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Otters Hockey Camp, Day One

Last night was the first night of the Erie Otters adult hockey camp at the Tullio arena. I'm playing winter hockey this year and was excited to get on the ice. I came away a bit disappointed, though, with the first session. With four more to go, I'm not sure how much I'm going to […]

Kayaking in Presque Isle

Carey and I took the kayaks out to Presque Isle today. We launched near the the boat rental spot past Perry's Monument. We paddled probably a mile through the lagoons, turned back, and then went out to the bay near the monument. I took the old Sony Cybershot (waterproof) camera out and we traded it […]

Ankle Exercises?

I'm playing hockey this winter and, since we have limited ice time available to us (90 minutes once a week) for the next month and a half, I'm wondering: are there any ankle strengthening exercises I can do? I've always found ankle strength to be one of the keys to skating well. I went for […]

Kayaking Near Erie, PA

I have two open-top kayaks from when I lived in Florida (12' and 14' Wilderness Systems kayaks). I'm looking for a few places to kayak around Erie, PA. I'd go on the lake or in the bay, but I'm looking for some easier paddles so the wife can go along. I don't think she'll want […]

Meet the Robinsons - Relatively clean humor and plenty of humor that appeals to adults as well. A good message for young'uns. Nice animation, interesting characters, and a good sci-fi/reality mix. RT The Barnyard - Excessive potty and slapstick humor (probably 95% of the humor in the movie). An obfuscated message. Horribly unrealistic and downright […]

Mid-Am Results

The results of the 2007 EDGA Mid-Am have been posted. I shot 84 in the first round, then came back with a 76 in the second round, including what were "almost" three-putt bogeys on the last two holes (the first putts were from off the green, and both had good speed but a bad line). […]

Freedom Writers

"Freedom Writers" gets four stars (out of five) for me at NetFlix. I like a good teacher story as much as anyone. I particularly liked the reactions of the doubter woman (Mrs. Campbell in the movie). I also didn't know that Miep Gies was still alive (she housed Anne Frank). Meanwhile, "Big Nothing" (for Carey) […]

EDGA Mid-Am at Kahkwa

It appears I tee off at 8:24 on Monday in the EDGA Mid-Am at Kahkwa. Not that anyone cares, but my handicap has dropped two strokes this year to a 3.1. I've had a few rounds in the 1.x range and a few others in the 2.x range. My ballstriking has improved, my driving is […]


The past few days I've seen two movies that are probably under-rated: Breach and Shooter. It's been awhile since I saw a good sniper movie - Enemy at the Gates didn't cut it.

Saw Ratatouille

And you should too. It's not so much a kid's movie, though, which is a nice (if subtle) change of pace. They even say "hell" in the movie.

Whispering Woods has been a great place to play, but the general feeling is that the course opened just a bit too soon. Or, to put a better and perhaps more realistic spin on things, the course and the whole operation needs time to mature. The grass on the back nine is sparse in many […]

The U.S. Women's Open began today at an awesome course - Pine Needles in Southern Pines, North Carolina. It's literally just down the road from the famed Pinehurst, but I'd call Pine Needles a far better course for the average or skilled player who isn't quite PGA Tour level - it has a little more […]

Played at Oak Tree

Today Steve and I took the day off from hiking around the golf course to play one of my favorite courses in the general area: Oak Tree Country Club near Sharon, PA. The course was reviewed rather positively on The Sand Trap and it's always a joy to play. Despite not playing particularly great, I […]

Winter Hockey

So, it appears I'll be playing hockey this winter. I've asked to be put in the "beginner's" league because, thus far, my hockey experience is limited to roller hockey in college (we were, as a team, really quite good). I can ice skate, but the last time I did so was about ten years ago. […]

Speaking of Whispering Woods, I played Wednesday and shot 76 there, easily the best round of the year. It was only the third time I'd played the back nine, and I'm starting to figure out some of the shots and yardages. I played earlier in the morning with two friends for a course review, but […]