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Kettlebell - Simple & Sinister eBook: Pavel Tsatsouline on Kindle. Since I rarely find the time to run anymore (or frankly the motivation), this could be a handy way to go about doing a bit more than I manage to do now. My Rogue Kettlebells arrived yesterday. I think they'll be warm by Monday.

The Best Thing I Did in 2014?

Lowest Score Wins. Pick up your copy today. Of course, Analyzr, 5SK®, Golf Evolution, The Sand Trap, and others continue to do well. My family is happy and healthy. The kiddo needs a minor attitude adjustment, but overall, I wouldn't trade her for anyone. Most days. Here's to good things in 2015.

Beginning Kettle Bell Workouts

I've followed Mike's advice here: Beginning Kettle Bell Workouts?. I spent some money on some kettle bells and got this book (on Kindle). I'm hopeful that I can squeeze this in while I watch Penguins games or whatever. Running has not happened in a loooooong time. If it's not the time, it's the weather, or […]

Happy Birthday Wife

My wife only gets better with age. Today, she's 37. And I made sure she knew it.

So What’s the Question?

Irrational? What's the question? I don't see it. Also, I don't think "being offended by something in which you don't believe" is the proper framing of the situation. Would Christians be offended if instead of "under God" was replaced by "under Buddha" or "under Allah"? Probably, and justifiably so. P.S. I don't consider myself an […]

36 and in Cincinnati

Today I turn 36. I've completed the first two rounds of my tournament (though I do hope for extra holes at the end), and I feel I'm in the lead. I've got a great wife, a great kid, and I wake up every day excited for the work I'll do. Work has been taking a […]

Joined AT&T’s New Family Plan

We just switched to AT&T's $100 (+$15/line) shared 10 GB data + unlimited talk/text plan. It mad sense, when we mapped it all out. We may be buying our iPhones from here on out (though the AT&T Next plan simply has you paying the actual cost of the phone, not an uncharged amount, so it's […]

Ann Elizabeth Mitchell

Ann Elizabeth Mitchell passed away yesterday at 11:30am, about two hours before I was able to arrive. She was my maternal grandmother and one of my favorite people. She will be greatly missed. I loved her very much. I'm comforted by the many wonderful memories I have of her, and by the fact that she […]

I've noticed that when reading articles, stories, etc. online I'll highlight paragraphs of text. I do it in the periphery of my vision - sometimes below and sometimes above the paragraph I'm currently reading. I'll highlight the entire paragraph, though sometimes I'll highlight from the second word to the penultimate word in the second and […]

My Father Has Passed Away

My father, who had a lung transplant last year, apparently had a rough weekend, was admitted to the hospital, and my mother and sister withdrew support, resulting in his death at 3:22pm today, three days after my 35th birthday. My father was 64. It's no secret to those who know me well (a very small […]

I’m 35

I guess I can't tell people I'm still in my "early 30s" anymore, can I?

Happy Birthday Rich

Today's my father's birthday. I haven't talked to him in years. There was an awkward Christmas after the Fourth of July kicking out, and not much after that… You only owe family so much, and can only be told you're no longer considered a son before you realize that things are probably better this way. […]

Aaron Swartz, RIP

I believe I met Aaron at WWDC in 2001 at a lunch table with my friend John, though it may have been 2000. He was about 14 at the time, if the fuzzy math is correct, and now he's 26 and dead, having committed suicide under the pressure of the U.S. Government's case against him […]


I sometimes wish very much that I could express myself as well in person (or with my voice) as well as I can when I write. It's not even that I edit things. I tend to get things right the first time through. There's just something in that small bit of added time that's required […]

Spelling and Intelligence

I've never met a super-intelligent person who doesn't spell well and who doesn't have a disability like dyslexia. I realize that they're out there, and that perhaps I've simply not met them yet, but most super-intelligent people read a lot, and I think that helps them to become better spellers, along with a sort of […]

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