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Freeplay Music for the Podcast

I found all the Freeplay music on my hard drive (once someone reminded me what it was called), and man is it going to be hard to choose the appropriate sounds for the different show segments! There are so many good choices. 1.77 GB of choices! Of course, the Finder didn't help me out very […]

Updated Snapshots

I took a few minutes to update the snapshots that appear in the right-hand column on this site. They're random, so… reload a bunch or look at the include file.

Ever since moving to MovableType 3.2 on both this blog and The Sand Trap, ecto has failed to work properly when setting the Publish/Draft setting. Ecto seems to preserve what's set on the server most of the time, and when a new entry is created in ecto, it's marked as published. Even if the mode […]

Creating Music for My Podcast

Aaron pointed me towards the podsafe music network, but I figure there are other options, too. One is all that royalty-free music Apple had posted a long time ago to .Mac (I should still have those files somewhere, but I've gotta look for them, as they no longer seem to be on .Mac). The final […]

First (Sand Trap) Podcast Now Up

Today I published that Podcast I've been talking about. I've also submitted it to iTunes - I wonder how long it will take until it appears? If anyone at Apple wants to push it through quickly, by all means, go ahead… 😉 Before next week's Podcast, I'm going to round up a bunch of sound […]

Podcast Problems – Help?

Today, Jeff (from The Sand Trap) and I attempted to record our first podcast. Armed with a copy of Audio Hijack Pro and Skype, I connected and we could hear each other. I was routing the conversation (both sides) through headphones plugged into the front of my G5 and using an iSight as my microphone. […]

Daring the Membership

John Gruber talks about reasons why his blog's subscribers (just over 1000) may not have re-subscribed (only 551 so far), but he leaves one out. Last year, when John was soliciting subscribers ("members"), he talked about how revenue from his blog would help to guarantee that he would regularly publish full, detailed articles. Last year, […]

$100k OBO

According to Technorati, this blog is worth $100,000. If anyone is interested, I offer flexible financing and am willing to barter. 😉

NerdTV, The Video Feed

Does NerdTV not have a video podcast feed you can use in iTunes? When I try to subscribe to in iTunes I'm told that I cannot. I think having multiple enclosures (entire show, nerdy bit, juicy bit) confuses iTunes. Do each have their own feed as well?

My Own Podcast

I'm interested in starting a weekly podcast. Not for NSLog();, no, but for The Sand Trap. I have several concerns, however: How easy is it to create an entry with text (to explain what's in this episode) with an attached .mp3? I'd rather not do things by hand if possible. Sand Trap staff members are […]

TST in Google

Look at this google search: Where is in the search results? The Sand Trap .com is the exact name of a site that resides at You know, "the sand trap .com" - the same URL as the words broken apart. Oh well. I guess Google isn't always as smart as you'd think […]

‘_1’ in MovableType Basenames

Several times since upgrading to MovableType 3.2 at The Sand Trap .com, basenames have included a "_1" at the end. I have no idea why, and it's frustrating to have to go through and edit the basename and change the URL of any TrackBacks. If I could understand why MovableType keeps putting "_1" perhaps I […]

Still Throttling

MovableType's internal TrackBacks are still being throttled. I have no idea why. "mod_throttle" is not installed, so far as I know, and I'm fairly certain that mod_throttle would not have a mandatory waiting period of at least an hour or so. Something is screwy. I'd like to be able to figure out what…

I'm trying to send TrackBacks from one entry on this blog to another entry, but I can't seem to escape this: Ping '' failed: HTTP error: 403 Throttled What gives? I'm not TrackBack spamming myself, and SpamLookup has no "throttling" capabilities. Where is this "throttling" coming from and how the heck can I eliminate it. […]

Photon Now Open Source

Photon is now open source. I've written about Photon several times. Like here, and here, and here, and, lastly, here. In the last entry, when Photon was made free, I suggested that one of two things was likely to be happening: That a significant upddate (which I was told a month or two ago was […]