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Archive for July, 2005

QotD: Age Limits

Question: Should there be an age limit to play professional sports? My Answer: I think that an age limit of 18 - the age at which you can be legally bound to a contract - is all that's needed, and I'd also like to see exceptions made on a case-by-case basis. Morgan Pressel finished tied […]

You know, I've gotta side with John on this one. As a parent (hey, I can say that now!), I believe in teaching kids to be responsible and in being responsible myself. Part of that responsibility is knowing what my kids are up to and preparing them for the things they're going to encounter in […]

QotD: Energy

Question: If I gave you $1,000,000,000 to invest in "energy research" and told you that for that sum of money you had to come up with a valid alternative to fossil fuels, how would you spend the money? My Answer: I'd spend it all on myself and then tell people to drive less. Just kidding… […]

QotD: Bush So Far

Question: How has President Bush performed in his second term relative to your expectations of him? In other words, I don't want to hear anything about John Kerry - only about how Bush has performed relative to how you thought he would once you knew he had been re-elected. My Answer: He's performed about as […]

Erie: It’s Not for the Dogs

How in the hell a dog park that's not even open yet can be voted "Best of Erie" is beyond me. Then again, perhaps the fact that it's Erie is all I need to know. About a mile from my house sits a fairly newly erected Erie Humane Society. It was voted, two months ago, […]

Asking My Dad to Leave

I've long said that this blog is "mine" and that I write here solely for my purposes. Posts here contain my thoughts, my opinions, and my point of view. I've not shied away from writing personal things in the past, and with this, I've decided not to do so in the near future either. Last […]

It turns out I was written up in the Sunday paper for something. In the business section. Something I have been hoping to announce for the past few weeks, and something I continue to hope to announce soon. But those who live in Erie, PA, already know what that thing is. You can register for […]

QotD: Kids

Question: How many kids do you want? My Answer: I'm plenty happy with the 1½ that I have now. Flint can be left alone for a few hours at a time, thus accounting for the ½, and I can't imagine a better kid than Little One. Though she's not my own, I'm married to her […]

Small Balls

Spotted somewhere near the vicinity of my clipboard: The sport of choice for the urban poor is basketball. The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is bowling. The sport of choice for front-line workers is football. The sport of choice for supervisors is baseball. The sport of choice for middle management is tennis. The […]

QotD: Independence Day

Question: How do you celebrate your Independence Day? My Answer: Carey and I are having both families over for a cookout (hamburger, hot dog). Calling it a dry run for our reception/housewarming/party would be overdoing it, as it's much smaller, but it sure beats just hanging around and doing nothing, which is what I normally […]

QotD: Magic

Question: Do you believe in magic? My Answer: Not really. I believe that magic in the traditional sense - card tricks and bunnies from hats - is all just illusion, and that's fine. It's still entertainment. Magic in the mystical sense - casting spells and voodoo and enchanted forests - are also great entertainment, but […]

QotD: Home Improvement

Question: What's the largest home improvement project you've ever undergone? My Answer: I installed a shower door. Was pretty easy, though I needed to buy a hacksaw and a 32-tooth blade to saw the bottom rail. The only real mistake we made was putting in one of the rails (the rail that holds the separate […]

MovableType 3.2

Does anyone care that MovableType is going to, presumably in about 29 more days or so, be at version 3.2? They're counting down the days (again, presumably) over here, and some of the features look nice. Just this past weekend I was once again burned by what I would consider a massive bug. I deleted […]

QotD: Potty Trained

Question: At what age were you potty trained? My Answer: I, like many boys, waited until I was nearly 3½ years old before I was potty trained. I remember once when my paternal grandparents were here, and I peed in the potty (from a step stool) and filled the whole bowl up with bubbles. I […]

Erin and John

I've just been informed by my wife that I'm never to write anything bad about Erin and John on my blog, because "they know where it is now." I can say one nice thing, though: they have a home theater setup with a projector, little theater type seats, a popcorn maker, and a bar. I […]