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Archive for May, 2003

OneWord: Box

I've often wondered why "box" can refer to part of a woman. Well, "often" isn't quite right. Sometimes. Women, though, are the unboxiest gender. Women are curvy, not rigid and full of right angles. Silly! Of course, "box" typically doesn't refer to, uhh, that, but instead to packing and shipping and "yay, I got something […]


One of the rules of customer service (and common sense): never promise that something is (or will be) "bug-free." Duh. I guess Alberto at Ovolab is about to learn this lesson the hard way: We are fixing the problem many AAChoo users experienced, which made the application unexpectedly quit on certain machines. We are sorry […]

Personal vs. Private

Jamie's written in a far better manner than I could an entry discussing the self-censorship one must apply to their blogging. She also links to a New York Times article that I won't link to given their "charge for archived content" policy that I found interesting. Her article brought up in my mind a distinction […]

A week or so ago I set about writing a "duplicate TrackBack removal script" in PHP. The script would give you a list of your duplicate TrackBacks and offer to delete them. The deleting was easy - getting the list was the pain in the ass. I put in a good amount of time trying […]

Selfish TrackBacks

I'm going to call posting a TrackBack to someone's site but not actually linking to their site a "Selfish TrackBack." If it has a name somewhere already, I apologize for not knowing it. Case in point: this article at Rob He posted a TrackBack to one of my articles - effectively "making my site […]

QotD: Virginity

Question: Do you wish you'd waited longer to lose your virginity? My Answer: Nope. I certainly wasn't terribly young (18) and it was in the midst of a relationship that was to last five years. Unfortunately, I think I'm one of the few people in the world who doesn't wish they'd waited longer. This QotD […]

QotD: Sleeping In

Question: What's the latest you ever slept in? My Answer: One time I left college on a Friday at about 1pm. As I drove home, I became increasingly tired. I could barely unpack the car when I arrived home at 6pm and promptly went to bed. I got up to use the restroom once or […]


I continued working on the core UI for MailDrop 2.0 today. I added outlets to some more checkboxes and text fields and made them undoable. With a strong MVC background, "undo" is a fairly easy but - repeat after me - T E D I O U S task. I have about fourteen thousand lines […]

I'm from Pennsylvania. My favorite teams in the NHL, NFL, and MLB all start with the word "Pittsburgh." As such, I'm happy that Jenna won Survivor 6 (though Matt and Rob each deserved it more and "played better," I felt). It was interesting to find this site today: The best quote from their weekly […]

“Edit this Page” responds to Dave Winer's request for "Edit this Page" functionality. Good idea. If I had a place to hide that on my site, I might include it. I'd havd the idea before, but when that article showd up in my news aggregator just now, I thought I'd blog it so that I've got my […]

WebKit Out?

Is WebKit out? The [ed:deleted] guy seems to think so [ed: link removed]. Jeff pointed me at that entry minutes ago, yet I can't find any indication on Apple's developer Web site that the WebKit SDK is available. I've got a software seed key and everything. Perhaps this guy can clarify? Update: removed identifying information […]

My Personal Life

Hi, "reader." How are you? Good? Now grow up. Not all of you, but a select few really need to learn a little word that's spelled like this: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Heaven forbid you realize that some things here are fairly personal. They're not "private" because I've published them, but they are still very personal. Heaven forbid […]

Mac Browsers

How many browsers have we got now, anyway? Internet Explorer Mozilla Firebird Camino iCab Safari lynx OmniWeb Opera AOL links dillo Your mom Konqueror Seems we're doing okay. I routinely use about three of those. Guess which three?

I wrote about accessor methods in Cocoa before. One of the comments on that article implored me to check out Ali Ozer's talk at WWDC. I've done so, and I will now present what I've learned. I'm documenting this for myself, so if my explanation is brief, believe me when I say I understand what […]

An A for BlogShares

I was reading a few articles (like this one, called "Too Much Capital" from BlogShares news, and the thought occurred to me that BlogShares would been one helluva kick ass senior thesis project for a business and computer science person. They could have worked in tandem, developing the entire BlogShares feature set, and had a […]