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Archive for February, 2010

The score is now Crosby 2, Ovechkin 0. And I'm sorry, but hockey involves more than just scoring goals and racking up points. But I digress. Despite the title, I wanted to talk about the USA vs. Canada game. I think that, if the U.S. was to lose, this is the only acceptable way (for […]

Redeyes and Zzzzzzzzzz

Dave's voice is gone. He can barely whisper. His sinuses have been dripping into his throat for days now and it's not good. At least he's not actually sick. Our 1:30am flight left on time. So did the other flights. I managed to grab about 2½ hours of sleep on the first leg of the […]

Friday in Scottsdale

We're taking the redeye later tonight (1:30am) so we're staying up late. I'm writing this from a Barnes & Noble near Kierland in Scottsdale. I picked up a copy of The Three Pillars of Zen: Teaching, Practice, and Enlightenment thanks to a comment on this post. Thanks Brad (or Brad's friend). Today was a bit […]

Thursday in Scottsdale

Wake up 6:30. Shower. Eat some Wheaties "Fuel" (it's pretty good - and very dense). Pack up in the car and head off to Grayhawk where, despite arriving at 8:00am for a 9:00am clinic start, some students are already there. Hey, I can't blame 'em - I'd be there early too. The clinic is a […]

Wednesday in Scottsdale

Today's a bit of a "free day" in Scottsdale. We don't have anything to do until tomorrow. Well, nothing terribly serious, anyway. The four of us wake up and shower at about 6:30. Four being me, Dave, Steve, and Charlie. We head out to a Starbucks where, when I order a bagel, they don't even […]

Flying to Scottsdale, AZ

I'm typing this on a plane 1:30-ish flight out of Erie (it was only about $10 more than a flight out of Buffalo) to Detroit. When I land, I'll have an hour or so to catch a flight to Scottsdale, AZ. I'm heading to Scottsdale with Dave Wedzik to photograph and observe a Stack and […]

Three Red Lights

So my kid's sick today. Great day for the Xbox 360 to go belly up, eh? Three red lights. The wife called me (iPhone to iPhone) from downstairs to ask me why the Xbox was blinking with red lights. She wanted to stream some movies from Netflix on the TV. Pfffft. Hey, it lasted longer […]

Any Good Recipes?

Anyone got any good recipes? Easy to make? I'm a meat and potatoes type of guy - don't like a lot of vegetables (except as seasoning, or "plate veggies" like corn, green beans, peas, etc.) and I'm not a huge fan of sauces. We've been eating at home a lot more lately, so if you've […]

End of Days

Who in the heck believes in the End of Days? You have to be a fundamentalist Christian to believe that, don't you? Or do other religions really talk about it quite a bit. 2012 is said to be the "End of Days" in the Mayan calendar, or something like that, and they weren't Christians, but […]

Dummy’s Guide to Buddhism?

This is a bit of a follow-up to my post from yesterday… I've read (or will read in more depth) Dan Benjamin's posts on Buddhism, but they're more so about meditation than Buddhism in general. I'd like to read a bit about Buddhism - not so much the ancient stuff, any conflicts, etc. - but […]

I didn't expect The Lost Symbol to change my life. I just started reading the book a few days ago, but as is the case with escapist type literature, it's best read in large doses so that you can remember the details and really almost transport yourself into the story. It's not the type of […]


{democracy:68} FWIW, I chose "a little" because I rarely post, though I check the home page and two other pages (both golf-related) several times per day. Quickly. I don't use any real applications and I typically hide everything I can, like gifts and other apps people are playing.

Civic Duty for $9 Per Day

Yesterday afternoon I called in, at 4:30 as directed, and listened to the message. My heart sank jut a little: the number printed on my jury summons was well within the range that was obligated to report the following day. I reported at 8:30 with a copy of The Lost Symbol on my Kindle and […]

DSLRU is now in private beta testing. If you'd like an invitation, get in touch with me. The invitations I had previously have been accepted. One of the main goals? To populate the forum. The forum is 100% free, so if you're looking to get in on a new photography forum, this could be a […]

The Lost Symbol, Christians Thread

Months after buying it, I'm finally going to get a chance to read The Lost Symbol. Though I'm sure a good portion (not to say even 50%) of the "stuff" in the book is grounded in fact, it's still basically purely escapist reading. I wonder, too, if the book follows the same paths as the […]