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Fastlane Crashes

From Carpe Aqua comes the news that Fastlane was cancelled. As you can see I've mentioned Fastlane several times. It is - correction, it was - one of my favorite shows, a sort of Miami Vice for the new millenia. The camera work, the writing, it was all very well done. Other TV shows I've liked that met with a quick demise: "That's Life" and "Hidden Hills." There are many, many others that I think of every now and again, but Fastlane was one of the best. Hrmph.


I went to the optometrist today for a checkup. I hadn't been to one in three years, since I lived in Pennsylvania, and now that I've got coverage, I thought I'd swing by, check out the effects of staring at a computer screen 18 hours a day, and get some new frames (my current ones are somewhat dated and will be turned into sunglasses).

The Element: No!

orange_element.jpgJosé and I went to a Honda dealer today to test drive a Honda Element. As I wrote before, I was considering an Element.

To make a long story short, the Element made me realize why I love my Aztek so much. The Element had two plusses: a polyurethane floor that can be hosed and/or swept and an auxiliary audio port (for an iPod or whatnot).

The Honda comes out to about the same cost, but has almost no standard features. Keyless entry? $150. Bungee cords on the back of the driver's seat? Extra. Everything is apparently available for an extra cost in a Honda. Moonroof? Non-mechanical and in the rear (wtf?). The entire Element felt "cheap" compared to the sturdy ruggedness of my Aztek. It was smaller, it was stumpier, and it didn't even have a passenger-side armrest.

The engine? Please. You don't pull a nearly 4000 lb load (the car and four passengers) with a 160 horsepower four-banger. Sorry. My 210 HP/V6/4000 lb Aztek had twice the kick the wimpy Element had. Though the Element and the Aztek are both rated for the same gas mileage, approximately, I get a realistic 25-35 MPG in my Aztek, and I think even the Honda would have a hard time matching that.

"Wimpy" and "Cheap" = Not the Car for Erik. Sorry, Honda. Your cars are bland and underpowered.

QotD: Speed Limit

Question: If you could set the national speed limit, what would it be?

My Answer: 65. 55 is a bit slow, and at 65 most people go 70. 70 is decent - over a mile a minute - and yet not so fast that people go 100 (which some would if the limit was 75 or so). Another driver on the road going 100 MPH is scary, no matter how well they think they drive.

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New Frames

Since I have health care again, including a vision plan, I'm getting an eye exam tomorrow and I'll probably pick out new frames. My current ones are fairly simple: a turtle-shell copper half-rim (the top half). What's the style these days? Rimless? I guess I'll find out. The Lens Crafters Style Advisor was of little help, giving me only three choices, one of which follows:


P.S. Someone I know fairly well likes these.

Small Developer, Big New OS

I make no bones about the fact that Freshly Squeezed Software is a small company. We're three people, really. But (roughly) so are other great Mac software development companies, like Panic and even Omni Group to a certain extent. Other companies are only one person.

QotD: Super Abilities

Question: If you could have X-Ray vision or the ability to read people's minds, which would you choose? What if you couldn't turn them off?

My Answer: I'd choose to have the ability to read people's minds, regardless of whether I could turn it off or not. I'd have to learn to deal with other people's thoughts like I deal with noises I hear every day. Imagine the things you could achieve if you could read people's minds! Of course, you'd have to learn to control yourself, and not blow your cover, or you'd find yourself friendless pretty fast. In other words, don't say "yes" when a woman nearby thinks "I wonder if that guy thinks my ass looks fat in these jeans."

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MCI = Fucktards

Read the MCI Backstory here.

Last Friday, a collection agency called me to attempt to collect on $158.89 they say I owed MCI. I paid because I take my credit rating very seriously, then immediately called MCI because the amount jogged my memory. The backstory tells me why - I'd effectively paid off someone else's account. MCI had not fixed the problem.

I called MCI again. I explained myself again. They said someone would call me back within six days. That's today. It's 7:50pm and nobody's called.

I've called twice, and they haven't got a clue what's going on. I got a call from MCI attempting to collect the $62 balance on my actual account - the account that's paid automatically from my VISA card every month.

MCI = Fucktards. As soon as I can get my money back, and a few months of free service, I'm done with them.

QotD: Coffee Makers

Question: What's your dream coffee maker?

My Answer: One that dispenses Coke.

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QotD: Heinna

Question: Jenna or Heidi?

My Answer: Gotta go with the girl from Pittsburgh, hands down. Mmmmm, brunettes.

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Guess Who is in Playboy?

playboy_survivor.jpgNot one, but both Heidi and Jenna (together) are in Playboy next month. Yes, both. If only Playboy could have found a redhead to complete the trio…

For what it's worth (jack squat, I know), Jenna is soooooo much more attractive. She's got natural breasts and brown hair. She's stuck up (or maybe she's overcome that by now, who knows?), and while Heidi's IQ may be high, her common sense and the way in which she, uhhh, "displays" her intelligence leave a lot to be desired.

I'm not sure if Jenna is the hottest Survivor ever, but she's certainly the hottest Survivor winner. How nekkid will they actually get? I guess that remains to be seen. From

The glut of reality shows has made even the most ardent tube watchers glassy-eyed. But the latest offering from Survivor is burned into our memory thanks to a pair of gorgeous young contestants -- Jenna Morasca and Heidi Strobel -- who made isolation and deprivation seem sexy.

For what it's worth, the words "Jenna," "Heidi", and "Playboy" have come up three times before on NSLog();: Survivor 6.7, Survivor 6.10, and QotD: Jenna in Playboy.

QotD: Sports Heroes

Question: If you could have dinner with three sports stars of your choosing, who would they be?

My Answer: I would choose Roberto Clemente, Ty Cobb, and Arnold Palmer, mainly because, while I admire each of them, I never got to see them play. They're the first three that came to mind - each played their game in a way it'd never been played before, and all were gritty competitors.

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DVC PD-150

Using a $3500 DV camera to video conference feels very weird. I'll be picking up an iSight as soon as possible, and I'm hopeful that my mom does as well. It has a Mic, I guess, but I'm curious if I can use that (on my tower) for general-purpose "microphoning."

What to do with my tower… It's still worth about $1000-$1500 or so. Any ideas? It is a dual eight with 1.5 GB, 2x120 GB, SD, Zip, etc.

64 Bits vs. 32 Bits

Many people seem to think that an entire OS needs to be rewritten when the processors on which it runs switch from 32 to 64 bit. From what (very little) I know about OS and software development, that's simply not true. The primary reason to move an OS to a 64-bit processor is to allow for addressable RAM. The secondary reason may be to speed up "core" functions like "copy this data" (like 2 MB of RAM, perhaps). A 64-bit chip will be able to do that twice as fast as a 32-bit chip, all other things being equal.

Usually, switching from 32 bits to 64 bits means new opcodes (CPU commands), so switching from a 32 bit PowerPC to a 64 bit PowerPC would be the same as switching from 32 bit PowerPC to 64 bit AMD. What's unique about the PowerPC 970 is that it provides 32-bit compatibility, easing the burden on those OS developers while providing ample avenue for gradual growth.

Keep in mind one thing: 95% (I'm making that number up - but it's quite high) of the calculations occurring on your computer's CPU(s) are quite simple. They're typically just integer math, and 32 bits is often too much space for that. You can address more memory - and that's good - but does adding 193 and 6943 take more than a few bits? Nah.

QotD: Kid’s Games

Question: What's your favorite playground game?

My Answer: I used to be pretty damn good (and enjoy tremendously) the game "foursquare."

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