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Archive for May, 2003

“Classic” Knowledge

As I do some reading today, two things strike me as amazing: How much I knew about Mac OS 7/8/9 at one point in time. How much of that knowledge has been shoved out the window by Mac OS X knowledge. I haven't had "Classic" installed on my computers since shortly after Mac OS X […]

Down Came the Spider

Father Time and Mother Nature must really be getting it on today. Well, that or she saw me take a bath last night and can't get the image out of her head, because she's orgasming like crazy in southern Florida today. Rain so thick you can barely see 100 feet has been coming down for […]


I watched Adaptation last night with Dave (store Dave, not young Dave). It was, shall I say, very interesting. I'm a big fan of those "movie in a movie in a movie" type of movies. Perhaps the IMDB description says it best: Charlie Kaufman writes the way he lives… With Great Difficulty. His Twin Brother […]

iTunes Shell Script

I was on a mailing list and the topic of AppleScript came up. I forget why, but I posted one of my "Terminal AppleScripts" (usig osascript) like those I mentioned in iTunes Remote via SSH. The end result? A better script. See the full entry for the source. Kudos to Lu Lewis Butler for cobbling […]

Keyboard V. Mouse

I read an older Bruce Tognazzini article in which he says this: Test subjects consistently report that keyboarding is faster than mousing. The stopwatch consistently proves mousing is faster than keyboarding. He later postulates that mousing is faster because the user, when going to enter a keyboard shortcut, has to pause and switch contexts or […]

I've been busy this week, so I haven't been able to write (or watch) American Idol. I think a friend is going to come over later and I'll do it then. Not sure. I already know the , though, as I read Nick's take on the results. I won't say who won or lost between […]

OneWord: Beg

You can beg for a lot of things. Forgiveness springs to mind. You can't beg for love, though, it just makes you sound pathetic. Unless you're a Charles Dickens character, and they don't every literally beg (ha ha, get it?), but they still beg. They tug at your little strings. But in the real world? […]


I'm not interested in TypePad for myself or my friends - they'll continue to use my server for their blogs, I imagine - but it is interesting to note that their screenshos are all Mac OS X. I've always thought that MovableType was one of the most well-designed "quasi-open source" software around - my friends […]

QotD: Dinner

Question: If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be (and why)? My Answer: Jamie prompted this one by reminding me of one of my favorite questions. My answer has always been "myself." I'd like to see how I look, how I act, how I might be perceived by others. […]

OneWord: Sketch

Sketches are drawings, and as I was never very good at drawing, I rarely sketched. I always thought that if I walked around with a sketchbook though that people would find me artistic, even if they had no proof. After all, artists are mysterious and very personal, so I would be excused from having to […]


I did my own little form of meditation tonight (I know what I mean, I don't care that you don't). I'm about as relaxed as I've ever been. I'm drinking a really, really cold Coke. I'm typing really well, very languid, very fluid. And then my dog shoves a slobbered-on toy in my lap, and […]


Proving that sometimes you can laugh at things without endorsing them in any way, I present this simple joke: Q: What's the only thing worse than a male chauvinist? A: A woman that doesn't do what she's told. Hee hee hee. 🙂 No, this is not evidence of some deep-rooted subconscious chauvinistic tendencies, though I […]


Chalk another one up to the iTunes Music Store: I've bought my fourth track from the store. It's Live's exclusive "Heaven (Acoustic Version)" from their new Birds of Pray album. I didn't even know Live had a new album coming out until I received an email called "New Music Tuesdays" from Apple this morning. After […]

OneWord: Sick

I rarely get sick. I'm apparently from good stock, as my parents rarely get sick either. We muscle through it. I don't have runny noses or coughs or even headaches very often. I stay in shape and don't injure myself terribly often either. When I am sick, though, I concentrate on how sick I am, […]

Question: Have you ever had a "friend with benefits?" If so, how'd it end (if it has)? My Answer: Aside from Naked Weekend Crystal, no. She and I had a great time, but not of the kind "benefits" usually entail. Though I enjoy sex on a physical level, it's not really worth all the effort […]