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Archive for May, 2003


I sometimes think that I could be a weatherman extraordinaire. When I was 15, 16, and up I could accurately predict the weather - temperatures, rainfall, etc. for about 24 hours. I spent about ten hours a day at a golf course, though, so I simply chalked it up to familiarity. I guess I'm becoming […]

OneWord: Spring

Spring is my favorite season. Odd that I just asked that question and now that's the sixty-second word thingy. Spring of course also has to do with physics, and physical springs. Sproing! That's one of my favorite onomotopoiea, really. I love that. Sproing! It's funnier if you do "sproi oi oi oi oi oi ing" […]

QotD: Favorite Movie

Question: What is your favorite movie? My Answer: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Based on the Tom Stoppard play of the same name, this movie follows the hijinks of Rosencrantz, errr, Guildenstern, errr, the duo as they spend some time at Elsinore. It's intellectually funny, and raises a lot of philosophical questions that matter more […]


I think nearly every time I visit Hotmail (I have an MSN account to talk to all of two people) I misread the word "curmbox" in the URL to be something not so, uhhh, "PG." Sometimes I name variables in code things like "exgf" - particularly if they're used in cases like exgf.cleave(); or […]

QotD: Favorite Season

Question: What is your favorite season? My Answer: Spring. I like rain, I like seeing things become green again. I like the feeling of hope, the warming temperatures. Fall has always been sad for me. I don't get depressed or anything. Summer is too hot. Winter is too cold. Then again, it's perpetual summer since […]

.SIT to .DMG

Today I unstuffed (several hundred megabytes) of data from .sit and .sitx archives and rearchived them as .dmg archives. StuffIt Deluxe offers one nice feature that Disk Copy doesn't: the ability to extract a single file without expanding the whole archive (similar to "mounting" the whole DMG). I won't always have StuffIt Deluxe and sometimes […]

I don't write about some things because I consider them common sense. For example, a post detailing the effects of calling someone a bad name would be pretty silly. Apparently, though, this qualifies as high thought in some circles. You know, those A-List circles. Tom Coates' article (linked to right before) is, to me, common […]

QotD: Party Hardy

Question: What three ingredients are necessary for a good great party? My Answer: Let's see here… Great music. Great friends. Great conversation. So it's true, my idea of a party is not quite the same as everyone else's. I'm very much a one-on-one, discussion-over-dancing kind of guy. Other notable exceptions include "booze," "hot chicks," and […]


I watched West Wing just now and they played a song that haunted me, that gave me goosebumps. It was a Tori Amos remake of a song called "I Don't Like Mondays" and I may have never felt more touched watching standard television programming in my life. The song, her voice, and the storyline combined […]

I walked out to my car after visiting Circuit City today as an old woman was getting out of her car next to me. She didn't see me (my car is taller than I am, from her angle anyway, and my glass is tinted). She didn't see me as she put the latest Circuit City […]

Bad Test UI

Today I took a test that included a question similar to the one at right. I initially chose A and C, but then considered B. I think the question actually said "choose all correct answers." Of course, then the thought struck me that, since these were checkboxes and not radio buttons, I should technically check […]

QotD: Test

Question: What testing experience stands out most in your mind (for whatever reason)? My Answer: One time, waiting for homeroom (thus: my high school era) I found out from Stephanie that we had an experimental bio final that day. She'd studied for 25 hours! I, uhhh, I forgot we had a final that day and […]

OneWord: Sail

Sail is something that goes on a boat, but sometimes people "sail" through life (it's a verb of course). Today I didn't quite "sail" through my test, and it wasn't a "breeze" either. I got a question or two more than I needed correct to pass, though the ones I didn't get right were all […]

Button Crazy

I like people with a sense of humor: Unfortunately, that's one plugin I won't be installing…

QotD: Old Extensions

Question: What was your favorite "old" Mac OS extension or control panel? My Answer: Easily the Oscar the Grouch extension, man! "I love it, becauuuuse, it's trash!" and "I loooooooooove trash" were my anthems. Well, they were cute, anyway, and I still find myself singing the notes when I empty trash from my current Macs. […]