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QotD: Taxes

Question: What percentage of your income went towards taxes last year? My Answer: Standard income taxes - about 30%. Of course, that's much more than the 12% Teresa Heinz Kerry paid. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Live

Question: If you had to name the best live musical performance you have ever attended, which would you pick? My Answer: I saw Natalie Merchant from about ten feet away play in Chautauqua, NY. That's about 45 minutes from her home. She'd spent a week relaxing on Lake Chautauqua and was in a great mood. […]

QotD: Duel

Question: If you had to fight a duel tomorrow at dawn, and you could determine the type of weapons you both would use, what would they be? My Answer: Pistols, because I'd actually have a shot (pun intended). If I was at least as good as the other person using swords, I'd choose those. Sword […]

QotD: Unpacking

Question: When unpacking, what's the first thing you worry about? Second? Last? My Answer: The computer, then the entertainment center. Last? The bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom… any of those, much to the dismay of those who love me. 🙂 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments […]

QotD: Superman

Question: Which Superman movie was your favorite? My Answer: It's been so long for me that I can't remember which was which (the one with the moon was my least favorite, though), but I'm curious what people have to say. Y'know, given the fact that Superman died. You are encouraged to answer the Question of […]

QotD: Song

Question: What is the last song you heard. If you have music playing now, what is it? My Answer: From an AppleScript I wrote for this purpose: Erik is listening to "Bad Day (Amended Album Version)" by R.E.M. from the album "Bad Day - Single" (2003). Erik has rated this song 4.0 stars and last […]

QotD: Gas or Electric

Question: For your cooking (oven/stove) needs, gas or electric? My Answer: Always electric. Gas is soooooo slow. Yes, I realize that (supposedly) it leads to a more even cook, but the speed just doesn't cut it for me. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on […]

QotD: iMac Colors

Question: What is your favorite color iMac G5? My Answer: I like the one called "Carbon." It'd be awfully damn nice if they had actual photos and not lame renders, though. And yes, I'm posting this a day ahead of time - I'll be packing and hopefully driving to PA tomorrow (and the next day). […]

QotD: Stock Price

Question: Where will Apple's stock price be on January 1, 2005? I'll give whomever is closest (your vote must be in by the end of the day in my time zone on October 15, 2004) two free licenses to the FSS software of their choosing. Vote once only or be disqualified. My Answer: $32.23. It's […]

QotD: One Question Each

Question: If you were a special guest star during the Presidential debates, and had but one question to ask each candidate, what would you ask them? My Answer: I can't think of anything to ask Bush, so I'd waste my question on him to amuse myself. Nearly everything has been asked of Kerry except for […]

QotD: Text Editor

Question: What is your preferred text editor's favorite feature? My Answer: I use BBEdit, and I think I like that I'm used to it the most. "Vast numbers of preferences" isn't one feature, or I'd consider saying that. I'm used to it. It's entrenched. I "get" it, and I can get around it very, very, […]

QotD: Moving

Question: If you had to move yourself, what percentage of your "stuff" would you keep? My Answer: ~80%. I'm going to ditch things like my CD tower, my DVD rack (it cost about $30 ten years ago), and some other stuff. My stereo works fine, but I never use it, for example. I'm throwing away […]

QotD: Porno

Question: For what amount of money would you star in a porno? My Answer: Five million bucks. For that much, I wouldn't have to worry about going into politics, and as a guy, society is far less likely to label me a slut or a whore. 🙂 My (future) wife and I could do a […]

QotD: AIM Icon

Question: What's your AIM icon (iChat, Adium, whatever you use)? My Answer: Currently it's a part of a golf ball. However, I'll soon be changing it to something else. Previously it was part of the Project Builder icon. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on […]

QotD: Design

Question: If you could design anything, what would it be and why? My Answer: I'd design a golf course, because courses are beautiful, they bring enjoyment to people's lives and preserve green spaces, and almost nothing else can be "used" so differently by so many different kinds of people. When you answer, please consider only […]