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Archive for February, 2010

So, for various reasons, I'm looking at developing some basic video software. Or, more likely, hiring someone to do it. Basically, the software should: Play video at regular speed, slow speed, and allow for frame-by-frame stepping through. Play two separate videos side-by-side within the same window. Allow the video to be repositioned, grown, etc. in […]

Here's the route my copy of Aperture 3 has (and perhaps will) take. It's unlikely given the times that any of this was flight: View Larger Map 2/9/2010 10:35 PM - Jonestown, PA (PICK UP) 2/9/2010 10:46 PM - Rutherford, NJ (ARRIVAL ORIGIN DHL GLOBAL MAIL FACILITY) 2/10/2010 12:00 AM - Rutherford, NJ (PROCESSED) 2/10/2010 […]

QotD: Winter Olympics 2K10

I asked a similar question back in 2006, but here goes: {democracy:67} FWIW, I considered the first two options, but finally went with the second because I plan to watch a little hockey.

Monday I'm going to be a part of roughly two product launches. One - DSLRU - will launch in the form of a semi-public beta. The other is one I've worked on with golf instructor Dave Wedzik here in Erie. It's a product I'd wanted to build several years ago, and which had always sort […]

Aperture 3 Released

Apple released Aperture 3.0 today. I'll update this post after I have a chance to read through the full list of updates, watch some videos, and play with the demo (I've already ordered my license but that will arrive later - why can't they give me a license now?). One thing that makes me somewhat […]

Whispering Woods Clubhouse Plans

The clubhouse at Whispering Woods is in what might be called "rough blueprint" stage. It's sketched up, and by an architect, but things are still very much at play and there are a bunch of things to shift around. The clubhouse will be 6500 square feet or so and will have a smallish Pro Shop, […]

Super Bowl XLIV

Carey and I watched the Super Bowl. It was on in the background while we did other things, but I was glad that Peyton choked like the girly man that he is. I think Indianapolis and Peyton (and Eli) and Tom Brady have gotten far more hype than they deserve, and frankly, I'm sick of […]

Carey was talked into getting a "MyFrogz" case for her iPhone awhile back, and I liked it, so I picked up a yellow/black (Let's Go Pens!) recently as well. It does what I need - protects the back of the case from scratches and provides a bit of grip as well. I used to have […]


Goodness gracious. Or whatever that phrase is. Spam is not a huge deal for me. I only get 50 or so a day (and most of those come through servers I don't control and thus don't have SpamAssassin on). Hundreds or thousands of emails are blocked and deleted at my server(s) every day. But sometimes, […]

Recliner Recommendations?

The wife and I have decided that we'd like to buy a recliner. Currently, I sit on the couch and Carey sits on the love seat for reading. I'll slide down and sit on the floor to use my computer, or use the couch table lamps for reading. She'll do everything on the love seat. […]

Photoshop Transparency Failure

I have the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. I have the latest version of Mac OS X. And yet I can't copy and paste an image with transparency into Photoshop. I often come across this problem after I "copy image" from Safari or when I hold down the control key when taking a screenshot to […]

Are You Buying an iPad?

{democracy:66} The only reason the last choice even exists is so that I could choose it. 😛 You see, I hadn't planned to buy an iPad because, frankly, I had absolutely no need for it. None. I'm quite content to use my iPhone, laptop, and desktop and don't feel inconvenienced or put out in doing […]

As I just said on mailing list: Magazines could be the "killer app" for the iPad. I'd buy one if that's all it did. I'm not buying one now. Me, earlier today. But hey, I've been saying the same thing for a whole week now. 🙂 There's also this and my friend Don's take on […]