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15% Discount on a Mac

Want a 15% discount on a Mac? Get in touch with me privately. This one's for people I can trust at least a little, so, apply only if you're in need and trustworthy, eh? And not a student. You guys get your own darn deals.

Adium’s Push/Pop

A feature I truly did not know existed, as explained by David Clark (edited a little): Your friend sends you a message (i.e. "How do you properly kill an NSTimer?") You start a long-ish reply (i.e. "You have to invali") They send you another message which requires a shorter response (i.e. "Is it cold there?") […]

Erroneous Click-Throughs

Sometimes, in Mac OS X, I click or double-click in a window only to see a window behind the front window come forward. Sometimes I haven't even moved the mouse, and when I hide the app that's sprung forward, I find my mouse pointer easily surrounded by 100 pixels in each direction by the other […]

Delicious Themes

If you would like to download 50 new themes for Delicious Library, head on over to If you would like a method of easily setting custom themes for your shelves or for your overall application, fire up your email and bitch at Because, after all, there's no real way to use themes except […]

QotD: True Cost of Mac OS X

Question: What's the true cost of Mac OS X to you? My Answer: Rosyna comes up with a number of about $300. I'd tend to agree, though I have added a few of my must-haves (none of which will be my own software. I'll go with MSRP, and not the prices I've paid for things, […]

Preview – Two Pages

It sure would be nice if Preview could be set to display facing pages. Or just two pages, side by side. I regularly zoom to 130% - that fits a full page, with the toolbar (icons + text) on the height of my 23" display, but it leaves plenty of room. Hitting page down every […]

SystemUIServer Lockups

SystemUIServer - which controls the top-right menu items (fast user switching, date and time, etc.) keeps locking up on me. I can't even kill -9 the PID. I looked around and some things pointed towards AirPort, but removing that menu item has not resolved the issue. I don't even care that it doesn't work very […]

Mac Geekery

codepoet is looking for a little help: what don't you know? Mac Geekery hit a standstill because I don't know what I know that you don't. That is, I have the time to write, and I know a good deal of topics, but to me they all seem trivial. Of course, most of what I […]

Delicious Doozies

Now it's just getting to be silly. We sincerely apologize, but we accidentally left some expiration code from our beta program in the final version of the application you bought, so it stopped working today. We feel horrible about letting you down; we were working night and day the last few days before release and […]

Need: iSight Attachment

Hey, anyone out there got the magnetic iSight attachment thing-a-ma-jig for metal displays? I need that little stand - and none of the others. The kit includes four multipurpose mounts: a magnetic mount for new Anodized Aluminum flat-panel displays, a flat-panel iMac mount, eMac and desktop mount, PowerBook and iBook mount, along with three FireWire […]

Delicious Library Thoughts

Delicious Library: I've finally managed to register it and I've played with it for, oh, five whole minutes now. If you want a big review that includes far too much opinion on how much Mac users care about packaging (we do, but I know that already), check out John Siracusa's review. And now, my initial […]

More Delicious Problems

So, Delicious Library came out today, and what do I get when attempting to "upgrade" from another application? The company, thus far, is deliciously oh-for-two. Some day, perhaps I'll be able to try the actual product! In the meantime I'm trying to cope with the ineptitude of the Delicious web developer(s).

10.3.6 and, uhh, Safari 1.2.4

I ran the 10.3.6 update and everything seems to be working nicely, except for one silly thing... what's up with my copy of Safari? Not sure what to make of the contextual menu I see now… other than to suggest that I'm missing some localized strings. I've run both the Software Update update and the […]

Apple Store Ratings

Wouldn't it have been easier simply to not allow ratings of Apple products? Instead, all Apple products get five stars (apples, actually) in the store. Customers can now rate other products - a very nice touch.

Played with Tiger

And, quite honestly, that's all I have to say about that. Found a few bugs, found a few nice things, and so on. Why, when I searched, the Finder couldn't find all of the files with ".m4p" but found every file "Protected" I don't know, but that's about all I have to say about that. […]

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