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The Microsoft Ho has returned to her pimp. Yes folks, that's right. The whore herself, Robert Scoble, is now an employee of Microsloth, Micro$oft, or whatever other lame, childish title you wish to assign to one of the largest publishers of Mac (oh, and Windows) software in the world. It should go without saying that […]

IM Spam

Steve Mallett of O'Reilly is wondering when his AIM nickname is going to get spammed. I don't use ICQ because of the number of rogue messages I got, but here are my assurances to Steve: I've never gotten a "spam" on AIM. My AIM nickname is available to anyone who'd like to message it, but […]

Dvorak and Scoble

Microsoft ho Robert Scoble talks about John Dvorak's recent bullshit regarding Apple's "plans" to move to Intel chips. Robert says: John seems to think that if everyone talks about his outrageous ideas and links to him, that that makes him successful. OK, I cry uncle cause I'm talking about him, and linking to him. Scoble, […]

Update Whiners

Says Mac-Mike: What is taking… so long in updating Safari? It's been almost two months now since the last release. And while they're at it, Address Book, iCal and Keynote could also use some work. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that this Mike fellow has never written software or […]


Just don't create a file called -rf. -- Larry Wall in <11393@jpl-devvax.JPL.NASA.GOV> I wonder how many years ago that was, because surely Larry knows that you can "rm -- -rf." But then again, in Perl, who knows. Maybe that'll cause issues. Anyway, how often has this ever come up? Who has ever named a file […]


If anything I ever post on this site becomes /.ed (i.e. completely unavailable due to millions of dorks clicking through to my site because it was posted on, I'll just shut down my server or redirect that domain to /. itself until the link drops off of the front page. I haven't got the […]

Even More Bad Mac Software

As if we didn't have enough of an uphill battle fighting off the REALbasic developers out there, MacCentral reports that: REALbasic creator REAL Software Inc. will soon offer its developers a new tool that may help ease the conversion of Visual Basic projects to the Macintosh. VB Converter enables Visual Basic programmers to port their […]

Ruler Favelet

From Somebody Dial 911 comes a ruler favelet that measures distances in your browser - something that can come in handy when you're doing some work. It works fine here in Safari (mind the note not to drag the link - ctrl-click and copy it instead). It shows the mouse's current position in the browser […]

The filesystem in Longhorn is something I plan to follow (and am, I suppose*). Dominic Giampaolo has been at Apple long enough to have worked some ideas into Panther, perhaps, so maybe Apple has more up its sleeve to match this than we may think. I've read enough of Scot Hacker's stuff to understand how […]

Adobe Prefers PCs

Jeez, Adobe's gonna hear about this from somebody. Maybe somebody named Steve. "The Great Render Race" my ass. The problem, of course, being that this "race" has no endpoint, and Adobe should know that over the course of history, Macs have been both faster and slower than PCs many times each. Plus, Adobe's hardly capitalized […]

Less Travel, Less Pain

Anyone who types a lot appreciates how much "work" it can be to pound the keys all day. That in mind, every time I use my PowerBook it's always a pleasure. The keys feel nice. I'm not sure that feeling translates well to a regular full-size keyboard, but if it does, then the IceKey looks […]

Minority Computing

I often wonder how much of the Mac's near-imperviousness to viruses is due to its smaller market share and how much of it is due to better technology and common sense (i.e. no system-wide VBScript-able auto-executing address book/emailer): Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday warned about a serious flaw in all versions of its popular Windows software […]


I love /usr/share/misc/. 🙂 [10:26am iacas@Gaia:~] % cat /usr/share/misc/flowers | grep Rose Rose, any color:Love. Rose, deep red:Bashful shame. Rose, single, pink:Simplicity. Rose, thornless, any color:Early attachment. Rose, white:I am worthy of you. Rose, yellow:Decrease of love, rise of jealousy. Rosebud, white:Girlhood, and a heart ignorant of love. Rosemary:Rememberance. A bit lame on the color […]

The Insecure Invasion Server has been riddled with another round of bullet holes. How sick are you of buffer overflows? How much sense would it take to, I dunno, code in checks for these things? Jeez.

Ain’t Technology Grand?

In "Creating High-Res PDF Files For Free" Andy lists the several pieces of software necessary and the several steps it takes to get a PDF out of Linux. He somehow sees fit to end this with "Ain't technology grand?" Unzip the PPD archive and copy the ADIST5.PPD file someplace useful. Run the PostScript windows driver […]

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