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Grrrrrrr: Entourage 2004

How many ways can Entourage 2004 find to annoy me? Grrrrrr. In other words: how the fuck am I supposed to control the order of the items in the menu if renaming them doesn't solve it?

Apple Developer Certificate

Check this out. Apple Developer Certificate These certificates can be used by Apple developers with a future version of the Apple Mac OS to sign software for electronic distribution Found at Will this be what ties into the Software Update system Apple is rumored to be "opening up"? Prices are $199 for one year […]

Mac OS X Security Exploit

There exists a very good page that demonstrates a number of security flaws (all relating to the same type of thing) in Mac OS X: Visit it now. How to protect yourself: Get the Help Viewer security update from Apple. This closes the help: protocol only. Disable the auto-opening of safe files in your […]

Entourage 2004 Font Fuzzies

From a link provided in the previous entry, I downloaded the "MPW" font and set Entourage to use it with my plain-text emails instead of ProFont, which was suddenly using ligatures, curly quotes/apostrophes, etc. Here's what I found: If you look closely, the line appears to get fuzzy about 2/3 of the way across. I […]

Entourage 2004

I'm giving Entourage 2004 a whirl today. In other words, I've received my copy and upgraded my v.X database to a 2004 database. My thoughts, as brief or as long as they turn out… I won't be using the three-pane view: I like to see full-width emails, and I like to see all of my […]

BBEdit Needs Auto-Complete

BBEdit needs auto-complete. You know how many times in a day I type <a href="/products/pulpfiction/resources/"? Too many. Especially when I'm editing a list and the only difference in each item is what follows that last "/" and the thing in title="". If BBEdit 7.5 had nothing more than a solid auto-complete implementation, I'd buy it.

iPhoto to Keynote

In addition to starting his own blog, my pal Josh has also released his iPhoto to Keynote iPhoto plugin for all of $10. I've used it a few times already and it works very smoothly. I do wonder where Keynote 2.0 is… but then again, I'm anxious little consumer who buys Apple software regardless of […]

Speedy Sheets

No, I'm not talking about the kind at a cathouse. Instead, I'm talking about: defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSWindowResizeTime .1 Thanks again to Mac OS X Hints.

I brought home my Motorola v600 last night and attempted to set it up with my Mac. I've waited quite a while for this phone, so I was quite eager. Unfortunately, Mac OS X 10.3.3 and iSync 1.4 greeted my eagerness with this chilling reminder that not all is always well: Hrmph. Scott pointed me […]

iTunes Arrows

Jeff pointed this out to me: defaults write invertStoreLinks -bool YES Those little arrows in iTunes now take you to your own browser. You can hold down the option key to go to the iTMS. Très frais!

iTunes 4.5

iTunes 4.5 has been released, and the world rejoiced. "Hey, it's not even a Tuesday!" the throngs were heard to shout. The throngs can shove it, and the rumor sites can shove it too, given their near-complete lack of foresight on this one! Let's take a jaunt through the new features, shall we? Zeroth off, […]

Icon Cache

Why does Mac OS X's icon cache so easily get screwed up? The thing can't go five hours without showing hard disk icons on .txt files, Photoshop icons on .c files, and in the case below, three different icons on three different files. What's worse, the only way to fix it seems to be to […]


Wowee. I've gotta get my hands on Motion sometime soon. $300? Says Apple to Adobe: screw you hippies!

By the By

By the way, there may or may not be a slight bump in "Apple coverage" here in the coming weeks given that they're no longer my employer. Ahhhh, the beach! How I missed thee!

GMail: “Screw You, Safari!”

Uhm: Gmail does not currently support your browser. See browser requirements for Gmail or sign in anyway. Right.

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