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For Sale: Dual G4 800 Loaded

I don't normally care to do this, but I also despise eBay, so here's a computer I've got for sale immediately: G4 Dual 800 MHz 1.5 GB RAM (RAMJet) SuperDrive Zip Drive AirPort Card Modem 2 x 120 GB HD GeForce 3 with ADC/VGA adaptors Let the bidding start at $750. It may go up […]

Running Mac OS X Panther

Tuesday I'm going to spend a few hours looking through JDD's new (upcoming) book Running Mac OS X Panther. It aims to be an advanced book that doesn't waste time telling you how to set your desktop pattern. I'm looking forward to it - hopefully it can give me some tips on how to improve […]

Deleting Future Spam

A lot of the spam I receive comes from the future. I presume that this is because most people sort their email by date, and by sending email from 2016, spammers believe they'll stay higher in a person's list. SpamSieve grabs all of my email and shoves it into folder I've named "* Shit" (to […]

Problem: PDF or AppleWorks?

I'm updating some documentation for some products today (new site, new products, later today!) and printing them to PDF. I'm using AppleWorks, primarily for familiarity and because LaTeX doesn't give me all the control I need. Unfortunately, there exists a problem when printing to PDF. You can see the problem in the image at right. […]

The Power of Unix

Ahhh, behold, the power of Unix. I hadn't "processed" orders for Freshly Squeezed Software for over 190 days, leaving me with some thousands of emails to process. Every day we get an order summary (tab delimited text file listing all orders for the day prior). For each order we get two emails, one mirroring the […]

QotD: UT 2004

Question: Are you really sure you care about Halo My Answer: Hell no! Look at those screenshots. Unreal Tournament 2004, baby! Bring it on! Vehicles, multiple fire weapons (as always), expanded maps, woo! Gorgeous. Freaking gorgeous! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.


For years, we've been able to command-drag windows in the background to arrange them without first changing the focus to the window itself. Try command-dragging a Finder window you've got in the background. What happens when you're done dragging? It comes to the front. >:-o Update: now it seems to be okay. At one point […]

Accents in the Finder

I'm hoping that someone can explain this to me: why can't the Finder handle accents properly? It can - as you can see when I'm renaming the file - but not persistently. Heck, the Terminal shows the "é" properly in "Exposé" - why can't the Finder? Hrmph. On an unrelated note, I very much like […]


I'm considering buying a copy of iRecordNow. I've just sent the authors an email asking if they'd like to trade, in fact, for a license to any Freshly Squeezed Software product. Has anyone used it? It seems rather simple (which is good) and it works with my iSight as it should. The controls could use […]

.term Files

Has the format for .term files changed in some way? In Mac OS X 10.2, you could set up a terminal window the way you'd like, hit cmd-s, and save a .term file. You could then open the file, add something to the <ExecutionString>, and then you'd have a double-clickable "application." I used these quite […]

Adium 2.x

Adium 2.0 (still in alpha stages, I guess) rocks. I moved to it the other day when Jeff pointed out that the dock icon badging in Adium 1.6 didn't work in Panther. It's a big part of the reason why I use Adium, so I made the move. I'm glad I did! Wowee. IMing Nerdvana! […]

SpamSieve – Change the Subject!

I use SpamSieve with Entourage and it works beautifully. Sometimes, though, a false positive occurs: email that isn't spam is marked as spam. I routinely check my spam folder to see if any messages have slipped through, but with over 200 spams per day, this is tedious at best. I've emailed Michael the idea, but […]


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My Dock

My dock: You can see the Finder, CPU Monitor, SpamSieve, Entourage, Safari, Adium, BBEdit, Terminal, Terminal Pal, iTunes, NetNewsWire, and Camino (open here only to view, which blows monkey chunks in Safari). I'm not going to link to any of those because, frankly, you know where to find them. And if you don't, you […]


Y'know, one of the things I miss about the old OS installer is the ability to install the OS from the CD without having to boot from the CD. You could double-click an installer and install the OS onto another disk while continuing to do your work. Right now I've got a Firewire drive aching […]

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