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OmniWeb 5.0

Does anyone have any comments on OmniWeb 5.0? I am going to reserve judgment and simply post comments to this entry as items pop up. For some reason, the whole MT back-end, which normally looks quite good, looks horrible in OW5. Images aren't loading, the CSS sheet didn't load at all, and so on. It […]

Tabs in a Drawer

Greg, of the Omni Group, is talking about OmniWeb 5 in a forum: 2) It is true that scrolling vertically is a lot more "comfortable" than scrolling horizontally, so while horizontal real estate is generally more available, you do want to make sure that you don't use up too much of it and force a […]


So much for getting anything done today… Update @ 2pm: Toldja so. Update @ 11pm: Wow, I'm finally done. And how appropriate that the last story I read ended with this paragraph: Finally she came across a floral symbol that was used in Sweden to indicate an interesting feature or attraction in a campground. She […]

Happy Birthday, Macintosh!

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Macintosh Happy birthday to you… …and maaaaaany mooooooooore! Today is the Mac's 20th birthday. The big TWO-OH. As I sit here staring at my 23" LCD attached to a dual 2 GHz G5 with 2.5 GB RAM about 18 peripherals, all running on a […]

The Transition to X

Some folks are discussing whether "10 million Mac OS X users" is really the same as "the transition is essentially complete." They say Apple is ignoring 60% of its market. Some simple math backs up Apple's statement. Apple ships around 500,000 computers per quarter. Macs need a G3 and USB ports to run Panther, and […]

More iTunes Errors

iTunes: Your shopping cart's contents have changed. Either the prices of some items have changed, or items have been added or removed from another computer. Please review your shopping cart and click Buy Now. I did that. I get this error every time. I've quit iTunes, removed the "$0.00 songs," and so on. I guess […]

Can’t Buy Some iTunes

I was going to buy my whole shopping cart ($49.81) in the iTunes Music store, but two of my items (the "Fear" two-track album by Sarah McLachlan and the "Imitation of Life EP" by R.E.M.) show up as $0.00. Previews play but I can't access the album's pages in the iTMS. Search for Sarah McLachlan […]

OmniWeb 5

So, this here OmniWeb 5 looks a little interesting, eh? I like Safari, but the option to save browsing sessions when I restart - or better yet, when the app quits unexpectedly - could be a godsend. Unfortunately, without the crash protection, how often do you restart the computer? Might be a useless feature.

For Sale: Dual G4 800 Loaded

I don't normally care to do this, but I also despise eBay, so here's a computer I've got for sale immediately: G4 Dual 800 MHz 1.5 GB RAM (RAMJet) SuperDrive Zip Drive AirPort Card Modem 2 x 120 GB HD GeForce 3 with ADC/VGA adaptors Let the bidding start at $750. It may go up […]

Running Mac OS X Panther

Tuesday I'm going to spend a few hours looking through JDD's new (upcoming) book Running Mac OS X Panther. It aims to be an advanced book that doesn't waste time telling you how to set your desktop pattern. I'm looking forward to it - hopefully it can give me some tips on how to improve […]

Deleting Future Spam

A lot of the spam I receive comes from the future. I presume that this is because most people sort their email by date, and by sending email from 2016, spammers believe they'll stay higher in a person's list. SpamSieve grabs all of my email and shoves it into folder I've named "* Shit" (to […]

Problem: PDF or AppleWorks?

I'm updating some documentation for some products today (new site, new products, later today!) and printing them to PDF. I'm using AppleWorks, primarily for familiarity and because LaTeX doesn't give me all the control I need. Unfortunately, there exists a problem when printing to PDF. You can see the problem in the image at right. […]

The Power of Unix

Ahhh, behold, the power of Unix. I hadn't "processed" orders for Freshly Squeezed Software for over 190 days, leaving me with some thousands of emails to process. Every day we get an order summary (tab delimited text file listing all orders for the day prior). For each order we get two emails, one mirroring the […]

QotD: UT 2004

Question: Are you really sure you care about Halo My Answer: Hell no! Look at those screenshots. Unreal Tournament 2004, baby! Bring it on! Vehicles, multiple fire weapons (as always), expanded maps, woo! Gorgeous. Freaking gorgeous! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.


For years, we've been able to command-drag windows in the background to arrange them without first changing the focus to the window itself. Try command-dragging a Finder window you've got in the background. What happens when you're done dragging? It comes to the front. >:-o Update: now it seems to be okay. At one point […]

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