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The Sand Trap has a few top-level categories that stand alone. It also has a "Tours" category with PGA, LPGA, Nationwide, and a few other sub-categories. Same is true of the equipment main category and its sub-categories Clubs, Balls, Apparel (etc). I'd like to delete the "Tours" category, which has no articles assigned to it, […]

Atom Feed Issues

I wanted to modify the Atom feed with some HTML, but that breaks validation. Here's a sample: <content type="text/html" mode="escaped" xml:lang="en" xml:base="<MTBlogURL encode_xml="1">"> <p><MTEntryExcerpt encode_xml="1"></p> <p><a href="" title="Visit NSLog();">Click</a></p> I thought it should work. It defines the type, after all, as text/html. Instead, feedvalidator tells me "Undefined content element: p". Hmmmm. The MovableType default template […]


I'm giving SpamLookup a try over at The Sand Trap. I'm curious to see how it goes, and I've disabled MT-Blacklist for the time being.

MovableType Plugin Request

Hey, I've got a plugin request for MovableType. Someone could make some money with this (I'd pay ten bucks). Or give it away free. Read this and see if you can figure out what my plugin request may be. Yep, you guessed it: a plugin that overrides MovableType's failure to allow TrackBacking URLs within the […]

Jeremy Boles and OpenTracker

I happened to glance at NSLog();s stats today, and I checked out the referrers section to see if I was getting any spam. Along with Google and Bloglines hits I saw that someone named Jeremy Boles was linking to me. Hi Jeremy! Very nice site you've got there - real nice. I am, after reading […]

(Boring) Photo Friday

You know, the pictures posted to Photo Friday would be a lot easier to look at if: camera phone pictures - you know, those crappy 320 x 240 ones - were not allowed. Oh, and people should stick to the freakin' theme. This week's theme is "Hot" and there are so many entries that seem […]

Test of Ecto 2.2.5

Testing for Adriaan. Ecto 2.2.5 doesn't seem to like to post categories the first time around…

Comments and the Law

I had someone - a lawyer, no less - insist to me today that posting comments on a blog using someone else's name and email address is illegal, a "federal fucking crime" in his words. At the bottom of this entry, you'll see a space for adding a comment. If you don't sign in via […]

I realize that some of these things are in fact MovableType issues, but so be it. Here, regardless of origin of fault, are my wishes for an improved Ecto and MovableType. When I attach a TrackBack URL to a story and post it to the blog as a draft from within Ecto, they should still […]

Need a Few Names

We're looking to add two sections to The Sand Trap: a weekly interview series and a "list" column. We have a category for opinions ("Swing Thoughts") and one for random small news ("Tap-Ins") that stick with the golf theme, but we've yet to come up with good names for the interview and list columns. Maybe […]

Google, for whatever reason, continues to ignore The Sand Trap. The site used to have .golf extensions (php [i.e. html] files served with the proper text/html MIME type and content-types), but it's had .php extensions for about two weeks now. Click the link above for a brief discussion of that whole mess. Still, Google searches […]

Kill Nav-Commenters.gif

Yes, you too can now kill nav-commenters.gif via a quick plugin from John Gruber. The problem wasn't what I'd call "horrifying," but as Gruber says, it was maddening like a piece of popcorn stuck in your teeth. His small plugin is just the right piece of floss. Happy to have helped, though I don't admit […]

Google AdWords and AdSense

Perhaps I've just overlooked this, but is it possible to tie the profits from Google's AdSense in to Google's AdWords? In other words, so that the money you earn from one can pay for the other? The money would never leave Google's hands, after all, and they'd be achieving profitability several times over - they […]

Win Rock Star and PulpFiction

Kottke's going to be blogging full-time now, and he asked us to throw in some prizes. We've donated five copies of PulpFiction and Rock Star to the effort. Click on through for more information. Good luck, Jason.

A Google Bug?

Tonight I spent an hour redoing links on The Sand Trap because Google (and MSN, and Yahoo) seem to have a bug: they don't recognize the ".golf" extension. The search results you do get (currently) on MSN and Yahoo are either from the forum (.php) or from category archives (i.e. "") where the index file […]