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Archive for August, 2003

QotD: eBay

Question: What is the most you've ever spent on eBay for a single purchase? My Answer: $8. I use eBay to sell things, but very rarely do I buy anything. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Bad Words

Question: What is the worst word you can think of for a body part (male or female)? My Answer: I've never really liked the four-letter "c" word (as it pertains to a woman's sensitive region). In fact, it's my least favorite word. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in […]

Camel Toes: Funny Stuff

In light of recent comments about Madonna and Britney's lame publicity stunt, I present to you two pieces of evidence to support my position that camel toes are indeed funny stuff… Edit (May 31, 2011): As these links no longer go to their original sites, I've removed them. And Jamie has likely matured since this […]

Blogshares of the Past

So, Blogshares is now officially passé, is it not?

Uniting Generations

Uniting generations, the MTV Video Music Awards! No further comments necessary. P.S. Okay, maybe one, and that comment is "man, wicked camel toe!" 😀

Fuckwad Customers

Sometimes you wish people wouldn't buy your software, because then you wouldn't have to put up with bullshit like this: I need this thing sent out today without question. If you cant pick up the phone and call me at an 800 number, I'm going to dispute the charges on the credit card and go […]

QotD: Candles

Question: What is your favorite candle scent? My Answer: I used to say vanilla, but lately I'm quite taken by a "grape" scent from Yankee Candle. It reminds me of the place I used to live in PA. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on […]

The Squeeze is On

Uhmmmm… Saut Chin, 46, was fed up with physical abuse from her husband when she grabbed his testicles until he passed out in the incident Tuesday, the Rasmei Kampuchea (Light of Cambodia) newspaper reported. … The exact cause of Ouch Yan's death was not known. Funny that the guy's name is "Ouch," don't'cha think? P.S. […]

Reel Exploded

Just to overrule anyone's misconceptions regarding fishing reels being "simple" (as was recently explained to me by someone whose closest encounter with fishing was taking a bath with an ocean-themed shower curtain), I present this: That's the exploded view of my new Daiwa Capricorn 2500. Yup.

QotD: Extinction

Question: If you could bring back one animal from extinction, which would you choose? My Answer: The saber-toothed tiger. Then I'd train them and sic them on people for which I don't care. 🙂 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Canoe and Kayak

I just sent an email to the editors of Canoe & Kayak magazine: Hi, I'd like to do an article on Paddle Fishing (with a specific bent towards kayak fishing, or "yakfishing" as it's called). As you can tell from various forums, one of the largest of which is at, "yakfishing" is a growing […]


Over at "bsag" the author is talking about saving birds from extinction. I'm all for saving birds from extinction if we're the ones who put them there - by building industrial centers in their prime nesting areas, for example - but if nature is the one who's ruled them out, who are we to play […]

Lake Ida Fishing

So, I went fishing today. My first day on the kayak, and in fact, my first real time fishing in the state of Florida since I moved here. My totals for the day? 3 - number of bites I had which resulted in about a three-second fight before the fish spit the lure. 2 - […]

Paddles: 240cm vs. 230cm

I've currently got a 240 cm paddle. I previously had a 220 cm paddle, and I'm certain that it was too short, because my hands were hitting the side of my boat when paddling, and I was making an awful lot of noise. Having read this article, I'm considering a 230 cm paddle. I really […]

QotD: Overrated

Question: Who is the most overrated actor? Actress? My Answer: Ben Affleck is an easy choice. The guy's got one character. Compare him to, I dunno, Sean Penn, who may be one of the most underrated actors, and compare their roles. Actress? Brittany Murphy, perhaps. Julia Roberts is close - she's not as bad an […]