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The Tyranny of Email

Based on The Tyranny of Email I've decided to make some changes to my work habits. First, I've changed my email to check every ten minutes instead of five. Second, I've turned off the "New Mail" sound (sacrilege for the guy running Sound Set Central perhaps). Third, uhhh… Well let's just see how those first […]

75 Million Keys Served

McDonald's used to have signs that said "20 Billion Served" or something. Matt and I were chatting today about typos, and I said that if I typed 10% slower, I'd probably make 75% less typos. Many of my typos are the left-hand/right-hand variety, like "agian" - 'aga' is left hand, 'in' is right hand, and […]

Windows Continues to Suck

I was going to write a longer entry about how the Windows Longhorn UI continues to suck (slide shows in the task bar, "buy photos online" in the file browser, that sort of thing), but Matthew Thomas so easily picks apart the "do you want to replace the file?" dialog that I no longer feel […]

Text Files as Databases

Vinay noticed my my list of DVDs (still a work in progress as of today) and made the comment: i learned from erik that he used a text based database. i think that text based databases are out See, the thing is Vinay, it's not worth the time or effort to maintain a real database. […]


Y'know, I would buy this Wingnuts game if I could only play it in a window. Alas, it does not allow such a silly thing! No, it'd rather force a 640 x 480 stretched display on my 1920 x 1200 monitor, resulting in the movement of my palettes, iTunes windows, and more when I quit […]

David Hyatt discusses tabs in every browser since the Paleolithic age except Safari in this entry. I think the guy's sense of humor is pretty grand, given the "hypothetical" post and now this one. I only hope that the Apple management is aware of this, and that Hyatt steers clear of any trouble. Us Mac […]

Pico Gets No Love

From this article: Historically, Unix users tend to work with plain-text files whenever they work with text at all, usually using one of two programs: the simple (but somewhat obscure) vi, or the highly configurable (and mind-bogglingly baroque) emacs. Man, pico gets no love!

HTML is Dying?

This made me laugh. Some people just don't get it. Heads up to those about to click on the link: the author gets it. The person who wrote the argument he dismantles does not.

Eric-with-a-C has some commentary on my previous article on interviewing programmers. I also had a conversation with Jeff after I posted my article. I want to refine my point of view.

Quake 3 in a Window

So today I played a bit more Quake 3. As I have the Cinema, I have to play it in a window to get a resolution other than 640 x 480. 1152 x whatever with the all the effects set to the highest quality is still silky smooth on this dual 800. I used my […]

Interviewing Programmers

A few years ago I interviewed with Microsoft and was asked to generate code on the spot - on paper - to solve some problems. It had been a few years since my last C++ class, and I was deeper into Objective-C at that point, so I found it a frustrating activity. I didn't have […]

Bochs: XP on your Mac

From the "Who needs Virtual PC anyway?" department comes the surprising (to me, anyway) news that Bochs is up and running on Mac OS X. Find out more at Open OS X. Thanks to Mac OS X's advanced architecture, multiple G4 CPUs can be utilized and are emulated as a single powerful Pentium(R) processor or […]

Linux and IT Staff

I expected my comments on a recent article to kick off a little flame war (typical of OSNews, Slashdot, etc.) but so far, after about 15 comments, it seems one of the better (keep in mind this is relative) discussions so far. The article was about Linux on the desktop, IT departments, and so […]

Speech Synthesis

Don't expect quality this good on your home computer anytime soon: Natural Voices @ AT&T. The text I chose to have it speak first was: This is a test. I am going to type some text and you, the computer, will read it back to me. Have a go at it. Amaze your friends and […]

Point and Clique

Funniest line from this tale of threedegrees is easily this: It's the fault of the children, you see. In case you've missed all the fanfare, ThreeDegrees is Microsoft's new chat/P2P/music app that came about through the revolutionary process of asking the teenagers at which it's aimed to help design it. The app lets users organise […]

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