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Personal vs. Private

Jamie's written in a far better manner than I could an entry discussing the self-censorship one must apply to their blogging. She also links to a New York Times article that I won't link to given their "charge for archived content" policy that I found interesting. Her article brought up in my mind a distinction […]

A week or so ago I set about writing a "duplicate TrackBack removal script" in PHP. The script would give you a list of your duplicate TrackBacks and offer to delete them. The deleting was easy - getting the list was the pain in the ass. I put in a good amount of time trying […]

Selfish TrackBacks

I'm going to call posting a TrackBack to someone's site but not actually linking to their site a "Selfish TrackBack." If it has a name somewhere already, I apologize for not knowing it. Case in point: this article at Rob He posted a TrackBack to one of my articles - effectively "making my site […]

“Edit this Page” responds to Dave Winer's request for "Edit this Page" functionality. Good idea. If I had a place to hide that on my site, I might include it. I'd havd the idea before, but when that article showd up in my news aggregator just now, I thought I'd blog it so that I've got my […]

My Personal Life

Hi, "reader." How are you? Good? Now grow up. Not all of you, but a select few really need to learn a little word that's spelled like this: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Heaven forbid you realize that some things here are fairly personal. They're not "private" because I've published them, but they are still very personal. Heaven forbid […]

An A for BlogShares

I was reading a few articles (like this one, called "Too Much Capital" from BlogShares news, and the thought occurred to me that BlogShares would been one helluva kick ass senior thesis project for a business and computer science person. They could have worked in tandem, developing the entire BlogShares feature set, and had a […]

This Blog: Entries: 779 Comments: 1932 Authors: 1 Just documenting that for myself. Nothing to see here.

CSS Validation

The CSS on my site now validates 100%. It did before but it was always throwing warnings: You have no background-color with your color Reason? From the CSS Validator FAQ: If you don't specify color and background-color at the same level of specifity, your style sheet might clash with user style sheets. To avoid this, […]


I was curious earlier today (as I rebuilt my site for the umpteenth time today) about where MovableType was spending its time. Were my RSS feeds taking five seconds? How about the archives? The main index? How long is MT spending doing each of these? Unfortunately, there's no way to know. What I'd like from […]

Here is an example of something that irks me. In its current state (it may change in the future, who knows?), the page I'm linking to quotes an article by Jon Rentzsch about Micropayments. Unfortunately, the article neither links to the Rentzsch article directly nor does it blockquote or in any other way separate the […]

New Site Design

I got bored at around 2am (eeks! It's almost six!) and decided to redo my site. I moved quite a bit around, optimized some pieces, changed my stylesheet and every page, added a new index archive (the categories list, as it wouldn't get rebuilt on older archives, is now its own file and is <?included?> […]

Personal Blogging

It's been requested of me, and I will comply immediately, that I limit my commentary on Apple-related items. It's only fair - things I say could be misconstrued or taken out of context, and in the end, may in some small way harm a company I love dearly. As such, I have no issue or […]

April 2003 Zeitgeist

Every month (since February) I post my site's referral search terms (not what people search for on my site). It's an interesting peek that illustrates "how people are finding me." Here's April's…

RSS for iTunes Music Store

You know what would be awesome? An RSS feed for the iTunes Music Store that would list new additions. You could create one for each genre: Pop, Rock, R&B, Blues, Classica, Spoken, Exclusives, etc. I'd subscribe to a number of the feeds. Apple could include those "itms://" links to take me right to the store […]

Some Comment Links Changes

I've made some changes to the way Comments and PermaLinks work on the main index here at NSLog();. They It no longer opens popup windows, instead directing you to the #comments section of the individual article. Why? Mostly because I dislike popups, and partly because I didn't like getting email notifying me that someone posted […]