding comments to my existing feeds, of course. You can subscribe to my "comments" feed at this URL: Putting it in a separate feed prevents my articles from showing up as "new" again in certain RSS aggregators. Of course, adding […]

Comments to Readers

I said in my "Starting a Blog (with Movable Type)" article that one of the best ways to build up your readership is to simply leave comments (preferably good ones) and post TrackBacks to the blogs you read. And so it has happened again. Amy of (fabu name) has posted a few comments here […]


Unlike everyone else, my only mention of TypePad will be a passing one, and a re-affirmation that any of my friends who want blogs are more than welcome to give me a few bucks (for my Coke addiction, and Gabe, this means you, pay up! :-D) in exchange for my "expertise" (ha ha) and some […]


This may be the only entry I post today due to, well, I'll get into it later. Update: Here's a retelling of what's happened. It all began back when my Interland server/hosting account was moved from a Freedom to a VPS account. The move went fairly well, and I had my old server, with an […]

Today I was trying to find an entry today in my blog's "back end." I typed a search term in the top box, hit my keyboard's enter key, and found 0 resuls. So I typed a different search term into the search box provided in the search/replace page. Shortly thereafter the word FUCK came forth […]

Comments in Feeds

Steve, who shouldn't mind that I'm "laying the smack down" on him since he lists this as something he likes to do in this same entry, asks me to put comments in my RSS feeds. No!

Blogs for Research

Sven-S. Porst asks whether blogs are good for research and lists a few pros and cons. I used a "blog" for research quite a bit in college, except I spelled it without the "b." In other words, I had a notebook with dated entries where I wrote down paradigms, mnemonic devices, and other tricks and […]

Random Quotes

Some guy named Gabe Anderson asked me how I do the random quotes you see to the left. Quite simple, really! <? $lines = file(''); $count = count($lines); $linenumber = rand()%$count; echo $lines[$linenumber]; ?> May not be the most efficient means of doing this, but it certainly works.

Blockquotes and Q

I'm just testing some things out - apologies to those that will see this in their news aggies several time as I play around. As you'll notice two of these - the two that look like I want them to look - are not valid XHTML 1.1. Anyone know how to fix them so that […]


Just wanted to list all the smileys I have available to me. O:-) >:-o 😐 😀 :-O B-) 😛 😉 :-zzz I called this post "Smilies" because normally I use the word "smiley" and this should be the only post with "smilie" in it, thus allowing me to find it very quickly with

Creating MT Plugins

Just wanted to save the URL (feel free to visit it in the meantime): Developing MT Plugins. I haven't gotten into it myself, yet, but I'm blogging it in the hopes that I do, and soon. Y'know, when I free up one of those 25 hours I use each day. I wonder if borrowing time […]


This site now validates as XHTML 1.1. I spent a few hours working on this - had to change the nesting of some things, had to hack at my stylesheet a little (hspace, vspace, border aren't XHTML 1.1). Only one problem remains: MovableType puts target="_blank" in when someone gives a URL with their comment. This […]

Ed Chooses Frankie

In an article I titled Ed Chooses Carol, the title of which gives away the Ed season finale, Alexei took objection to my practice:

Hackers are After Me

Not really, but this is interesting: 2003.04.12 16:55:28 Search: query for 'darko' 2003.04.12 16:56:25 Invalid login attempt from user 'darko' 2003.04.12 16:56:33 Invalid login attempt from user 'darko'

Radio Sucks?

Pierre Igot writes about how Radio sucks. Those are my words. In his words, Radio has "a certain degree of unreliability." I tried Radio for, oh, about fifteen minutes once. The only way I'd have deleted the app faster was if it had been written in REALbasic.

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