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New BBEdit Icon

Grab one here. The one Bare Bones has "chosen" to use with BBEdit 8.0 is just plain rank. Uggggh. :: shudder ::

BBEdit 8

BBEdit 8 is now available. I'll amend this post later with thoughts. The multi-document-in-one-window idea looks good, though. What's new? Text Factories look good - but I'll have to get into them. I work on so many different kinds of files that I don't frequently find use for the glossary and some other things, but […]

Guess What I’ve Got

Guess what José brought me today?

LaunchBar and Party Shuffle

I love iTunes' Party Shuffle mode. I love LaunchBar. Why oh why can't the two work together? When I locate an MP3 or AAC file to play, why can't LaunchBar allow me to "Play next in party shuffle" as iTunes can? Short of setting all of my MP3s to open with some AppleScript that accomplishes […]

My Favorite BBEdit Script

This script, in combination with FTPeel's Magic Mirror feature, comes in quite handy: set filepath to "" tell application "BBEdit"     save front document     set filepath to file of front document end tell tell application "FTPeel"     open filepath end tell I've saved it as shift-command-S (which BBEdit uses as "Save to FTP Server" anyway). Update for […]


I was reading this mini-rant against BBEdit when I read this: I prefer SubEthaEdit. Its got everything I needed from BBEdit, and extra networking functionality (a couple of my mac buddies from school share and take notes together during class on our powerbooks)… What a great friggin' idea! Holy cow! Oh wait, I was the […]

Entourage is Flaky

Today I had to rebuild (or repair) my Entourage 2004 database for the fifth time after warnings came up while I performed a search. Each time I rebuild/repair my database, the categories (and thus colored labels) I've assigned to my folders disappear. Some random emails appeared or re-appeared after the rebuild as well, some as […]

iPhoto is Broken

Create a smart album in iPhoto 4.0.1 Make the criteria "Title contains abcxyz123" (or some other such nonsense, including a valid title) Observe that iPhoto lists every damn photo in the "smart" album. Seems to work fine for some people, though.

IE’s Page Holder

Every time I see a bunch of links to pictures I want to check out, I find myself doing one unusual thing: firing up Internet Explorer and using its sidebar "Page Holder" feature. Is there anything easier than clicking a series of links to flip through a series of pictures? The Page Holder gets rid […]

QotD: Dashboard Apps

Question: What Dashboard apps do you want? My Answer: I wrote several months ago in an article called "Konfabuseless: Konfabulator's list of widgets is full of Airport signal monitors, battery monitors, to-do lists, and more. Says the description of one widget, "Useless, but fun!" Guess what? I've already got things that do these things. The […]

AAPL: Down $1.21

Go figure.

Security @ Apple . Com

John Gruber, in Security Cannot be Spun, poignantly takes Apple to task for trying to milk PR from recent security updates. The help:runscript vulnerability is the leadoff batter, and Gruber points out that Apple didn't seem to act on the issue until it was made public - having failed to do so when the vulnerability […]

Mac OS X URI Handlers

Suppose someone harboring a grudge over the fact that .Mac now cost $99 instead of being free created a cool shareware game. This game was cool enough that Apple brokered a deal to give away a free copy to .Mac subscribers. People download the special, pre-registered copy of the game en masse. A few weeks […]

Grrrrrrr: Entourage 2004

How many ways can Entourage 2004 find to annoy me? Grrrrrr. In other words: how the fuck am I supposed to control the order of the items in the menu if renaming them doesn't solve it?

Apple Developer Certificate

Check this out. Apple Developer Certificate These certificates can be used by Apple developers with a future version of the Apple Mac OS to sign software for electronic distribution Found at Will this be what ties into the Software Update system Apple is rumored to be "opening up"? Prices are $199 for one year […]

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