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Archive for July, 2005

QotD: Keys

Question: How many keys do you have on your keychain? Do you need them all? My Answer: Only five. Two are for the cars, one is for the house, one is for my locker at Lake View, and the last… I'm not sure what it is, but I'll know it when I need to use […]

Burglars? Nah.

Last night, at 4am, I awoke and heard a weird noise that sounded a bit like Little One hitting her baby doll's head against her crib. I woke Carey up and the noise happened two more times, then stopped. I was content to lock the door and go back to sleep, but Carey had me […]

QotD: Posters

Question: Do you have any posters in your bedroom or office? If yes, of what? My Answer: I've cut back since my college and bachelor days, of course, but I do keep my 1984 hammer-runner-lady-with-iPod poster in my office, and I have a large hanging iBook poster (cloth, 2' x 8') from a New York […]

QotD: Toppings

Question: What do you get on top of your pizza? My Answer: Extra cheese, pepperoni, and bacon. Mmmmmmm. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

I've been corresponding with SixApart's "MTBugs" folks about one feature I'd like to see regarding the basename feature. Here's my latest exchange: I don't use ecto, so hopefully, my questions won't seem too strange taking that into consideration. How is this restriction causing you a problem with using ecto? Does it have to do with […]

QotD: Phobia

Question: Steven Frank has (had?) a fear of flying. It's got me wondering: what is your biggest phobia? Or are you phobia-free? My Answer: I don't have any phobias, per se. That's not said to brag (I'm as screwed up as anyone, just in different areas I suppose), but in honestly looking at things I […]

Here's a bare-bones template for MovableType 3.2: Safari renders the page as HTML despite the ".txt," so if you're looking at the template in Safari, have a look at the source. Firefox seems to display the page properly.

Mike says in his post Lemieux Gardens: ESPN's John Buccigross has a great column here about some steps the Penguins should take and some players who should sign with them. All are good ideas. The more I think about it the happier I am hockey's coming back. I missed watching games on long winter nights […]

Question: Have the presence of computers in your life made you happier? My Answer: Unequivocally, yes. They've allowed me to communicate with friends, to share pictures and stories, and to get a laugh now and then. I like what I do for work, and I work with computers, so even though I'm sometimes frustrated at […]


A website that starts with the word "varied-" and has the name of a popular card game after that (followed by .com) has been spamming this site like crazy for the past twelve hours. Luckily, they use only one URL, so I put them in the spam blocklist in SpamLookup (yes, it works in MovableType […]

Nifty! Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell joined Carnegie Mellon University and Allegheny County leaders today (July 25) to announce Apple Computer's tenancy in the university's Collaborative Innovation Center and to celebrate the governor's Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) program, a state-wide initiative that aims to spin off university research into new businesses and jobs in the […]

A pal of mine is looking for a Java developer to develop some Java software for mobile phones. Three full-time positions are available - one Lead Developer and two Junior Developers. Telecommuters are welcome to the position(s), and the salary is more than good. I'm posting this here so that I can mention this post […]

Bastard Pals

Carey and I didn't invite very many people to our wedding reception and housewarming party. We wanted to keep things small - more an intimate gathering of close friends and family than an "invite anyone you've ever met" kind of deal. We sent snail mail invitations a month or so before-hand, though friends and family […]

QotD: Invited

Question: When you're invited to a wedding reception, housewarming, bridal shower, etc., what do you consider proper etiquette? My Answer: I typically overspend, and I almost always send a gift. The only times I don't send a gift are when I barely know the person who's invited me. In those instances, I send a card. […]

MovableType 3.2b2

This blog is now running MovableType 3.2b2. Some random thoughts (I may edit this list as the day goes by). I like the icons. They're prettier. I'm going to have to get used to where things are in the new system, but overall, the layout seems to make some sense. I dirify my titles, so […]