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Archive for May, 2003

Lookin’ Good

I guess sometimes a little lying isn't too bad… Daria: Well… it's all in your head. You are tall with good muscle tone a full head of hair, balanced features… a good package overall. Daria: You've been dressing really well lately and you have a tan… just the other day i thought to myself "boy […]

I was bored tonight, so I began work on MailDrop 2.0. Essentially, MD2 (unlike MD1) will follow a very MVC model. It's the easiest way towards eventual AppleScripting, easier document archiving, and a lot more. Essentially, MVC is "The Right Way™" and our current method is, uhhh, well it's a hack. We learned a lot […]

Beware of Mac:MSN

I installed MSN today thinking I might be able to sneak a peek at the next version of IE. Unfortunately, I don't feel like signing up for the two month free subscription, so I won't be doing that. What I will be doing, however, is restoring my old versions of these fonts: Installed Gaia:Library:Fonts:Andale Mono […]

QotD: Phone Ringing

Question: If your phone rang right this instant, who would you most want it to be? My Answer: The person whom I wish it to be already knows, so I'll have to go with my second choice: Steve, errr, no, Shania, hmmm, wait. Uhhh, my mother, to let me know that she got her flowers. […]

How Cute: 8 Year Old MCP

How cute! 8 year-old Maulin Raval is a certified Microsoft professional. Yes, he's passed his MCP in Networking. Maulin, who wants to be a computer engineer, has his replies down pat. "‘By the time I am 30, I will be competing with Bill Gates and developing better software packages,’’ he says. Ahhh, the disillusionment of […]

Upset With Myself

I had a conversation with a friend today. A conversation I'm sick of having. A conversation about how I constantly seem "upset." Truth is, I am. The rest of the truth: I'm only upset with myself. I've got very high standards for people, and even higher standards for myself. Yes, this means I'm constantly let […]

OneWord: Blast

Blast is an interesting word. You can have a blast. You can buy a game called "Worms Blast" which is actually nothing like Worms Armageddon, a pretty awesome game. Speaking of games, E3 is going on this week (I guess) and Rob and I watched the Doom III .avi today with VLC. It looks awesome. […]

DirecTV Changes

I changed my DirecTV subscription today. I ditched the Playboy channel. They started charging me - I've had it free since I signed up last January or so (was it really that long ago?). So that's $16/month I wasn't paying and now won't be paying. I ditched HBO and Cinemax. $12 and $11 each. I […]

FTP With Pulp

Less than a few hours hold and we've already gotten our first review of FTPeel. My favorite part? Then disaster struck! I should have stressed it in my earlier entry, but FTPeel is pretty rough, even by "public beta" standards. After all, Safari seems to be setting the tone for public betas these days, right? […]

On a Roll

I just got the report from eSellerate regarding Freshly Squeezed Software sales. Our sales rank, by month: Date From Date To Rank ---------- ---------- ---- 06/24/2002 07/11/2002 11 07/23/2002 08/16/2002 6 08/23/2002 09/12/2002 5 09/23/2002 10/10/2002 8 10/23/2002 11/13/2002 10 11/25/2002 12/12/2002 9 12/23/2002 01/09/2003 4 01/23/2003 02/14/2003 7 02/24/2003 03/13/2003 1 03/24/2003 04/10/2003 3 […]

This Blog: Entries: 779 Comments: 1932 Authors: 1 Just documenting that for myself. Nothing to see here.

I'm not very comfortable today in my clothing. I'm fidgety, I'm shifty, and I can't seem to get situated properly. It doesn't itch or anything - it's just not bunching in the right places or anything. So I'll take off my clothes. Ahhh, much better. Note to self: put clothes back on before checking the […]

OneWord: Dictate

Dictation happens all the time. My users are dictating features for FTPeel to me. I dictate flight schedules for a friend who's flying in to see me at a wedding (not my own), etc. Dictators exist, too, and some of them are removed from power by force. Some we just hope die soon (Fidel, perhaps?). […]


Lesson learned today: Photoshop is a pain in the ass when you've got only a trackpad. Years ago I used a trackball to limit my RSI, and using Photoshop with that was tough enough. Only a mouse (or maybe a graphics tablet) provides the fine-tuned cursor-movin' abilities I need. The trackpad is either too sensitive […]

I hate marketing, so I won't do it here. I'm putting this in the "software development" category for a reason. Today, Freshly Squeezed Software has released a public beta (free) version of FTPeel, our FTP app. Yes, there are a lot of FTP applications out there. No, none of them have our MagicMirror in them. […]